Who are the Milo protestors? Who went to jail? Leftist thugs get it in Anaheim and more: Links 1 on May 26 – 2016

1, USA: Protesters scuffle with Trump supporters outside Anaheim rally

(Still waiting for links of Trump supporters going and ruining Sanders of Clinton events)

2. The first 9 seconds of this video is some of the finest video I have ever seen in my life. I may have to loop it and set it to music.

3, This Youtube policy has implications. It would be good to know why this policy was changed.

4. France looks more and more like Belgium as police lay siege to home of Islamic State Jihadi having meltdown in bathroom with a knife

5. Australia: Sydney man Farhad Said charged over alleged terrorism plot targeting government buildings

A 24-year-old Sydney man arrested on terrorism charges is understood to be linked to alleged plots targeting government buildings.

The Bankstown man, Farhad Said, has been charged with one count of conspiracy to conduct an act in preparation for a terrorist act.

He was arrested by counter-terrorism police outside his home this morning, as part of Australia’s biggest counter-terrorism investigation.

It is alleged Said is connected with a number of men already facing charges of possessing documents designed to facilitate a terrorist act.

6. Muslim woman promises London a “summer of terror”. Not that this has any connection to islam or anything.

NOTORIOUS British jihadi bride Sally Jones has issued a fresh threat to UK citizens, warning of a wave of terror attacks in London this summer.

Sally Strummers as, The Firing Nun



7. Denmark: Syrian man with 3 wives and 20 kids to get 214,000 in child benefits

Syrian man with 3 wives and 20 kids to get 214,000 in child benefits

Syrian refugee, Daham Al Hasan (47), who has fled to Denmark, has 3 wives and 20 children, and he expects the State to pay for them as he cannot work, according to himself.

And it will cost Denmark a lot. Only in child support it is expected that he will get DKK 214,000 ($32,120) annually.

So far he has received approval to get one of his wives and 17 of his children to Denmark, after he arrived alone. 3 of his children are too old to get approved for (automatic) family reunification.

8. So it seems that while the two BLM protestors were not arrested for terrorizing a Milo speech, the cameraman who had full permission from everyone to film the event spent a night in jail. So like totalitarianism everywhere, when you break the law to advance the narrative, you get a pass. If you try and inform the public about political reality, you go to jail.

9. The world’s toughest diplomat strikes again! Canadian ambassador who was hailed a hero after shooting dead Ottawa terrorist now takes on a protester at an Easter Rising ceremony in Ireland 

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Tania G., Egri and Nash and all who sent in materials. Lots and lots more to come today as well.

Here is an interesting summary of a Hungarian News item about Poland and Hungary’s lack of cooperation with the Soros international communism project.

Here is an add for a Chinese (I think) detergent which would land people in jail if it was shown anywhere in the formerly white world. Anyone think the usual groups will object to it?

Now look at the culturally Marxist version of the same add

I think the message is clear here.

Meanwhile, what may be the greatest 20 seconds of video of the 21st century:


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13 Replies to “Who are the Milo protestors? Who went to jail? Leftist thugs get it in Anaheim and more: Links 1 on May 26 – 2016”

  1. The ads are part of a disgusting European eugenics campaign. The Italians watching are being conditioned to loathe themselves. As the Germans already do.

    That’s ethical?

    That’s what Donald Trump would call, “A disgrace. A total disgrace.”
    Can’t do much better than that.
    [Except he tries. He repeats himself over & over & over….]

    • The hope I hold for Trump is that he learns and improves rather than learns and becomes more cynical. Like Clintons. He is a brilliant man. He won’t articulate himself brilliantly yet he is. I hope it is for good.

      • I doubt if he is the solution to the worlds problems, but with a little luck he will be the beginning of the solution to the worlds problems. It took part of the 19th and the entire 20th Century to get into this mess and it will take at the least that long to get out of it.

      • I think he is improving. He says his daughter tells him to behave, to sound “presidental”. Maybe he’s getting professional advice as well.

        I’m lucky to get Putin’s speeches explained to me with all the metaphors and allusions. He can be devastating – poetic vulgarity, just astonishing.

  2. Bangui is the capital of the Central African Republic. Today, the only way a visible Muslim can be seen anywhere in Bangui is if he is with a squad of armed soldiers, otherwise he will be literally torn to pieces by the Anglicans who live there. By “literally” I mean literally. That’s how bad it is for Muslims in the CAR. It didn’t used to be like that, but it is now after the Islamists started with the “Allahu Akbar” thing a few years back. Can’t the Muslims of the world see that they are risking turning the planet into one big Bangui? Don’t they know how bad it will be when they’re Frankenstein’s monster and the entire world is the enraged mob with the lederhosen, the torches, and the pitchforks…?

    • How do you pronounce “Bangui”? I think I would like to make it a toast or a cheer next time I go for a drink with friends. The few I have left that is.

      • I can’t believe how badly the Muslims whizzed off the good people of CAR. People are so touchy about having their families beheaded in front of them as the suicide bombers kill off their friends. I guess they must be racists…

        I think they’re escaping to Chad. Have you ever looked at Chad? They don’t have anything at all. Barely a creek to call their own. There isn’t a building that looks like it’s worth more than 120 bucks. And just think. If they hadn’t tried to impose Sharia law on the Christians of CAR, they’d still be living in their own homes. Pity… Maybe they should consider not doing that any more…

    • Chris they are so indoctrinated that they can’t see the hatred they are breeding, just as the left can’t see the hatred they are breeding. I don’t want to see a period like the terror that followed the French Revolution but that seems to be the future for all of the Western nations.

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