Drinking camel pee for allah

Original translation from French by Oz-Rita

From this website:

Imam Rashid Abu Houdeyfa is imam of the Sunni mosque of Brest and heads the Islamic Cultural Centre and Brest (CCIB), is a member of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM)! He has 198,000 Muslims who like him on Facebook, so he is perfectly representative of practicing Muslims.

He also directs the school that Al Amana “offers a course of study for children (5-15 years) spread over four levels: kindergarten, beginners, intermediate, advanced.” The socialist Town Hall of Brest issued the building permit for this school (see Telegram); the Ministry of the Interior considers this normal. Lambasting Islam in the media, while continuing to support it locally in order to keep the Muslim vote, is the cynical strategy of PS (Socialist Party) which is described in a survey of 320 pages, “The Mayors who are courting Islamism (Tatamis Publishing, 2015).

As reported in an authentic tradition (Hadith Sahih) of Bukhari and Muslim:

“The Prophet ??? ???? ???? ???? ordered them to follow the camels and to drink their milk and urine. This is what they did until the recovery of their health.” Narrated by al-Bukhari 7: 590

Another Sharia source says that, according to Anas ibn Malik (companion of the Prophet), people from ‘Urayna came to Medina to find the Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? and as they had bad stomach pains, the Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? told them: “If you agree, go drink milk and urine of camels of charity.” (source)

(Many of you may remember this imam who was teaching classes in France against music)


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  1. The “moderate Muslim” parents of those children need to drag that evil so-and-so out of the classroom, cover him with hot tar and feathers, take him to the edge of town, and say, “We never want to see you ’round these parts again, Mister”. This guy is cut from the same cloth as those Imams who tell primitive Africans not to take life-saving medications because the white man is trying to poison them and steal their land. That is not freedom of speech, that is vicious psychological warfare. It’s what they call, “Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre”. That guy is plainly and obviously the enemy. He needs to go to an internment camp and stay there until the day he dies…

    Donald Trump is right. Our leaders are quite simply stupid. All over the Western World – stupid! They’re all group-thinkers with university degrees, who’ve never had a real job, who pay lip service to “critical thinking” but have no idea how to do it. Their idea of “knowledge” is confined solely to things they have been told by somebody else. Actual thinking, they are not bright enough or brave enough to do. They need to be fired and replaced, pronto! (Angela Merkel would be an excellent place to start),,,

  2. Rita you are a masochist, you have to be to translate so much material. I don’t know how to show how much we appreciate the pain you go through so we can learn, Thank You very much.

      • Hey kisses all ’round you 3 !!!. Translating the Camel-Piss-Take though had a fringe benefit: I lost my appetite for a while – just got a thank you letter from my waist line 😉

        • Some of the videos do make you stop eating for a while.

          My worst time is the end of the month when I don’t have as much money so I tend to make do and end up gaining weight.

          • You’ll notice that Paris Hilton has the slimmest, most perfect body on earth, and she doesn’t exactly get short of money at the end of the month. Alaska king crab with garlic butter and asparagus tips is what makes you as slim as Paris; stretching out the ground beef with a Kraft Dinner because you’re poor is how you get to be one of those 350 pound people you see at McDonald’s – filling up on french fries and bottomless sodas. If you want to be thin, simply become a multimillionaire and the rest sort of takes care of itself. It’s just that easy…

        • However, I have to add a little B-moll. My mother tongue being German, I prefer, of course to work in that language. French is only my 3rd language and takes much longer to translate. Unfortunately, I have been largely “replaced” for German translations, and consequently am and will be around much less than I have been.

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