Another tranche of misery from the Islamic world to everyone else: Links 2 on March 28 – 2016

1. March 28th Aschaffenburg Germany. Turkish Grey Wolves do massive demonstration, ignored by media too busy focusing on ‘Right wing extremist’ reaction to Islamic terror in Belgium

2. Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’ 

(Erdogan said pretty much the same thing and about 1000 other imams)

MEMRI video of imam at DM link above

3. British PM on Halal meat. (He feels that the system should be more transparent)

A review of labelling of halal meat will be conducted if the industry fails to deliver more transparency within the next few months, Downing Street has said.

The Prime Minister has said that the issue is a matter between retailers and restaurants and their customers.

He told ITV West Country: “If you are going into a restaurant you assume that it is not halal meat unless you are told otherwise. Do we need a national labelling scheme? I would rather hope not. I would rather hope it could be dealt with by the restaurants and businesses.

Front Page Magazine does a good explanation of how the money aspect of halal works.

“Beware! Halal food funds terrorists.” Stickers with this slogan were sold in July by a candidate of the Australian political party One Nation, and condemned by the country’s Multicultural Affairs Minister Glen Elmes as “offensive, grotesque and designed to inflame hatred.” He added: “People are encouraged to put the stickers on food products in supermarkets, which isn’t just racial discrimination, it’s also vandalism.”

What the sticker says, though, is apparently taking place in the USA and Canada where Campbell’s Soup and other companies have paid the Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) for their halal certification, in France, where it is claimed that 60% of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called “halal tax” is the organization’s main source of funding. In the UK, major supermarket chain Morrisons is not only indirectly but even directly giving money to the Islamic National Zakat Foundation. I’ll explain what that is about in a minute.

4. Huge fire engulfs TWO towers in the UAE

5. IS Planning ‘Imminent’ Attack On Jewish Schools

Terrorists from the so-called Islamic State have advanced plans to murder Jewish children in Turkey, targeting kindergartens, schools and youth centres, Sky News can reveal.

Information on what intelligence officials are describing as an “imminent” attack was obtained from six operatives from the “Caliphate” who were arrested in the southern city of Gaziantep over the last week.

The most likely target of an attack is Istanbul’s synagogue in Beyoglu, which also has a community centre and a school attached to it.

“In light of these circumstances, extraordinary security measures are being taken above and beyond the high alert level already in place by the Turkish police, as well as vigilance within the Jewish community,” an intelligence source told Sky News.

6. Greece: Idomeni refugees block railway track in open borders protest

7. Weekend death toll exposes scale and scope of international jihadist threat

8. Somali forces kill ‘more than 100’ al-Shabab fighters

At least 115 fighters of the militant Islamist group al-Shabab have been killed in heavy fighting with pro-government forces in northern Somalia, the regional government says.

A further 110 militants were captured during the fighting, the Galmudug government added in a statement.

There has been no independent confirmation of the claims.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Shabnam, Richard and all. 

End of a long frustrating day.

Here is another video of a muslim trampling an Israeli flag at a memorial service for the Belgians and then some decent person fixing it.

(Initially there may be a slight deviation from the original video)

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18 Replies to “Another tranche of misery from the Islamic world to everyone else: Links 2 on March 28 – 2016”

  1. NO. 1 That march was allowed by the authorities. There were about 600 Grey Wolves who demonstrated against ISIS and PKK terror. They were attacked by about 60 Kurds who, naturally, think that PKK is not a terrorist organization.
    Well. Germans have on their soil both Kurdish and Turkish nationalists so no wonder that they fight each other.
    Although I do not understand how German authorities allow the march of foreign nationalist organization who would in reality is an enemy to German people.
    But should I complain?
    In here there also are many people who would like to destroy fabric of the country and change it to theocratic state. *sigh*

    • This is the new normal that the left has created, they think they can ride the storm into a new world where they are the bosses and everyone else is their serf.

  2. Indonesia Says 10 Nationals Held Hostage After Ship Hijacked (abcnews, Mar 29, 2016)

    “Indonesia’s foreign ministry said Tuesday that 10 Indonesian nationals are being held hostage after their ship was hijacked in Philippine waters.

    The ministry said in a statement that the owner of the hijacked tug boat and coal barge has received two telephone calls, purportedly from militant group Abu Sayyaf, demanding a ransom.

    It does not know exactly when the incident occurred but said the ship owner was first contacted on Saturday. The ministry’s statement also referred to the hostage takers as pirates.

    “The current priority is the safety of 10 citizens who were taken hostage,” the statement said. It said the company that owns the ship has informed the families of the crew.

    Abu Sayyaf, which is on U.S. and Philippine lists of terrorist organizations, is notorious for bombings, extortions and kidnappings for ransom in the volatile south of the Philippines. It has been weakened by years of U.S.-backed Philippine offensives but remains a security threat.

    If confirmed as the work of Abu Sayyaf, the kidnapping would be among its largest number of hostages since 2001…”

  3. Bomb Fear As Man Hijacks Passenger Plane (skynews, Mar 29, 2016)

    “A man has hijacked a passenger plane during an internal flight in Egypt – with reports there is a bomb on board.

    The EgyptAir plane carrying 55 passengers and seven crew has now landed at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus.

    The hijackers have made no immediate demands, according to reports.

    A Cypriot government official said there are suspicions of a bomb on board.

    The A320 airliner took off from Alexandria at 8am….”

  4. Russia’s campaign in Syria leads to arms sale windfall (theguardian, Mar 29, 2016)

    “The demonstration of Russian military might during Vladimir Putin’s air campaign in Syria has increased interest from arms buyers and could result in several billion dollars in new sales, analysts and media have said.

    US secretary of state John Kerry’s meeting with the Russian president in Moscow last week suggested that Russia has forced the west to takes its political interests into account. But its arms exports, which totalled $15bn (£10.5bn) in 2015, have historically trailed only those of the US, also stand to benefit.

    Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday that the “marketing effect” from the Syrian campaign could lead to contracts worth $6bn-$7bn, quoting sources in the Russian government, military and arms export structures. Algeria, Indonesia, Vietnam and even Pakistan, which has long purchased military aircraft from China and the US, intend to buy Sukhoi fighter and bomber jets, it reported….”

  5. 2. Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’

    The sheer ill-will of these Holy Men is truly astounding. It makes my skin crawl to hear the harshness in his voice as he calls out “Germans”, and “Italians”, and “Americans” and curses them all to the depths of hell. And not for any reason, he’s just naturally full of hatred. Imagine how people would crap their pants if the mainstream media actually ran this clip at the top of the Evening News. Then they would turn to the traitors and say, “And you’ve been sitting on this for how long…?”.

    It amazes me that the powers-that-be have managed to suppress this reality for so long as they run cover for the Islamists. I’ll bet not one-in-ten realizes just how bad it is. And the CBC keeps sort of hinting that the whole thing would go away if the Israelis just stopped being so mean to the Palestinians…

  6. North Koreans told to prepare for new ‘arduous march’
    In an ominous echo of famine in the 1990s, the sanctions-hit regime is telling citizens to be ready to ‘chew the roots of plants once again’

    In a proclamation that will strike fear into the hearts of the North Korean people, state media has ordered the citizenry to prepare for a new “arduous march”.

    The term was first coined by the North Korean leadership in 1993 as a metaphor for the four-year famine that decimated the nation from 1994.

    The famine – in which as many as 3.5 million of the nation’s 22 million people died – was brought on by economic mismanagement, natural disasters, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the consequent loss of aid, combined with the regime’s insistence on continuing a life of luxury and feeding the military.

    Now, less than one month after the United Nations Security Council voted in favour of new sanctions against North Korea for its recent nuclear and missile tests, Pyongyang has announced a nationwide campaign to save food.

  7. North Korea fires short-range missile along its coas

    North Korea test fired a short-range missile on its east coast on Tuesday, South Korea’s military said, amid heightened tension over the isolated country’s nuclear and rocket programs.

    The missile was fired from near the North Korean coastal town of Wonsan at 5.40 p.m. (0840 GMT) and flew northeast for about 200 km and then “made contact” with the mainland, South Korea’s military said in a statement.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has presided over a string of short-range missile launches in recent weeks in what North Korean state media has characterized as a response to U.N. sanctions imposed for its fourth nuclear test in January.

  8. Isis has ‘advanced plans to attack Jewish children’ in Turkey, intelligence sources say
    Kindergartens, schools and youth centres for Jewish children are at the centre of the plans, according to reports

    Isis has advanced plans to carry out a terror attack heavily targeting Jewish children in Turkey, according to intelligence officials.

    Sky News reports that six operatives from the terror group, arrested in the Turkish city of Gaziantep last week, revealed information about an “imminent” attack.

    Istanbul’s synagogue in Beyoglu is understood to be the most probable target of the allegedly impending attacks, which has a community centre and school attached to it.

    Kindergartens, schools and youth centres for Jewish children are at the centre of the plans, according to reports.

    An intelligence source told Sky News, “This is a more than credible threat. This is an active plot,” adding the information gathered from the operatives indicated an imminent attack that could be “in the next 24 hours or next few days”.

  9. Japan public divided as laws easing limits on military take effect

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Laws loosening the limits of Japan’s pacifist constitution on its military took effect on Tuesday as surveys showed the public remained divided over a change that allows Japanese troops to fight overseas for the first time since World War Two.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the security legislation, the biggest change in Japan’s defense policy since the creation of its military in 1954, is vital to meet new challenges including a rising China.

    Critics say the changes, which triggered demonstrations ahead of their enactment last September, violate the pacifist constitution and increase the risk of involvement in foreign wars. Opposition parties plan to campaign for the laws’ repeal in an upper house election in July.

    “The security environment surrounding our country is increasingly severe,” Abe told reporters at a news conference after parliament approved the state budget.

    “In a world where no one nation can defend itself on its own, this legislation will help prevent wars,” he said.

    A crowd protested against the bill outside parliament as Abe spoke, holding placards saying “Oust the Abe Administration” and “We won’t condone war”.

    Japan’s ally the United States has welcomed the changes, which allow the military to fight in aid of friendly countries that come under attack if Japan’s security is also threatened.

  10. Stuff that will get you arrested in the UK (while child rapists go free)

    Matthew Doyle of London ruined his life when he confronted a Muslim woman in his neighborhood and asked her to “explain Brussels” — a reference to the recent Muslim-perpetrated terrorist attack in the capital of the EU. “Nothing to do with me,” the woman replied, a response that failed to satisfy Doyle. The two parted ways, which should have been the end of it.

    But then Doyle made the fatal mistake of recounting the incident on Twitter. His story was not well received in cyberspace where several people tweeted their disapproval, some of them calling upon his employer, a well-known London talent agency, to fire him. Finally, Doyle did the unthinkable and — gasp! — tweeted a slur. “Who cares if I insulted some towelhead?? Really.” Shortly thereafter the bobbies were leading him away in handcuffs.

  11. The (maybe not so) shocking measure Germany is taking to ‘protect’ women in public
    By J.E. Dyer March 28, 2016

    We must hope Americans are learning from the implosion of post-modern Western civilization in Europe.

    There can be no doubt now what post-modern society does in the face of challenges to its fabric from disrupters – like Islamists – who have no vested interest in its continuity. Post-modern Western society gives up its principles and freedoms immediately. It doesn’t even resist.

    We saw a small preview of this over the weekend, when the “March Against Fear” scheduled for Sunday in Brussels was cancelled due to fear. No bones were made about it; the march was cancelled because of the very thing it was supposed to be a demonstration against.

    But a quieter, more significant surrender is reportedly underway in Germany, where a train operator has decided to make an accommodation to the growing threat of public sex assaults on women and children, due to the influx of Muslim migrants – mostly men.

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