Turkey, Germany, totalitarian kindred. Links 1 on April 24 – 2016

1. Leader of Pirate Party arrested in GERMANY for discussing publicly on how common-folk criticize the powerful as applied to Erdogan.

Please click over to The Rebel for a more comprehensive article on this event.

2. The claim is made that Turkey is the best example to the world on how to deal with refugees

I can see how some groups might agree with this. For the majority of us however, not so much.

3. Obama says that Merkel is on the right side of history

4. Surprisingly, the Dutch Prime Minister is appearing as if he opposes Erdogan’s insult-hot-line

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said April 22 he will ask Ankara to clarify a call to Turks in the Netherlands to report individuals who insult the Turkey or its president.

Rutte said he was surprised by the apparent plea to Turks living in the country to report insulting or negative comments about President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an or Turkey to the country’s consulate in Rotterdam.

A political storm erupted on April 21 after several Dutch newspapers reported an email apparently sent by the consulate to Turkish organisations in the Netherlands, which asked people to forward disparaging emails and posts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

“I am surprised. It’s not clear what the Turkish government aims to achieve with this action,” Rutte told journalists during a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the southern city of Eindhoven.

“Our ambassador in Ankara will ask for an explanation,” he said.

The Turkish consulate for its part said the note was sent by a consular official who used an “unfortunate choice of words” that was misinterpreted.

5. Brown University Students Flip Out After White Person Sings Hindu Chants

(Cultural appropriation is the ultimate in thought crimes which can be selectively enforced. It is sharia law for communists)

A simple musical performance at Brown University became a source of tremendous controversy Thursday night after student protesters denounced it for having Hindu chants sung by a white woman.

Carrie Grossman, a 2000 Brown graduate, performed in “An Evening of Devotional Music,” which organizers touted as an “intimate evening of inquiry, music and meditation.” Grossman’s performance was a kirtan, a form of traditional chanting that originates in the Indian subcontinent.

But to some students, it was actually an intimate evening of gruesome cultural appropriation, because Grossman had the temerity to sing chants from India despite being white.


Swiss federal authorities said they have drawn up three separate scenarios ranging from 10,000 arrivals inside a month to a worst case of 30,000 inside a few days.

The latter “would necessitate army intervention,” the government said.

In a statement on Wednesday the government said it had tasked the defence ministry with putting 2,000 troops on standby for such an eventuality.

The plans, agreed last Thursday, aim to coordinate state, cantonal and communal response in the event of a large influx of people.



Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, Tundra Tabloids, The Rebel, 

There is already a lot more to post. I mean a great deal, not hte least of which are some interesting skirmishes between pro-border Italians with Austrian forces. Not sure which side they are on exactly yet. Will post videos and information once its better understood. The materials should all be in the Daily Links post for today however.

Watching this video reminded me of one episode of House MD. where a black man was upset because he had been given a new medication that was specific for black people. A sharper medical instrument that had been designed to treat the variant of the disease more specific to black people and therefore more effective. The patient resisted and demanded the standard original variant which was not as targeted. It was a cautious way of approaching this issue.

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16 Replies to “Turkey, Germany, totalitarian kindred. Links 1 on April 24 – 2016”

  1. Erdogan,Merkel,Obama and all the rest of the Islamofascist sympathizers can kiss my ass. Now come arrest this American I dare you!!

  2. The sides have formed and the civil war to determine if freedom survives is about to start, the Marxist revolution has placed freedom and civilization in grave danger. The counter revolution is about to start that will preserve freedom but it is questionable if civilization will survive. we are seeing the international socialist rallying about the multiculti flag to destroy western civilization.

    Since we aren’t leftist we aren’t going to war to end war around the world (WWI) because as long as we are human there will always be conflict. WWII was supposedly fought to preserve the 4 freedoms, these were and are the basic civil and human rights also know as natural rights we use to take for granted. This war will fundamentally change our culture to the point that the left will be unable to make many if any political gains for many decades. The most fundamental of the human rights is the right of self defense, a right that the left has spent over 100 years trying to take away from us. They have been doing this by the simple method of forbidding the private ownership of the tools that are used in self defense. The Europeans in the nations where the left made the most gains in the quest to disarm the public are facing a very dangerous and violent future as they fight to regain all of their freedom, freedom that should have been protected by the right to own weapons. A right that they gave away without a thought in the name of preventing violence. They are learning the lessons of history that say a well armed populace is necessary to prevent the government from oppressing the people.

    • I cannot but recall, again, Orban’s recent great speech which seemed to be preparing Hungary for war. We live in an age where the future is now. The headlines coming from Europe portend a summer of increasing turmoil. What has Merkel unleashed with this Turkey deal? Erdogan is a clear enemy and should receive now only a military response. EU leadership must be tossed now before more disastrous “deals” are made. Orban is touring Europe trying to save it. He sees the train-a-comin’.

    • Since they are usually Marxists who are saying this I look to see what is the opposite of what they want, this is what will be the best for the world.

  3. Merkel is on the wrongest side of history ever.
    So egregiously wrong, I wonder how this flew past her high-power media-consultants.

    On the 101 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide she visits the Turk’s Potemkin migrant facility. With praise so fulsome, it’s Theresienstadt-redux.

    During the war small bits of information about the extreme and horrific episodes perpetrated under the Third Reich reached an unbelieving world. The Nazis needed to answer the world’s growing concern and yet they wanted to continue implementing their “solution” to the Jewish Question. The Nazis decided to use Theresienstadt to solve the growing outside pressure. Through deceit and subterfuge, the Nazis transformed Theresienstadt into a “model ghetto”.


    • Germany had produced so many great philosophers in the 19th Century and was the most humanitarian of the colonial powers that people refused to believe that a nation with that history could commit the crimes they were hearing about.

      Rather like the way so many people refuse to accept that the left in all nations are working against the best interests of our nations.

        • You got it, the left didn’t gain so much power all at once but by taking a small bite here and another one there. After a while most of the government programs are based on their deluded policies.

    • They are getting dangerously close to looking at the idea that genes determine part of our behavior. The left will do anything including commit murder before they allow any type of research into genetics determining part of our behavior.

        • How many of the sick are dying willingly and how many are murdered not knowing what the Doctors or relatives are doing?

          • From what I read about Belgium specifically, and recently, they’ve really gotten into killing themselves. More enthusiastically than anywhere else the practice is legal.

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