Islam in Europe. What is taught when they are unaware of observers. Denmark

The earlier links post referred to a hidden camera video of an imam in Denmark teaching pretty much ‘the whole megillah’ in one sermon, seemingly to Danish-muslim women.

Here, thanks to Tania in Denmarkis the actual video referred to in the earlier post.

Here is the story on it


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5 Replies to “Islam in Europe. What is taught when they are unaware of observers. Denmark”

  1. It cannot be stated often enough that Islam is the bridge by which Satan (a murderer and liar from the dawn of time) enters the souls of men.

    Atheists and agnostics take note: nothing else can explain the mass derangement of evil intent that possesses these followers of Islam.

    • Frankly its as good an explanation as I have heard. It fits rather well and it expresses the magnitude of the problem, not to mention the permanence. One might notice that few nations which have been conquered by muslims have gotten themselves back to a healthy place. The ones that did were Jewish or Christian, and Buddhists seem to be fighting back here and there as well. The Hindus better get it together and the atheists? They are getting sufficiently frightened, at least the non-leftist ones, that even Richard Dawkins seems to be putting his money on Christianity as a bulwark.

    • Yes. If “Satan” is the God of evil, then Islam is indeed His religion. And if “evil” is defined by attacking and killing and predating upon people who have done nothing to harm you, but only out of a desire to enrich yourself at their expense and suffering, then Islam is truly an evil thing and therefore the instrument of Satan. Islam must be exposed to the light of truth and then eradicated from the face of the earth…

      • There will always be evil in this vale of tears. At least until the Messiah comes…or returns…um…

        that inclusive enough for ya?

        All we can and must do is exclude the Devil and his minions from our society. Old Moh looks enough like Old Nick to merit a swift kick back to his hellhole.

        When we say, “Satan – Get thee behind my back,” we better mean it. It’s not easy, but it is what it is.

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