Facebook decides what facts and opinions will be allowed on a person’s own page

Facebook has decided what one of our hard working translators may post to her own Facebook post and what opinions or facts may not be presented.

Here are three screen captures from her own Facebook page:


Below, the actual comment that Facebook censored with the explanation from Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.35.59 AM

Pretty soon, there may be an alternative to Facebook which looks and works pretty much the same way. When its ready, I hope a new diaspora forms. One for freedom of speech. Especially when it can be shown to contain truthfulness.

The video referred to in the post is this one, which was posted also yesterday.

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3 Replies to “Facebook decides what facts and opinions will be allowed on a person’s own page”

  1. It’s quite something, isn’t it.

    I have four profiles altogether, my oldest original profile has been suspended so many times, from one day to three days to one week to three weeks to four weeks. I am now on my fifth 30 day suspension, which is the last resort I think before they suspend you for three months, and then forever.

    People say… why bother going on facebook. I say… to bother them. To get the word out as long as possible. I will continue to post until I can post no more. And I OBVIOUSLY bother them a great deal.

    In a strange way it’s very satisfying. As facebook is not the end all of my life, like for some with their silly food pictures and shares of babies who can only be saved if the picture is shared at least one gazillion time, I really don’t much care about facebook. I am merely there to be the fly in the ointment.

  2. As public opinion changes on Islam the censors on Facebook will be among the last to change, the drop in business will hit their pocketbooks and this will eventually make them change their policies.

  3. Vlad, I have referred several times on my blog to the menace to free speech of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, which is complicit in this shutting down of free speech on Facebook. While it started off with good intentions it has become a pastiche of itself.

    You and your readers may wish to look at this (which contains relevant links) to see how dictatorial the guy who runs it is becoming with regard to what may and may not be posted on Facebook:


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