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6 Replies to “Admiral (Ret.) Ace Lyons explains Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood connection, the F-35 uselessness and much more”

    • My father is pushing 90. Now, after all that he’s survived, he tells me to stop with the news. (He’s blind so I read to him.) He’s been a news and political animal his whole life. He says it depresses him. This coming from a veritable superman.

  1. The US is in massive trouble and danger, what you have to remember is that there are a little over 30 million US vets in the nations, about 20 million of them are still young enough and healthy enough to fight. If you think they are going to let the US go down the tubes you have another think coming, just before one of them cold cocks you.

    I have said many times that a civil war is coming to all western nations, I have also said the outcome is going to depend on which side the military and the police are going to come down on. Well in the US the vast majority of them will remember their oaths of office to protect the Constitution and will do so. At one time we wrote a check to the US that said everything including our lives if necessary. Most of us think the check is still good.

    • This doesn’t include the 30 to 50 million armed civilians who will be about helping. Watch the news about how Trump is getting the non political to come out and vote, The sleeping giant is awakening, those who mean us ill should be trembling in fear.

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