Europe begins to awake, Real fascists in Toronto gather to shut down opposition and more: Links 1 on March 3 – 2016

1. Johnny U. Sends us point form from Magyar TV out of Hungary:

-Macedonia sending back more than taking in.
-12000 at Macedonia border this morning
-Greece providing migrants with false stamps on papers to help move them on into europe
-heads of refugees fighting among each other about which railroads to try to illegally shut down
-all women and children were lined up on greek side for entry into Macedonia but then Macedonia denied entry
-six of seven thousand Macedonian troops on border
-an armed Greek helicopter took photos of the area
-Greece planning to move in army because police cannot handle the situation
-Austrian army helping to build a double fence in Macedonia which will be patrolled by V4 troops
-80 percent of migrants illegal, coming from all over the world but not war torn areas.
-human smugglers trying to revitalize route through Hungary because Balkan countries tightening up.
-Austria has joined the V4. Germany now fighting with Austria AND the V4!

2. Sweden: Now, all municipalities to receive refugees

(Disappointed by the slow and uneven rate of collapse of the Swedish people and culture, federal authorities seem to have a solution. When the state does collapse, I hope Western nations refuse any refugees from there as they are likely to be from one of two groups. Those with an ideology that caused the collapse, or the muslim migrants who were the actual instrument of it)

Photo: Ols’s son/TT

All municipalities will now be required to take in refugees who received a residence permit.

On Tuesday, the new law will enter into force. Many municipalities are expected to have problems with arranging accommodation and school. On Tuesday takes the so-called instruction law in force that allows no municipalities can reject to receive refugees received a residence permit and must provide the Migration Board’s fixed places.

(The above is also a google translate. For the rest click link #2 above)

3. Quebec court case could open door to unofficial religious marriages

(Western governments cant seem to throw away rule-of-law fast enough in favour of sharia)


Alary agreed, saying that a member of the clergy who performs a wedding is not necessarily obliged to notify civil authorities.

That interpretation set off a political firestorm this week, with opposition members warning that allowing religious marriages to have no civil consequences could open the door to forced marriages and other abuses.

“This is very worrisome and we are asking the minister to really clarify and answer all the questions that we’ve been asking for the last couple of days concerning where that parallel system could lead us,” said PQ justice critic Véronique Hivon.

“Marriages have to be given civil effects — this is what section 118 of the civil code is all about,” she said.

4. Woman Defends Massive Muslim Migration until Refugees Sexually Assault her Family

(There used to be a joke that ‘a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged’. Now of course when facts everyone knows attempts to force a change of heart, the leftists with a more sinister agenda will ask you to “take one for the team“)

The mother, whose son was raped in a Vienna swimming pool, revealed to a Vienna paper that she was originally a refugee who had traveled from Serbia in the 1990s. However, following the attack on her son, she deeply regrets telling her children that they should be welcoming to migrants.

According to the mother, the boy had to be hospitalized following the rape and that “his mental scars will never heal.”

She claims that the attacker’s claim that he has “too much sexual energy” is nothing short of “monstrous.”

5. Young Couple Among 18 Caned in Indonesia for Sharia Breach

(Indonesia is usually cited as the example of moderate and civilized Islam)


A 19-year-old woman was caned for spending time alone with her boyfriend in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province, Indonesia.

She and her 21-year-old boyfriend were given 10 strokes of the cane each. The sentence had been reduced by two strokes because of time spent in detention.

16 others were caned for a variety of offences that violated Aceh province’s sharia by-laws, known as ‘Qanun’ according to The Jakarta Post. The canings were meted out publicly in front of the mayor and thousands of local residents on Tuesday March 1.

  • 10 were given eight strokes each for gambling. Two strokes had been deducted from each sentence due to time spent in detention.
  • Six received 40 strokes each for consuming liquor.

6. Greece: Refugees block railway tracks to try and force borders to reopen to them

7. Greece: ‘Do not come to Europe,’ EU’s Tusk tells economic migrants

8. Liberals consider covering all migrant travel costs at first budget

Privately sponsored refugees from Syria have to start paying their own airfare now that government-organized flights out of the Middle East have ceased, but Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government is considering paying the travel costs of all refugees Canada will resettle in the future.

The last government flights arrived in Canada on Monday marking the end of the first phase in a plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees — a mix of government-assisted and privately sponsored refugees — by the end of February. The Liberals have pledged to resettle another 10,000 government-assisted Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

9. The extreme violent and fascist left are planning a hate filled and possibly kinetic protest of Paul Weston’s speech in Toronto coming up soon.

(Notice the language they used in their Facebook post to rally people. Then notice mine. I would be willing to back my use of these terms up with the history of ‘Antifa’ and left wing activism in general in the past decade or so, and willing to demonstrate why their use of the terms are pure rhetorical nonsense based on every word Paul Weston has ever said publicly, as well as the people with whom he associates. Their attempts at smearing him do not stand up to even a cursory bit of scrutiny, but mine stand up under court-room conditions. It also bears mentioning that Fascism is in fact left wing as it requires a strong central government and strong control over what thoughts and words are permitted. Something Paul Weston is against, and something this protest group is clearly for, given their desire to shut Mr. Weston down as opposed to debating him.)

Thank you Kathy, M., Richard, Johnny U., Richard, Maria J., Gates of Vienna, and all who sent in materials.

Here is an English language article on the uniforms found in containers bound for the Islamic State. In Spanish, and another one in Spanish as well as a third one, also in Spanish

The police operation “neutralized a very active and efficient business network whose primary purpose was to supply, maintain and strengthen” ISIS, according to the statement. The uniforms were declared as “secondhand clothing” in a bid to avoid raising suspicion while passing through customs.

Bill Whittle on Detroit and the values of its citizens and governments


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  1. Bill Whittle about Detroit:
    I forgot to add the ruin of Detroit to the tally of John Conyers’ accomplishments. The ‘Honorable’ Representative is the longest-serving congress person.

    The clip showed the old crook reading something into the Congressional Record about the proposed bill to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror org. Black may have reached a saturation point in his district, so Muslims are the New Blacks for Mr. Conyers.

    Though many are also old blacks; prison converts and immigrants from places where local community organizers routinely sold their brethern to Arab slavers.

  2. “uniforms intercepted” :
    (google translate) which [on Feb 7] have seized about 5,000 kilos of military uniforms (about 20,000 uniforms) … intended for Al Nusra and the Islamic State
    –Comments point out that this was a missed opportunity to add tracking devices to the uniforms; or at least a skin irritant; and that there must have been something besides cloth in those 4-kilo uniforms.
    explains that the weight is from the clothing that hid the uniforms
    The photo from El Conf. is the largest version of what all three Spanish articles ran.
    Comments: –With an army of 20,000, are not necessary terrorists. and links to related stories
    –searching for the English Court (This is perhaps the name of the company under investigation that manufactures uniforms)
    Dec 2015
    –Oct toyota story
    — July 2015 more on the English Court

    • The main point about the uniforms is that they are the current uniforms of NATO members, possibly maybe even probably nations with personal serving/fighting in the Middle East. The use of enemy uniforms to infiltrate your troops into the enemies camp is as old as warfare. It is also against the Geneva Convention but that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

      I now have the question of how many of those uniforms are still in Islamic hands in Europe, are any of the groups holding the uniforms planning on using them to infiltrate European military bases to seize equipment?

  3. 4 – The article linked to about taking one for the team shows that the leftist who are pushing for more invaders know the invaders are dangerous to the individuals and the host nations but are still bringing in more invaders. This can only be a deliberate act to destroy the European Cultures and nations.

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