The implications of each of these stories deserve time and thought to process: Links 2 on April 5 – 2016

1. Isn’t who the Liberals picked to run in Saskatchewan an interesting diverse mix.

2. Muslim migrants arrested after forcing young boy to perform sex acts at German swimming pool

3. Outcry as Muslim students are exempted from Swiss tradition of shaking female teachers’ hands at school after ‘refusing to adopt their way of life’

BBC article on local anger

(Because as it should be obvious by now, multiculturalism means everyone’s culture comes first except White European and possibly Jewish depending on whether the issue conforms to or opposes the Marxist narrative)

Muslim students in Switzerland will no longer need to shake hands with their female teachers, in a ruling that has caused an uproar and consternation in the country.

Education authorities in the northern Swiss municipality of Therwil, in the canton of Basel-Country, reached the controversial decision after two male students complained about the Swiss custom.

They claimed shaking hands with the teacher is counter to their religious beliefs if the teacher is a woman.

Two students in Therwil (pictured) claimed shaking hands with female teachers was against their religious beliefs, which do not permit physical contact with a person of the opposite sex except with family members

Two students in Therwil (pictured) claimed shaking hands with female teachers was against their religious beliefs, which do not permit physical contact with a person of the opposite sex except with family members

They argued that Islam does not permit physical contact with a person of the opposite sex, with the exception of certain immediate family members.

The decision triggered an outcry across Switzerland with Felix Mueri, who heads the parliamentary commission on science, education and culture, insisting that ‘shaking hands is part of our culture’.

4. !!!!  Vienna says hundreds of troops ready for Brenner Pass

(ANSA) – Bolzano, April 5 – Austrian Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said Tuesday that Vienna was ready to deploy hundreds of troops at the Brenner pass to bolster checks at its border with Italy, according to Austrian agency APA. “

5. Migrants, Hungary reinforces barriers along Serbia border Due to rise of illegal crossings over the past week

(ANSA) – TRIESTE – Hungarian military has started reinforcing the barriers along its border with Serbia, local media reported quoting a statement by the defence ministry issued Sunday. The activities include the positioning of fence between the localities of Kelebia e Asotthalom, where barbed wire had been erect last autumn.

6. In a story right out of Bizarro world, Egypt sends Al Azhar imams to New Zealand to “help reduce radicalism”.

Egypt’s Government is sending Cairo-educated imams to “take control” of New Zealand mosques and Islamic centres in a new drive to reduce radicalisation and counter jihadism.

The imams – trained at the ancient Al-Azhar University, regarded as the foremost institution in the Islamic world for the study of Sunni theology and sharia law – will spend up to three years working alongside local mosque leaders promoting moderate Islam and tolerance.

One imam is already working at a Wellington mosque and three more are applying for work visas, according to Egypt’s Ambassador to New Zealand, Tarek al-Wasimy.

Explaining true Islam and promoting its peaceful message was an important first, proactive step in protecting the world from militant Islam and terrorism, he said.

“We are all combating terrorism. It has no borders and nobody is immune,” he told the Herald yesterday.

(Reminds of me of the time when the Nazis sent over a few hundred SS officers to replace the casual socialists that were teaching in Universities back then to help reduce antisemitism)

7. Wanna see what the worst lying propaganda looks like from the hard deceptive left? Check this video of half truths, staged events and one sided hyperbole from Euronews who we have busted a few times in the past manipulating data as deceptively as MSNBC and CBC etc.

People who read this site will be familiar with the more typical events of Muslims at that same border crossing when they didn’t think cameras were there.

8. Oh! So suddenly they WANT to stay in Greece all of a sudden!

(No one is asking: “Why did you wait till now to apply? Why the sudden change of heart? There is NO attempt to get to the reality of this story at all, just like the one above)

9. Violence growing against German civil servants

In Germany, police officers, teachers, firefighters and other public workers are increasingly becoming the target of violent acts. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere plans to implement countermeasures.

“You have to listen to quite a few insults that go way below the belt,” says Jürgen Augstein. He works at the reception desk in the job center in the small Bavarian town of Hof. As clients “let off the most steam” there, the agency has taken security precautions for its employees: They are never allowed to be alone with a client; they have an emergency button at their disposal and they can quickly withdraw from the situation if they are assaulted.

One simple detail that shows the gravity of the situation is the fact that office utensils, like a metal stapler, cannot lie on top of a desk because they are often thrown at employees. At a conference hosted by the Interior Ministry in Berlin, the receptionist, Augstein, reports that his desk is “cleared” two to four times a week by upset clients and then, the keyboard and phone are sent flying. In recent years, two job center employees have been killed by unemployed attackers.

10. Norway gets tough: Government will JAIL migrants who file ‘groundless asylum applications’

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug said the move would stop refugees disappearing while their application was being looked into.

She said: “Police will now have the opportunity to arrest and detain groundless asylum seekers who come here and get a fast-tracked application process.

“We see that groundless asylum seekers are disappearing while police are processing the applications. This will stop them from running away and possibly ending up in a criminal environment.”

(Norway is the last place on Earth I expected a rational policy to deal with a serious problem)

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Kathy, Oz-Rita and many more who are doing herculean work to help us all understand the growing enormity of the problem. Some fantastic stuff in translation now. I hope to have it all up by tomorrow night.

Still more to come tonight though.


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6 Replies to “The implications of each of these stories deserve time and thought to process: Links 2 on April 5 – 2016”

  1. 3/ Hand-shaking taboo. I know where they’re coming from.

    I rebelled against it, then came to tolerate it, finally wanted to adopt it, but I’m too ashamed to do so.

    It’s complicated. The minefields of secularism, you can’t imagine.

    During a recent pre-operative physical [another in a long series of hand surgeries, in fact], the anesthesiologist spotted my split-second aversion to shaking his great hairy paw. And he knew why: “You were raised religious, weren’t you?”

    I was ashamed. Felt backward. He hastened to reassure me, “No, no that’s ok! I’ll write a note in your record, no problem!”

    I asked him not to. It’s embarrassing, I’d rather let it go. Even though it’s perfectly reasonable for medical reasons to avoid potential damage to fragile hands, it’s worse to seem like a tribal, tardish savage who fears contamination by male kafir-touch.

    • yucki : “3/ Hand-shaking taboo. I know where they’re coming from.

      Warning: personal and very subjective opinion:

      You, dear yucki, are genuinely “coming FROM there” but THEY are going TOWARDS something that will prove ugly for ALL of us…the caliphate, especially the “soldiers & whores for jihad”.

      A little anecdote which I hope will not offend: A (Jewish) friend and I recently exchanged 10 things we are grateful for. Among my 10 gratitudes was the fact that I am a woman (I actually feel that men, with the exclusion of those who belong to the Religion of Pieces, are getting a raw deal and I am doing (always have done) quite well being female thank you. So he told me a fact which makes me giggle (not with disrespect, I hasten to add). He said that orthodox Jewish men thank G_d in their prayers that they are not born woman. I dont know if he pulled my leg, he has a wicked Jewish sense of humor, but I adopted it as a true, cute story.
      I hope your hand improves.

      • I’m so glad you’re home, Rita!

        That is indeed among the first prayers men say every morning. I, in turn, say: “Blessed art Thou…/Who made me according to His will.”

        Which is just fine with me.
        I don’t have to bother with many time-bound, often tedious rituals. Or I can observe them at my own convenience. My calling is higher.

        Eve – the word comes from the Hebrew word for LIFE.
        Matrilineal descent: bearing and raising and nurturing and teaching all the children of Israel, forever. WE carry the future of our people; nothing trumps that.

        Even if the seed is planted by a Cossack rapist, the baby is a little Jew. Women are expected to know enough to impart what that means.

        I’m no talmudic scholar, but daily repetition of that prayer might serve as a reminder that men don’t have to suffer childbirth or risk childbed fever; they should be grateful. They’ve got to provide for and protect us, even at risk of their own lives, because we’re all in this together.

        Every morning men read a long passage from Genesis that dramatizes the covenant: We are a people who believe life is sacred. Our G-d rejects human sacrifice, whether to Moloch or any of the other death cult gods that have come and gone over the ages.

        Secular fashions change. All these political gender issues mystify me completely. Trans/ bi/ cis/ -mutilated represent transient deviance that’s self-limited. Veer too far from nature and you’ll go extinct. Or be extinguished.

        A neutered, degenerate civilization is easy prey for barbarians who turn our values upside-down. Life – Eve – is despicable when death is supreme.
        My hands – are unlikely to improve. I’m learning work-arounds all the time.

  2. Abdel al-Sisi thinks that the most dangerous thing in the world is an “Imam” with a Quran in his hand telling a group of attentive young Muslims that it’s OK to hate Infidels, and that they will get guaranteed tickets into the upper levels of Paradise should they die while fighting Jihad in the cause of Allah. If Abdel had his way, such Imams would all find themselves at the ends of ropes with their hands tied behind their backs and their feet pedalling back and forth as they choke. So far so good…

    I wonder what the actual tally is of the number of hate sermons preached by all the Imams in the world in one day, from Pakistan to London to New Zealand. And I wonder how many innocent young minds click over into the “terrorist” position as a direct result of hearing these sermons. Do you suppose Abdel al-Sisi could have a point? He is taking responsibility, which is most refreshing in a Muslim…

  3. The article about the increasing number of attacks on German Government employees is interesting.

    The article didn’t make it clear that it was the invaders committing the attacks but that is the obvious conclusion to jump to, they are probably getting mad because they are expected to get jobs rather then be paid by Kuffar for not attacking the Kuffar.

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