Police intervene to stop shipment of thousands of European military uniforms to Islamic State

This may be a major story. It was sent to me by Fausta’s blog, who is the premiere blog tracking Islamification and leftist totalitarianism in English of the Spanish speaking world.

I believe she is doing a proper translation of it but for now, here is the original link and the best corrections I can do from a google translate. We will publish a proper translation as soon as we get it.

New operation against jihadist supply structures. National Police agents have seized  about 20,000 military uniforms that were to be sent to Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front-the mark of Al Qaeda, in Syria, on Thursday, which were already stored in three containers of goods. They were going out to the Middle East from the ports of Valencia (two containers) and Algeciras (a container).

The containers contained  uniforms and were declared as “second-hand clothes”, to avoid suspicion and to pass the different customs inspections without any difficulty, using a declaration dedicated to the export and import used clothing.

The uniforms were in large bundles camouflaged among others containing other clothing.

More information is expected to be released in minutes from now.


Proper translation of first paragraph and explanation from Fausta:

New operation against jihadist supply networks. On Thursday, National Police agents seized 20,000 military uniforms that were being sent to the Islamic State and the Al Nusra front – Syria’s al-Qaeda branch – which were being stored in three shipping containers about to depart from the ports of Valencia (two containers) and Algeciras (one container).
The article says that the containers were marked “used clothing” and were bundled in large sacks along with other clothes to avoid customs suspicions. The operation is part of the ongoing investigation following the February 7th arrest of seven members of an alleged jihadist cell in Ceuta and Valencia.

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8 Replies to “Police intervene to stop shipment of thousands of European military uniforms to Islamic State”

  1. Spain seizes 20,000 ISIS fighter uniforms being smuggled into Syria and Iraq marked as second-hand clothes in aid packages

    20,000 military uniforms discovered hidden inside aid packages in Spain
    Camouflage fatigues were marked as second-hand clothes donations
    Security staff fear that the military goods were meant for ISIS in Syria
    Spanish officials arrested seven men last month for alleged smuggling


  2. Were the Islamists planning on using the uniforms to infiltrate bases in Afghanistan or possibly Europe? seizing military equipment from the enemy can be a cheap way to arm an invasion force infiltrated as refugees.

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