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3 Replies to “Radical Danish cleric preaches death to infidels sparks criticism”

  1. This video made me really angry. That sick coranimal kept cutting her off, she was way too polite and that loser moderator let him do it. The paki was incredibly rude. If that interview represents islam vs. europeans, then white people are fucked!

    • The interview represents the left wings attitude, she was trapped in a lose, lose situation. if she doesn’t get mad the moderator will let the Moslem cut her off and she never gets to complete a sentence, if she does get mad the moderator cuts her off an she doesn’t get to complete a sentence.

  2. Dilly Hussain effectively talked over Iben Thranholm, This the standard rhetorical tactic adopted by individuals who are NOT interested in having all of the facts presented but instead seek to silence the other side of the debate.

    It is very difficult to maintain one’s focus when bombarded in such a way and while Ms. Thranholm’s English is very good, it may be that she was at a further disadvantage as she processed what Hussain was spouting.

    The moderator was completely AWOL so Ms. Thranholm should have insisted that Hussain let her speak. And she needs to avoid, difficult as it is, to avoid the dust and BS that this taqiyya artist was throwing up into the air.

    The issue is clear: The imam was inciting violence. This is a crime predating so-called “hate speech.” The person who committed this crime are answerable to the law. Anyone in a position of responsibility within the mosque who knew of this incitement and failed to act is similarly answerable as an accessory.

    But on the plus side, if the Danish Broadcasting Corporation can come out on the side of exposing this Islamic cancer, there may be hope for the media yet.

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