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35 Replies to “Australian 60 minutes segment where crew attacked by Muslims in Sweden”

  1. The last time I watched 60 Minutes was when they had Lara Logan on, in the American version. Watchig this insulting-the-intelligence-of-anyone-down-from-the-trees-for-longer-than-one-generation mash reminded me strongly WHY I dont watch this non-thinking-man’s BBC. They really are unaware that there are intelligent people out there, but perhaps they know that only idiots watch them, thankfully, but also dangerously.

    A few rhetorical questions I have:
    1. How did they manage to do this whole advertisement for poooooooooor refugeeeeees without even mentioning ONCE “Islam”? (if they did, it must have been done verly fleetingly, I didn’t see it).
    2. How did the 50xtimes face-lifted presenter manage to keep her hair nearly intact after the very viooooolent attack and even on the boat “rescuing the refugeeeeeees”? (Yes I know MIOUUU)

    3. How come they dont seem to have heard about the elaborate “mise en scène” of that “dead baby porn” which was the distribution of the drowned child? They mispresented it as it was mispresented ad nauseam in the first days after it happened.

    And, while I am in a mean mood, let me just float a suspision I have: Did they more than deliberately “provoke” this “violent attack” ? Did they perhaps even pay the “attackers”? Is that the answer as to why Liz’s hair was still in place afterwards?

    Confession, I have not watched this video again, I only watched it last night on TV, so I might have gotten some details wrong, but on the whole: VOMIT BUCKET MATERIAL.

    PS: Thank you Tasha Carr for bringing the clip, I tried but could not find it.

  2. Interesting, even after being mugged they are still liberal! We need to check and see if they are programed androids.

      • yucky – if I was the owner of a News Paper, I would want you as my editor in chief ! You have such a way of getting to the core with an outstanding BS-detector !

        • But you put us on the…uh…scent with that first post.

          I watched again to check out the hair and face because you noticed something off. I came to TV so late in life I see things differently, or mostly miss them altogether.

          With Pauline from Calais or Tyron’s Mom describing the Tard Encounter, they’re people talking to me. The “Ladies on the Street” or even the idiot kids interviewed on campus – that’s communication.

          But none of these ‘personalities’ look human to me. Faces plastic, hair like doll-thatch. May as well be pods casting.

          It takes something really gross to grab my attention. Like when the news-bimbos started using industrial lubricant as stage-makeup. There’s gobs of glistening goo sliming off their lips. Is it meant to drip off? Is this supposed to be simulating simulated porn-flick tension?

  3. Relax everyone ! The whole refugee problem has now been sorted out by Mr Junkers. They will now simply be ‘re-badged’ as Turkish ‘members’ of the E.U. community, and then good to go anywhere in Europe.

  4. Relax everyone ! The whole refugee problem has now been sorted. They will now simply be ‘re-badged’ as Turkish ‘members’ of the E.U. community, and good to go anywhere in Europe.

    • It may not take a village; a neighborhood can be enough with the right mix of savages and spurious cause.

      Our Boston neighborhoods have sheltered notorious gangsters from the Boston Irish Mob. Drugs, weapons, the IRA couldn’t have managed without them.

      The police were in on it, so were the FBI. Jesuit priests from Boston College were implicated – posthumously, of course. There were many sightings of James “Whitey” Bulger over the years he was on the lam, but nobody talked until he was finally put away. At the age of 81.

    • It takes between 25 and 33% of the population supporting a revolution for it to succeed. It only takes 5% of the population supporting a terror campaign for it to last a long time. Given what the population of Moslems in most European nations the percentage is much higher then the 5% needed.

  5. One is happenstance. Twice isn’t coincidence.

    Two attacks in one visit.

    That should be enough to turn a Liberal into a Conservative!!!

    What is wrong with these people.

    This being said, there’s a hero in there, and it’s not the cops. It’s wheelchair guy, who took a huge personal risk to save the crew. THAT guy should get citizenship if he doesn’t have it already. The perps should get deported.

  6. So Somalis act the same way in Little Mogadishu as they do in regular Mogadishu? Didn’t see that coming. I guess to you can take the Somali out of Somalia, but you can’t take the Somalia out of the Somali, because wherever he goes, he drags it back down into the dark-age barbarism that forms his natural state. And then he slices off its labia.

    This has been a big week for Little Mogadishus in the news. Ayanle Hassan Ali, who attacked a Canadian Forces recruiting office saying “Allah told me to kill you” but who is most certainly not a terrorist, lived in a Toronto Public Housing complex in one of two Little Mogadishus in Toronto’s west end. He also used to hold security clearance at Canada’s largest airport, but what are you, racist? The fact that he groomed his facial hair in the manner of the devout Muslim is also nothing for the media to be concerned about. Ali was diagnosed as being schizophrenic by the media, though pretty much all the info on the family comes from the same cousin he lived with in Calgary, but who hasn’t spoken with him in five years. It’s entirely possible that he is schizophrenic, but that angle was relentlessly pushed by the media before the blood was even dry. A Wednesday article in the Toronto Star claims that Ali has an “older sister who went to Oxford University and now works as an optometrist in London.” If true, that’s certainly very interesting. The Ali’s were taken in, almost certainly as refugees by Canada, and the oldest sister has a lucrative career in the most expensive city on the planet, made possible in part by the public education she received in Canada, but her schizophrenic mother, possibly schizophrenic brother and younger sister live in a Toronto Public Housing complex on the taxpayer’s dime.


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