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  1. JAKARTA: An Indonesian minister has suggested an unusual reason for the scourge of corruption in the graft-ridden country — men are just trying to please their greedy wives.

    Indonesia has struggled against graft for years, with the country’s vast bureaucracy crippled by corruption and leading public figures, from ministers to senior judges, jailed for accepting kickbacks.

    • A mixture of the corruption that runs through the Arabic culture and that that is rife in a lot of Far Eastern cultures.

  2. ‘Ordinary Britons?’ Obama crowd includes refugee, Calais volunteer and non-binary Muslim

    BARACK Obama has come under fire for apparently hand-picking his audience of ‘ordinary Britons’ for a Q&A in London – made up of an Iraqi refugee, a Muslim student who identifies as neither male nor female, a volunteer at the Calais ‘jungle’ and a number of celebrities.

  3. Austria to begin controls on Italian border in May (thelocal, Apr 25, 2016)

    “Austria’s new Interior Minister confirmed over the weekend that continuous border controls will be introduced on the border with Italy at the end of May.

    Austrian authorities have been reinforcing the Brenner border point with Italy in recent weeks in preparation for what the government expects will be a new wave of refugees and migrants making their way to central Europe via Italy.

    Arrivals in Italy are believed to be on the verge of spiking upwards because of the closing down of the migrant route to central Europe via Greece and the Balkans…”

  4. Germany to build air base in Turkey for Isis campaign (thelocal, Apr 25, 2016)

    “The German military are planning for a long-term military operation against terror group Isis, with plans for a €65 million air base in southern Turkey, Spiegel reports.

    The air base will be built at the site in Incirlik where the Bundeswehr (German army) is currently flying reconnaissance and refuelling missions into Syria, according to a planning paper from the Defence Ministry seen by Spiegel.

    The new extension to the Turkish base will include an air controller centre for the German aircraft, accommodation for soldiers and a completely equipped combat headquarters.

    Germany is also reportedly in discussions with Ankara about a treaty for stationing German soldiers on Turkish soil for long-term deployments….”

    • I am not sure what the long term consequences are on this, my first reaction is that it is a bribe to placate Turkey. My second reaction is that something about this smells wrong and this needs air field and the German deployment needs to be watched closely.

  5. The Law Society of Ireland has warned its solicitor members that they must always carry a copy of the Bible and the Quran if they are to strictly fulfill an order issued by one of the country’s most senior judges.

    The President of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, has made it clear that when a solicitor oversees a sworn affidavit, a Bible or other relevant religious text must always be used.
    The only exception is where somebody objects to the use of such a text on religious grounds.

    Now the Law Society, in a circular seen by the Sunday Independent, has privately warned its members that they must strictly abide by this ruling. Christians use the New Testament, Jews tend to use the Old Testament, while Muslims swear on the Quran.

    Little does the good justice know that Muslim may swear on the Koran and still lie/break his word if it is ‘in the way of Allah’ – and is even required to do so in some situations.

  6. Swedish terror suspect: I want to be a martyr (thelocal, Apr 25, 2016)

    “A 20-year-old former teaching student accused of plotting to attack Sweden told a court on the last day of his trial that he wanted to be a martyr.

    Prosecutor Ewamari Häggkvist started the day at Attunda district court by asking the suspect if he aspired to martyrdom.

    “Yes. It’s the greatest thing one can achieve in Islam,” said the accused.

    The prosecutor claims the suspect tried to join Isis and also worked on making a homemade bomb for use in Sweden. …”

  7. Spanish Officer Shoots Moroccan Man Five Times in the Head on Highway (moroccoworldnews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “A member of the Spanish police has been accused of killing a Moroccan on Monday by shooting him in the head five times.

    The officer’s BMV and the 39-year-old victim’s Opel Zafira collided on the A3 highway leading to the Spanish town of Fuentiduena de Tajo.

    After the incident, a verbal altercation between the two drivers, led the officer to fire his gun at the victim’s head five times.

    When the two arrived at a hospital, the medical staff was not able to save the Moroccan. The 31-year-old officer sustained minor injuries and it expected to recover.

    The policeman has been a member of the Guardia Civil for 10 years and his currently being held in the custody of the police in a Spanish city called Quintana de la Orden.

    The deceased man resided in Illescas, a town southwest of Madrid.”

  8. Morocco-GCC Countries: A Genuine Strategic Alliance (moroccoworldnews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “New York – King Mohammed VI traveled to Saudi Arabia to participate in the first Morocco-GCC summit on Wednesday. Ever since Morocco’s independence over six decades ago, the Moroccan royal family has striven to build privileged personal relations with its Gulf counterparts. Over the years, the bonds of brotherhood built between Morocco and the six Gulf monarchies have born their fruit and immunized the monarchies against generational change. Since his ascension to power in 1999, King Mohamed VI has followed the same policies adopted by his late father King Hassan II.

    Despite the privileged personal ties between the Moroccan royal family and its Gulf counterparts, at the institutional level these strong relationships have not translated into genuine integration of the economies of Morocco and the Gulf countries. For far too long, these relations were limited to the provision of financial assistance by the Gulf countries to Morocco or the provision of security assistance from Morocco to the Gulf states.

    However, since the start of the Arab Spring, observers have noted a real willingness in the leaders of both sides (Morocco and the GCC) to take their relations to a higher level…..”

  9. Group of Germans Visit Mosque to Know About Islam (moroccowordnews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “Taroudante – A group of Germans who seeking to learn about Islam visited a mosque headed by the Islamic Society of National Vision (IGMG) in Cologne, Germany on April 18.

    The group was supervised by Thomas Bonig, president of Kulturklüngel association.

    During their visit, the Germans asked questions about many aspects of Islam. They interviewed Muslims in the mosque about the Prophet Muhammad, the month of Ramadan, and the daily lives of Muslims.

    The founding president of the association of the mosque and member of the Cologne harmonization meeting, Ali Esen, welcomed the initiative and thanked the visitors who took the time to learn about Islam from true Muslims at their place of worship.

    However, Esen said that some circles unfairly target Islam and Muslims, expressing his “worries” on the rise of Islamophobia…”

  10. Morocco: Worrying Spike in Vegetable Prices Before Ramadan (moroccoworldnews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “Rabat – The consumer price index (CPI) for March shows an increase of over 12 percent for Moroccan vegetable prices, amid concerns that vegetables prices will continue to rise as Ramadan approaches, a time when further increases are usually expected.

    Like several other food products, fruits and vegetables have significantly increased over the last two months.

    According to the recent note on the consumer price index data report released by the High Commission for Planning, the CPI rose up to 1 percent during the month of March 2016, compared to the previous month.

    The CPI went up as a result of the 2 percent increase in the index for food products and 0.1 percent of non-food products…”

  11. Following the latest controversies, Sweden’s Turkish National Association risks having to pay back millions of krona the union earlier received in government grants; competent bodies question whether the association can be considered democratic at all.

    Barbaros Leylani
    Barbaros Leylani
    On April 9, Barbaros Leylani, then vice president of the Turkish National Association, raised hell with a speech at a demonstration in Stockholm, where he announced his support for Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Also, a number of flag-waving members of the Grey Wolves, a Turkish supremacist, far-right and neo-fascist organization, were spotted at the demonstration.

    “Death to the Armenian dogs! Death! Death!” Leylani shouted, among other things, according to Göteborgs-Posten.

  12. Delegation of French Senators Enquires About Moroccan Religious Model (moroccoworldnews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “Rabat – The Moroccan religious model and the organization of religious sites were at the center of a meeting, on Monday in Rabat, between chairman of the European-Moroccan friendship group Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah and a delegation of French senators, led by senator Corinne Feret.

    The meeting was an occasion to get informed about the Moroccan experience regarding the religious field management and the organization of religious sites, Corinne told MAP after the meeting, commending the friendship ties between Morocco and France as well as bilateral cooperation mainly in terms of training religious leaders (imams).

    For the chairwoman of the Mission of information on the organization, the place and funding of Islam and its sites in France, Morocco is a model of a very open and moderate Islam. Corinne also lauded Morocco’s efforts to fight radicalism and terrorism.

    For his part, Biadillah underlined that the talks touched on security threats facing the Sahel-Saharan region, deeming that the fight against extremism and radicalism requires a stronger cooperation between countries in the two shores of the Mediterranean in terms of security and the supervision of religious sites.”

  13. One soldier killed, six wounded in PKK attack in Turkey’s southeast (hurriyetdailynews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “One soldier was killed and another six were wounded on April 25 in an outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bomb attack in the Nusaybin district of the southeastern province of Mardin

    PKK militants detonated an explosive placed on a building during security forces’ operations in the district.

    One soldier was killed and six were wounded in the attack.”

  14. Dündar fined for ‘insulting’ Erdo?an (hurriyetdailynews, Apr 25, 2016)

    “The editor-in-chief of the daily Cumhuriyet, Can Dündar, was fined 28,650 Turkish Liras for “insulting” then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, his son Bilal Erdo?an and seven others, a court ruled on April 25.

    The court ruled that Dündar had “insulted public officials” in a series of articles on the Dec. 17-25, 2013 corruption allegations, which President Erdo?an and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) claim was a plot to overthrow the government.

    “If revealing the truth is a crime, we will keep on committing it,” Dündar wrote on his Twitter account after the trial ended, while he read out his articles as defense, daily Cumhuriyet reported.

    “Since there are no concrete allegations, I’d like to use my related articles as my defense and would like to read all of them here,” Dündar said in the hearing.

    Dündar, his lawyer Ak?n Atalay and the lawyers of the plaintiffs showed up to the courtroom. Atalay has said that they will appeal the decision.

    “We didn’t insult anybody. We just wrote what happened,” Atalay told journalists in front of the courthouse.

    Prosecutors sought up to nine years and four months of jail time for Dündar for insulting nine people in two columns and a series of articles that he wrote.

    Meanwhile, Dündar was acquitted of violating investigation confidentiality and more insulting in two other columns that he wrote.”

  15. Terrorism will be eliminated from Pakistan in ‘a year or two’, vows PM (tribune, Apr 25, 2016)

    “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said terrorism will be completely eliminated from Pakistan within two years while Karachi will also be restored to normality soon.

    “You will see terrorism being wiped off from Pakistan in no more than a year or two,” the PM said while addressing a public gathering in Kali Sattian tehsil of Rawalpindi on Monday….”

  16. Will no longer seek Pakistan’s help in peace talks: Afghan president (tribune, Apr 25, 2016)

    “ISLAMABAD: In a major shift in his policy, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said Kabul will no longer seek Pakistan’s role in the ongoing peace talks with Taliban.

    “Pakistan had promised to aid peace talks but we no longer expect Islamabad to bring Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table,” Ghani said while addressing a joint session of the Afghan parliament. The Afghan president’s rare address to the joint session was aired live on state and private TV channels….”

  17. Mohmand violence: Security forces repulse cross-border attacks (tribune, Apr 25, 2016)

    “PESHAWAR / ISLAMABAD: A security official was killed and at least three others injured in multiple attacks, including a roadside blast, in an area of Mohmand Agency bordering Afghanistan between late Saturday night and Sunday morning, senior security officials said.

    According to the officials, suspected militants from across the border in Afghanistan fired mortars at a security check post in Mohmand Agency’s Bayzai sub-division late Saturday night. Two Pakistani security officials were wounded in the barrage, they said, adding that one of the wounded officials was a major….”

  18. In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS religious police known as “Hisbah” pass out pamphlets to citizens encouraging them to destroy their satellite television dishes so that they can control their source of news. Hisbah is short for “Rijaal al-hisbah” and translates “men who guard against infringements.” “Infringements” in this context refers to anything seen as non-Islamic by Sharia law interpretation. The ISIS provided caption for the photo report reads: “In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate Islamic State – Wilayat Ninawa Media Office Presents A glimpse at the work of al-Hisba center – Distributing the pamphlet (Why I should destroy the satellite dishes) in al-Mosul city.”

  19. Taliban military chief in Kunduz arrested by Afghan special forces (khaama, Apr 25, 2016)

    “The Afghan National Security Forces have arrested a military chief of the Taliban group in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

    According to the security authorities, the military chief, Qari Salim, was arrested during a special night raid.

    Qari Salim was a key leader of the Taliban group who played a vital role in the collapse of Kunduz city last year.

    The officials further added it took at least a week for the Afghan special forces to search and arrest Qari Salim.

    At least two security guards of Qari Salim have also been arrested by the security forces during the operation….”

  20. Taliban deputy shadow district chief killed in Takhar province (khaama, Apr 25, 2016)

    “The shadow deputy district chief of the Taliban group for Khwajah Bahauddin was killed during a gun battle in northeastern Takhar province.

    The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Mullah Hassan who was also famous as Abu Bakr was appointed as the deputy district chief by the Taliban group for Khwajah Bahauddin.

    A statement by MoI said Mullah Hassan was killed along with another prominent Taliban leader during gun battle with the police forces….”

  21. 20 militants killed as major Taliban offensive repulsed in Farah (khaama, Apr 25, 2016)

    “At least 20 militants were killed after a major Taliban offensive was repulsed in western Farah province of Afghanistan.

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the Taliban militants launched the offensive on an Afghan National Army (ANA) base in Anar Dara district.

    A statement by MoD said the offensive was repulsed by the Afghan security forces by receiving close-air support from the Afghan Air Force.

    MoD said at least 16 militants were also wounded during the clash while the remaining militants fled the area…”

  22. Turkey controls 900 mosques in Germany

    Die neue deutsch-türkische Nähe zeigt Wirkung. Dinge kommen zur Sprache, die bisher eher ungesagt blieben. Während Angela Merkel die Türkei besucht, entbrennt in Deutschland eine Debatte um die Ditib – die Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V. kontrolliert rund 900 Moscheen in Deutschland.

  23. 17 killed as Taliban and ISIS loyalists clash in Nangarhar province (khaama, Apr 25, 2016)

    “At least 30 militants were killed during a clash between the Taliban militants and loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in eastern Nangarhar province.

    Provincial police spokesman Hazrat Hussain Mashriqwal said the clash took place in Da Nari Aab area of Haska Mina district on Sunday.

    He said a commander of ISIS loyalists identified as Zamin was killed along with 10 other loyalists of the terror group and 15 others were wounded.

    Mashriqwal further added that 6 Taliban militants were also killed during the clash and 4 others were wounded.

    According to the local officials, at least 2 ISIS loyalists were also killed during an airstrike involving unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) in Achin district on Sunday.

    Meanwhile, Mashriqwal said a commander of the Taliban group who was involved in insurgency activities in Shenwar district, joined peace process as a result of the efforts of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces.

    The Taliban commander has been identified as Fateh Khan who is originally a resident of Kunar in eastern Afghanistan.

    The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the report so far.”


    EDITOR’S NOTE: Pope Francis, in a ‘gesture of compassion’ decided to take 12 Muslim Syrian refugees back to the Vatican to live. But when it was discovered that 2 of the 12 Syrian refugees were actually Christians, and not Muslims, they were dropped like a hot potato and told they could not come even though the Vatican had promised to take them. As usual, Middle Eastern Christians get nothing while all the focus remains on the Muslims. That’s the agenda from your New World Order pope. Christians are ignored because they don’t commit jihad and they are not trying to take over Europe like the Muslims are. Muslims are promoted and given preferential treatment because the NWO wants to invade as many nations as possible. And you think the Pope is a Christian? Guess again.

  25. Austria: Strict controls reintroduced at Hungarian border

    Austrian police reintroduced strict border controls at the frontier with Hungary near Nickelsdorf, Monday, in a bid to prevent refugees from entering the country.

    As traffic piled up at the crossing, Austrian National Police Director-Deputy Werner Fasching said that “Over the last weeks we have noticed an increasing number of refugees and people smugglers.” He added that “We have to react to this situation weekly to prevent criminality and smuggling of immigrants. In coming weeks we are going to support our Hungarian colleagues. The controls will run all day.”

    SOT, Werner Fasching, Austrian National Police Director-Deputy (German): “Over the last weeks we have noticed an increasing number of refugees and people smugglers. We have to react to this situation weekly to prevent criminality and smuggling of immigrants. In coming weeks we are going to support our Hungarian colleagues. The controls will run all day.”

    SOT, Werner Fasching, Austrian National Police Director-Deputy (German): “The tightened control will last several weeks and then we will evaluate the results.”

    • Austria: Protesters decry FPO as strict border checks reintroduced

      Protesters gathered outside the Austrian Parliament, Vienna, on Monday, to demonstrate their anger at the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) and their anti-immigration policies. The far-right party won the first round of the Austrian presidential elections on Sunday, in a landslide 36 percent of all votes cast.

      Campaigning on an anti-immigration, anti-Europe platform, the FPO’s policies have come under a lot of criticism. The protesters on the steps of parliament were highlighting, in particular, the FPO’s stance on refugees entering Austria.

  26. Dutch newspaper publishes cartoon depicting Turkey’s Erdogan as an ape crushing free speech

    After a Dutch journalist was arrested in Turkey this weekend for allegedly insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the most-read newspaper in the Netherlands on Monday published a front-page editorial cartoon that shows Erdogan as an ape, apparently crushing Europe’s free speech.

    PIC :

  27. Gang of migrants demanding ‘respect’ smash way into Paris school and refuse to leave
    The 150 migrants have taken over the building of Jean-Jaures school since Friday as they seek shelter, electricity, gas and water. Authorities have labelled the takeover of the school in Paris’s 19th quarter a “savage occupation”. The chief constable of the area, Jean-François Carenco, has said: “In this country, it is the law that speaks and not force. “They are attacking a building that is not empty but is having work done to it.
    Authorities h a v e a s k e d migrants to leave the school, which needs to welcome students after it has been renovated…..
    But an un-named migrant who spoke to FRANCE 24 said: “You have seen the conditions that we live, it isn’t humane.
    “We ask to be given a bit of consideration and respect, that is why we have decided to come to the school.”

  28. Britain First invades London’s biggest Sharia Court!

    Britain First activists have confronted the biggest operating Sharia Court in London.

    There are around 100 of these illegal courts operating in the UK.

    When entering the building, our activists found legal advice posters on the walls and a purpose made “court” in a back room.

    The fact these Islamic courts are operating in the UK is scandalous.

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