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2 Replies to “FOX 45 minute special on the Obama destruction of the US military”

  1. A great report although it stops short of explaining bluntly that Obama is firmly on the side to the Islamist enemy of civilization. As for Russia I possess an intimate insight into Russia and can assure you Russia is not a threat, but rather up until now a wasted asset. China likewise a key asset that needs to be got into the game on our side. Australia is China’s best friend should concentrate on getting China to really start pulling its weight in the right direction alongside us in the Middle East…

    • I agree with you that Russia and China are valuable allies if we can get them on our side, the problem is what price will they want? Russia may demand Eastern Europe and China may demand all of our other allies in the Far East. They aren’t our enemies right now but they aren’t our friends either and Obama has pulled the US military down to the point we aren’t going to be much of an ally for a year or two. (One vet that I know says that Obama is wanting to get a foreign nation to openly invade the US. This would be a major mistake on their part but some may be foolish enough to try.)

      Forget the old saw about my enemies enemy being my friend, they are my enemies enemy and at best a temporary ally.

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