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6 Replies to “Segment of interview with American defector from the Islamic State”

  1. Things must be getting rally desperate for these brave Jihadis. They have run out of women and children to rape, and what is left are Russian fighter bombers and Kurd fighters.

    There seem to be number of ISIS that now claim that they were misled or misunderstood the koran. The question is how much blood do they have on their hands, and what is to be done with them. Surely, having renounced citizenship in the West, they should not be allowed in.

    • They shouldn’t but the left will probably scream we are obligated to take them back.

      The question is are things really calming down or just shifting to a new arena? Libya and Africa seem to be heating up.

      The lessening in fighting is occuring when the weather is warming up and in the desert if you have a choice you fight in the cooler weather.

      • This is just the warm-up. Syria’s already a wasteland, not much left, becoming a bore. Mop-up.

        Wait till the cameras focus on Libya. Control of the oil and gas fields will make it the biggest draw yet. The big-shots of IS have been relocating all winter. Al-Queda already has a formidable presence. The weapons are outta sight.

        North Africa is home for many of the most battle-hardened jihadis. Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco could fall like dominos.

        Sub-Saharan Africa is on the march north. If the Turk is a facilitator, just wait till IS owns the southern Med coast. Italy will be hit harder than Greece is now; Spain a close second.

        European armies will have to walk on eggshells to avoid inciting their citizens of North African origin. Can they even trust their own armies, given their ethnic challenges?

        Here’s just one description from way back in 2013:
        It’s Salafi-Jihadist Insurgency, Stupid!: A Policy Briefing

        • Egypt is in the cross-hairs, they are too smart to let the refugees bring disguised fighters into there nation so that will have to be a straight military conquest with no 5tth Column to help smooth the way. So the fighting there will be fierce, this is probably where Saudi and their mercenaries and allies will be committed next. This is also where a lot of the refugees will come from. The thing to remember is that Egypt is the birth place of the Brotherhood and that it also has a large Shiite population.

          Yes Italy and Spain will be hit hard, so will Portugal who so far hasn’t even been mentioned and there is a real possibility that the Canary Islands will discover a lot of “refugees” on their door step. As will Sicily and Corsica, they both have long memories of the last invasion so things are going to get tense there.

          That is all that is occurring to me right now.

          • Yes, Egypt has a long row to hoe. And too close to home.

            There’s the native MB 5th column, Hamas servicing various Salafist spores via Sinai (murdering Egyptians everyday now), and all the junk (animal and material) piling up in Libya.

            Egyptians are special. I can’t see millions of them migrating. Nor can I see Israelis sitting out that fight.

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