A grim set of links even by our standards: Links 2 on March 13 – 2016

1. Qatari software teaches extermination of Jews

2. CLAIM: Labour Party Muslims ‘Cover’ For Sex Grooming Gangs, Use Death Threats And ‘Clan’ Politics

Dozens of Muslim women have spoken out against the systematic use of death threats and sexual violence by Muslim men within Britain’s Labour Party. They accuse the party of doing little to address the problem.

One woman alleged that Labour councillors covered for a businessman caught sexually abusing “white girls” on camera. Others, she said, forced abused Muslim women to return to violent husbands, and many others said intimidation was used to block Muslim women from local politics.

3. Dennis Prager to large crowd on Israel and the American and Jewish-American left

(Video not embedable but at link)

4. New BOMBSHELL for EU: Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union

MORE European Union turmoil is looming with more than 30 per cent of Danes signalling they would vote to leave Brussels if a referendum was held tomorrow.

Movement MEP Rina Ronja Kari PH/ GETTY

Movement MEP Rina Ronja Kari wants Denmark to hold a referendum on EU membership

The figure of 33 per cent represents a major shift towards joining growing animosity towards the union when compared to only 25 per cent wanting to leave in 2013.

The calls for independence from the red-tape loving bureaucrats comes as The People’s Movement Against the EU has demanded the government holds a referendum in the country.

5. The leader of the band who played the Paris nightclub that was attacked by a group of Muslim terrorists who killed many, many people inside apologizes for offense he may have caused when he raised a staggeringly important point.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, Hughes said he had learned that some guards did not come to work that night and “it seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up.”

The owners of the Bataclan were quick to dispute this, saying he had made “grave and defamatory accusations”.

(Wouldn’t it be interesting to know their names and work records previous to that night)

6. Serbia: Portland-bound combat missiles found on passenger flight

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) – Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for the U.S. containing two missiles with explosive warheads was found on a passenger flight from Lebanon to Serbia.

N1 television said the package with two guided armor-piercing missiles was discovered Saturday by a sniffer dog after an Air Serbia flight from Beirut landed at Belgrade airport.

Serbian media say documents listed the final destination for the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles as Portland, Oregon. The American-made projectiles can be fired from air, sea or ground platforms.

7. A ballad of the sell out of our entire people by our own leaders

8. Egypt’s justice minister fired following comments on ‘imprisoning prophet’

Egypt’s justice minister Ahmed El-Zend (Al-Ahram)

Egypt’s justice minister Ahmed El-Zend (Al-Ahram)

Ahmed El-Zend has been facing widespread criticism on social media for making comments that were considered to be blasphemous

Egypt’s Justice Minister Ahmed El-Zend was fired on Sunday little less than a year in office in the wake of widespread criticism of comments he made regarding the Muslim Prophet Muhammed that were considered to be blasphemous. The decision was taken by Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, state-run news agency MENA said. However, Ismail’s cabinet is yet to reveal the reasons for sacking El-Zend.Last week, in response to a TV host’s question on whether he would jail journalists, El-Zend said, “Even if he was a prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.”

9. For every police ‘martyr,’ 10,000 ‘terrorists’ should be killed: Egypt justice minister

Egypt’s Minister of Justice Ahmed El-Zend said in a TV interview on Wednesday that he believed that for every fallen “martyr” from the Egyptian police and Armed Forces, 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters should be killed.

“I believe that if 40,000 terrorists were killed it would not be enough for the martyrs. I swear to God that the fire burning in my heart will not die except when for every martyr, 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters are killed,” El-Zend said while giving condolence on the Sada El-Balad TV channel for personnel killed in the war on terrorism.

The minister vowed that all the death sentences issued against members of the Brotherhood, including former president Mohamed Morsi, would be carried out after all appeals are exhausted.

10. Leftists who support mass muslim migration into Germany, protest the recent democratic gains made by an anti-immigration party in today’s regional elections

11. Canadian editor: Hamas rocket attacks on Tel Aviv revived the pride of the Muslim nation

Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh (???? ???? ?????), a Canadian of Lebanese descent, the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper? (????? ???????) printed in Windsor, Ontario and distributed in Windsor, London and Detroit, has recently said to the Windsor Star that “we do support all kinds of resistance.”

When asked by the Windsor Star (March 3, 2016) to comment on his controversial editorial about the Palestinian al-Quds/ Knife Intifada and the “sacred duty of jihad”, Khalifeh was quoted as saying the following: That’s not correct. It wasn’t said in that phrase. The editorial was saying we support Palestinians resisting the Israeli occupation. That’s the main thing… We don’t support any terror attacks on civilians,” Khalifeh said. “But “we do support all kinds of resistance.”

In previous editorial (Al Forqan, Issue 18, July – August 2014, p. 1) entitled “Gaza of Glory and the Lessons of the Resistance/ Struggle”, Khalifeh said that the “sacred duty of jihad” is being fulfilled by Hamas and other Palestinian armed militias which launched rockets attacks on Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities in Israel. The following is Khalifeh‘s editorial (originally in Arabic):


Thank you Yucki, Pym Purnell, ML., Wrath of Khan, M., Richard and many more indeed. 

A very interesting French documentary to come shortly.

Anyone got an explanation for this?

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5 Replies to “A grim set of links even by our standards: Links 2 on March 13 – 2016”

  1. #11: al-Quds, that would be The Holy City. Each time that the phrase pops up I wonder, “Holy to whom?” Then a voice answers in Hebrew, “I turn to face Ir ha-qodesh to pray three times each day.”

  2. “Anyone got an explanation for this?” (the video)

    The makers of the video (I’ll translate their credo below) introduce this video like so:

    Published on Mar 12, 2016
    Scène surréaliste à l’entrée de la jungle de Calais !!! Les CRS jouant a la marelle avec les clandestins !!!

    Surrealistice scene at the entrance to the Jungle of Calais !!! The Riot Police play Hopscotch with the illegals !!!

    How they describe their raison d’être:

    Nous avons créé cette chaine afin de montrer ce qui se passe sur Calais, d’autres projets plus spécifiques arriveront avec le temps. Nous agissons indépendamment de tous groupes afin de toucher le plus de monde. Nos motivations ne sont pas politiques et notre but est purement informatif.

    We created this chanel to show what is happening in Calais, in time other projects, more specific, will be done. We act independantly of any group in order to reach more people. Our motivations are not political but purely informative.

  3. #3.

    I just LOVE this man, Denis Prager, I could listen to him for hours !!! Thanks Vlad and Yucki (I assume ;)) for bringing us this. I really recommend this speech !

  4. 4 – The left has as usual ignored the little people who make the countries work, by ignoring them they have sowed the seeds of destruction for their Frankenstein monster called the EU. The little people eventually orginize and make their feelings felt by voting the left out of office.

    Pay close attention to these polls and votes, as the violence grows the push to leave the EU and protect the home nation will grow.until the EU falls apart. Hopefully it will take the international court with it.

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