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8 Replies to “More attacks by Muslim invaders at Idomeni against the Macedonian border”

  1. Deutsche Welle – Macedonia police deploy tear gas on refugees at Idomeni

    […]Some refugees had smeared toothpaste on their faces, foreseeing the tear gas and hoping to mitigate its effects.

    […]Those at the front held up paper placards with peaceful slogans

    […]”Do you see this?” a refugee who was watching the clashes said. “This is like Palestine, Gaza.”

    […]”The Macedonian police came and told us that if we are more than 5,000, they ‘will open the door,'” said Mohammed, who watched Sunday’s clashes from a safe distance with his wife. “They will not be able to stop us. We will be able to cross and they will let us. They are the ones who told us to come here today.”


    euronews – More tear gas as migrants vent frustration at Idomeni

  2. So, what happens if a truckful of AK-47s, RPGs and ammot turns up and parks under a tree? Do the “refugees” dutifully call the authorities and show them the truck, or do they pick up the guns and a whole mess of bullets and then go on the offensive. Imagine the fun these assholes could have with free reign over the countryside and a nice war gun in their hands and a pack full of bullets. Imagine all the women they could rape, all the heads they could cut off, all the stuff they could steal and all the vehicles they could drive. Then imagine that a whole lot more trucks full of machine guns turn up in a lot more places within easy reach of the “new guests”. Then imagine that night falls and they all scurry into the safety of the Muslim enclaves, where nobody seems to see nothing, and then back at it the next morning. The Pakistanis did it at Mumbai, and got away with it too. This is not a crazy scenario…

    Remember that ISIS has untold tens-of-thousands of weapons of every description, including Gaddafi’s arsenal, the Iraqi arsenal, and a whole lot more. They could come up with a few thousand AKs and RPGs like they were boxes of Kleenex or packages of instant noodles…

    • Remember the shipments of weapons that the various Coast Guards and Navy’s have intercepted in the past 6 to 12 months. Now think about how the US Coast Guard and Border Patrol say that at best they capture 25% of the drugs shipped and a more realistic number is probably very close to 10% or lower. This means a lot of weapons waiting at various Mosques around Europe.

  3. At the point when the first stone was rocketed with simultaneous shouts of allahuakbar…rubber bullets should have been visible in return fire. The use of tear gas is fools folly.

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