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8 Replies to ““I think they want to send me to prison to have me killed” – Tommy Robinson”

  1. Tommy is right: I have the same prescient feeling. It is not difficult to read the horrible, islam-worshipping, perverted minds of the so-called democratic jihadi-slaves western governments traitors.

    • That may be what they want, the left in the US is creating one over here so they may want one in Britain as well thinking they can win both.

        • Their arrogance doesn’t let them see who will fight against them, the ones over here are certain that the active duty personal will fight for the government and that the vets will set out the fight.

    • The left are neo feudlists, they want a new feudal system with themselves as the Royals and Nobles and the rest of us as the serfs. They don’t want peasants they want serfs.

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