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7 Replies to “German sociologist and journalist, Necla Kelek, discusses what is wrong with the koran and Islam”

  1. Interviewers always think they are so wise when they say to anyone who has read the Koran and found it alarming, “But isn’t it true that you can find violent passages in any religious text book?” They always seem to assume that the redneck bigot sitting in front of them utterly lacks the intelligence to come up with such a clever observation themselves. They also assume that the redneck bigot has combed through the Quran with great prejudice and cherry-picked-out-of-context the most horrible verses he can find, which is really insulting when you think about it. I would never do such a hateful thing, and I doubt if Necla Kelek would either. I’m not the one looking for a fight, the Quran is. I would love it if the Quran taught peace and love; I would love it if Muslim immigrants posed no threat. They always try to turn things around so the attacker appears to be the victim. I’t the Muslim Prime Directive.

    The fact is, that when you read the Quran along with a few Hadiths to give it context, it becomes apparent quite quickly that the Quran is an all-out declaration of war against all non-Muslims, and that those numerous violent passages are in no way abrogated or not intended as written. Unlike the Torah, which curses-out people who no longer exist like the Philistines and the Amalekites, the Quran targets Christians and Jews by name. They think your mother is a slut and your Gramma is a whore and your great grandfather is currently burning in Hell Their god hates Christians and Jews, period. The trouble is that the Quran is so incredibly violent and evil and conspiratorial and secret that it’s hard not to sound like a kook when you try to describe it accurately. And there it is…

    • Chris one way you know a reporter is honest or arguably even on side with reason and classical civilization, is that they ask exactly the questions and objections that are detractors ask, or more often state, and then allow the interviewee to actualy asnwer them in their own time without hysteria, hyperbole or interruption. In fact I like and admire journalists who do that because it is exactly what is needed.

      When you watch MSNBC, CNN, CBC etc. what you get in interviews is a voice over from a third party after the fact, arguing with an interviewee in a manner which of course it is literally impossible for him to answer, as it was done in studio after the interview.

      I posted one like that a few weeks ago from a main-stream source here.

      These are times I never thought I would see. It still takes a little adjustment each day to allow myself to believe the evidence of my own senses as I find more and more evidence of the transformation of our societies from one of individualism and liberty to one of collectivism and total authority of the state with media collusion. Its really, really, horrifying.

      Probably why most don’t believe it to this day. Even the really smart ones. Its just not part of their mental process to allow that kind of conclusion to form.

      • Yes, that interviewer is a dream-come-true compared with the snarling beasts they usually sic on Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

        And yes, the truth is too extreme for most people to take in. The problem is that there is no really nice way of dealing with Islam, because the Muslims do not seek a win-win solution, they will only settle for a “heads I win, tails you lose” solution. If we don’t want to find ourselves in a titanic battle with hundreds-of-millions of casualties, we are going to have to separate ourselves from the Muslims and form a protective shield. We must stop thinking there are “reasonable” solutions to be found with these people. There aren’t. But there is nothing to be gained by putting ourselves in the position of having to fight them to the death on our own territory. That, is largely preventable…

      • Bill Warner argues that the devastation of long-established societies during the first wave of Muslim expansion was so horrifying as to induce Stockholm Syndrome. To this day we have historical trauma that prevents us from examining and acknowledging the true dimensions of the evil that is Islam.

        • Yes and no, back before the left forced the idea that violence in self defense is evil there were enough people who recognized the evil in Islam. Enough to keep a close watch on it and to keep groups like the Brotherhood semi underground.

          Never forget that a very large portion of our current problems can be traced back to the leftist policies that removed traditional liberal thought and replaced it with the totalitarian thoughts of the left. As I said in the comment to Eeyore the Dark Days ahead are the times that try mens souls and are the time when once again the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

          May the good Lord keep you and yours safe in the coming troubles.

      • You aren’t the only one having a hard time realizing how much society has changed and how many rights we have lost. In the past I have heard many people ask how the Germans could have allowed the Nazi’s to take away their freedom. We are now seeing that done in all of the western nations with the low information voters setting quietly by and saying that nothing is wrong. Santayana was right, we have refused (been deliberately kept from learing) to learn the lessons of history and are now repeating them. The big problem is that the enemies of civilization and freedom did learn from their mistakes and took their time to use politics to take over our governments and thus remove our rights one at a time.

        The Islamic invasion of Europe and the quiet coup that was the Obama election (I still want to know how many of the votes were fraudulent) have sounded the alarm bell to many. Here in the US we still enjoy the right to be armed so are in a better position to fight for out rights but if enough veterans and active duty personal in the other Western nations side with freedom and liberty we can still win. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson it is time for the tree of liberty to once again be watered/fertilized with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Keep your musket clean and your powder dry for the dark days ahead are the times that try mens souls.

        • Europe opened her legs deliberately, according to Bat Yeor. Eurabia was a calculated French-led sell-off.

          Guess they showed the Ugly Americans a thing or two.

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