Businesswoman records warning to women after having her handbag snatched, her breasts groped and fighting off a carjacker in three attacks by ‘non-Austrians’ during a trip to Vienna

Original translation by Nathalie with much thanks

From Metronews, a French Website:

INFO METRONEWS- a young American woman of 19 was the victim of a rape in the Dupleix station of the Paris métro on Tuesday morning. She told the police that a man followed her up the escalator and proceeded to sexually assault her.

A young American student has pressed charges for rape in the Parisian métro, according to police and judiciary sources. The assault took place in broad daylight, around 10.30 am last Tuesday, March 1st, inside the Dupleix métro station in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

According to the information available to us, the young victim, who is studying for a fine art degree in Paris, was followed by a, as yet unidentified, male as she was on the escalator. The man positioned himself right behind her, pulled down her trousers and proceeded to rape her digitally. The young woman’s aggressor fled the scene when her screams finally put him off. The perpetrator then stepped off the elevator and disappeared.

A rapist on the run

A woman who was walking past went to her help before the police and the Sapeurs-Pompiers?, who had been called, arrived on the scene. The young woman was taken to the Saint-Joseph hospital in the 14th arrondissement.

The length of her temporary disability has not yet been ascertained, added a source in the judiciary who also made it clear that “the investigation was taken very seriously” whilst another police source stressed that“the veracity of the facts cannot be doubted”.

The young student has pressed charges with the regional division the transport police (SRPT).The Paris transport police (BRF) is in charge of the investigation. The video-surveillance cameras are being checked for further evidence.

? The French Fire Brigade also responds to medical emergencies

[Editor: A stunning lack of description of the perp. It seems the invisible man is on the loose and attacking women and robbing people all across Europe ever since the Islamic invasion began]

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