Civilization, circling the drain? Links 1 on April 27 – 2016

1. Muslim couple named Rabbi, murdered by own son in the US

A couple was found slain in their San Jose, Calif., home Sunday next to a message written on the floor saying “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy,” according to reports.

Police officers discovered the bodies of Golam Rabbi, 59, and his wife Shamima Rabbi, 57, at 1:47 p.m. Sunday, according to the San Jose Police Department. Both had been shot at least once, and homicide investigators are trying to find their eldest son.

“At this time he is not considered a suspect but may have information regarding this incident,” San Jose Police spokesman Albert Morales said in a statement Tuesday night.


Both Evergreen and the South Bay Islamic Association, where the Rabbis were also longtime members, shared a prayer for the family.

“We ask Allah (swt) to forgive the deceased, shower His mercy on them, and make their graves a garden from paradise,” the statement said. “In addition, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and ask Allah (swt) to grant them strength and patience during this most difficult time.”

2. Muslim ‘girls only’ swimming sessions ripple Danish waters

(What is it with diaspora muslims and public pools? Since I started researching this subject something like a decade ago or more, stories about muslims behaving horrifically at public pools, or demanding that we destroy our own customs to suit them, crop up a lot. File photo of pool omitted)

While the swimming club has hailed the move as a “recipe for integration”, politicians and commentators have criticised the concept as being against Danish values.

The girl-only sessions, which also take place with windows and doors to the swimming hall blacked out, were set up in response to religious and cultural requirements put forward by parents, reports Berlingske.

The newspaper reports that 246 girls of non-Danish ethnic origin between the ages of five and 12 have begun attending swimming lessons at the hall since the sessions were introduced.

(It would be fun to listen to the swim club explain how conforming to sharia is a “recipe for integration” . Ideally in front of someone like Stephen Crowder)

3. Turkey Attempted to Stop Broadcast of Assyrian Genocide Documentary

(Erdogan just can’t help himself, can he?)

(AINA) — The Turkish Embassy in Sweden officially asked the Swedish television channel TV4 last week to not air a documentary on the Assyrian Genocide. The documentary Seyfo 1915 — The Assyrian Genocide by the director Aziz Said and produced by the Assyrian Federation of Sweden was scheduled to be aired on Sunday 24 April, the day Assyrians and Armenians commemorate the victims of the genocide perpetrated by the ruling Young Turks during the late phase of the Ottoman Empire.

TV4 received an email note from the Turkish Embassy, signed by Arif Gulen, the press counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. The editors of TV4 published the note on the TV4’s media blog in Swedish and English.

The Embassy’s press officer asks the TV4 editors to reconsider airing the documentary, because “conventional wisdom suggests that broadcasting of a documentary film comprising one-sided views of ‘the 1915 events’ will fail to serve the principle of objectivity of broadcasting.”

(The webpage for this Swedish documentary seems to be here and links are available to watch it online as well, but I think you need a proxy to Sweden and, well you would need to speak Swedish)

4. at least 9 detained in raid on terror cell in Khimki

5. Muslim riots in Greece continue well into the night

6. Denmark stunt sees road signs pointing refugees back to Syria, Iraq

Local Danish politicians have praised the anti-immigrant prank for helping to ‘create a debate’

The signs were set up in the municipality of Thisted in the north of the country, near six refugee centres. No one has officially claimed responsibility for the stunt and the signs were later taken down.

The stunt comes as governments across Europe debate how to deal with the unprecedented migrant crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, many from Syria and Iraq, enter the EU over the past year.

7. Female muslim guided missile detonates in Turkish mosque in Bursa. 13 injured.

(I can see why going to mosque is so popular. Its quite a blast.)

8. Bulgarian town bans face veil in public

(While I admire any initiative to deal wit the problem of Islam in Western nations, I tend to agree with John Robson’s analysis of this situation here)

The town council of Pazardzhik in southern Bulgaria voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban. PHOTO: REUTERS

The town council of Pazardzhik in southern Bulgaria voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban. PHOTO: REUTERS

SOFIA: A Bulgarian town that is home to a Roma minority practising an ultraconservative form of Islam on Wednesday banned Islamic face veils in public, a first in the country.

The town council of Pazardzhik in southern Bulgaria voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban in all administrative buildings, schools, shops and on the street. Driving with a full-face veil, or niqab, was also outlawed.

Thank you M., Richard, Xanthippa, Maria J., Tania G., Gates of Vienna and there is so much more to come. 

A couple of unrelated links..

Scientists have finally discovered why only damaged packages get to their destination quickly. 

British Magazine, a tribute to Charlie Hebdo overall, does a rather direct cover describing the Turkish-German politic at the moment.

Two signs of the decline of civilization:

  1. Harvard:
  2. The bathrooms at schools.

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