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13 Replies to “Tommy Robinson: The UK has chosen sharia”

    • Im 5 minutes in and so far its total crap. Moral relativism in its purest state, making Europeans the bad people if they actually understand the events. Does it get better Tasha? Cause i dont feel lie being this angry this early i the day.

      Just skipped to part 6. Seems its left wing crap all the way through.

  1. That is an interesting way to hijack the thread, post a bunch of crap and pray people ignore the main video. I agree it is a very nasty piece of Islamic propaganda translation a piece of liberal crap.

    Tommy on the other hand is out there doing a lot of good for the cause of freedom.

  2. ref tommy robinson, jamie glazov / glazof gang program ..

    tommy is a treasure. i think mebbe’ it’s time to get him out of the UK .. eh ??
    they won’t miss killing him, if he has to go to prison again. he believes he will
    be murdered, as stated in the interview . Paul Weston says the same thing.
    and people wonder why we follow courageous men like these.
    … meanwhile, i’m waiting for hun DNA to re-appear .. there are a million turks
    & millions of muslim parasites in country .. lessons to be learned .. lessons to be learned, if we are still alive.
    vlad, i know you & your crew do the work of iron horses. it is fantastic. me &
    lots of hungry anti jihadis are looking forward to your monthly appearance on blog talk radio tues 3/29/ with Tim & Kel on IAW .. i’m a 300 year old british fusilliere.
    and i’ll be there ..

    • I have thought that for a long time, one or more of the leaders of the counter revolution needs to be outside Britain where they can rally their side with out fear of legal political assassination.

      There are advantages and disadvantages to leading a revolution from exile, right now the advantages out weigh the disadvantages.

      • Tommy’s just about at that point, I think.

        They’ll make sure he doesn’t come out of prison in condition to continue the fight. Not killed outright, but terribly impaired.

        That has to be prevented.

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