Austria: Taxi driver beats up homosexual couple

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language Website:

A homophobic taxi driver lost it over a homosexual couple kissing each other

A muslim taxi driver saw red: Because a homosexual couple (37, 27) were kissing each other on their way home in his car, he yelled insults at them of the worst kind. And ultimately, he physically attacked them.

The couple had just left an establishment in 3. Bezirk as they entered the taxi. When the taxi driver saw them in the mirror exchanging a kiss, he reacted angry: “I don’t want to have this kind of faggotry in my car”, he yelled. “Then he called us a*****es”, says one of the victims, Manfred M. (37), to ÖSTERREICH.

Police had to arbitrate fight

The men immediately demanded from the driver to let them exit the Taxi. They refused to pay the fare. That’s when the taxi driver called the police, which the couple were fine with. The fight escalated on the street. The driver made his opinion loudly known by saying: “People like you need to be shot!” when the men shouted back, the taxi driver blew a gasket and he squarely hit the 27 year old in the face with his fist. Only when the police arrived could the furious driver be reasoned with. A report is looming. All are innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. That prepubescent boys are fair sexual game for Muslim men, but homosexual behavior is criminal, seems to me a contradiction.

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