Blasphemy laws, Saudis ratchet up the war, lots of insanity documented: Links 1 on Feb. 26 – 2016

1. Egypt jails Coptic Christians for insulting Islam

An Egyptian court has sentenced three Coptic Christian teenagers to five years in prison for insulting Islam after they appeared in a video apparently mocking Muslim prayers.

A fourth defendant was sent to a juvenile detention centre by the court in the central province of Minya.

The teenagers argued they were mocking beheadings by the Islamic State group.

Egypt’s Christians have long complained of discrimination in the predominantly Muslim country.

The four teenagers were convicted by the court in the city of Beni Mazar on Thursday.

Security was stepped up around the court building, with a number of police vehicles reportedly deployed in the area.

2. Saudi warplanes to arrive at Turkey’s ?ncirlik air base on Feb 26

Saudi warplanes sent to support the U.S.-led anti-Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) coalition have been scheduled to arrive at ?ncirlik Air Base in Turkey’s southeastern province of Adana on Feb. 26, private broadcaster CNN Türk has reported.

The report said advance guards had already arrived at the base as of Feb. 25.

Four F-15E Strike Eagle jets will also arrive at the base, in support of the U.S.-led coalition.

3. Greece.

I have no idea what is going on here but it looks tense.

4. Greece recalls ambassador from Austria in migrant row

Greece recalled its ambassador from Austria on Thursday and warned it would not be treated as “Europe’s Lebanon” as the migrant crisis strained relations between EU states to breaking point.

Talks between European Union (EU) interior ministers in Brussels descended into chaos due to the row over Austria’s decision to call a western Balkans meeting this week without inviting Greece.

The EU’s attempts to forge a unified response to the biggest migration crisis in its history are fraying as individual 28 member states increasingly take matters into their own hands to protect their borders.

The Greek foreign ministry hit out at what it called “19th-century” attitudes and said the envoy’s recall was designed to “safeguard friendly relations between the states and peoples of Greece and Austria”.

(A complete read of this article helps shed light on the meaning of the video above)

5. The Latest: Dead pig found at German mosque building site

12. New York to allow illegal immigrants to become school teachers

Perhaps their first lesson could consist of teaching federal law regarding “improper entry” into the country.

On the heels of Democrats pushing new legislation in New York City to allow illegal immigrants to vote, the state Education Department has announced they will allow illegals to become certified as school teachers.

Via the Press & Sun Bulletin:

Undocumented immigrants in New York will be able to apply for teacher certifications and professional licenses, the state Board of Regents said.

(A suggestion for the state of New York. You could cut your mugging rate to zero overnight if you just rename it as ‘forced purchase or loans’ and accuse the mugged person of hoarding)

13. Tony Blair and Countering Violent Extremism: The VICE News Interview


Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Oz-Rita, and many more. There was an interesting, perhaps nearly unbelievable event in Denmark yesterday. Will post on that late this aft. or early this evening.

More to come.

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7 Replies to “Blasphemy laws, Saudis ratchet up the war, lots of insanity documented: Links 1 on Feb. 26 – 2016”

  1. 10- Sounds remarkably like what happened in Ottawa this week. Sure it’s nothing…

    12- giving an illegal the right to work and proper license is only crazy until you realize it legitimizes the illegal and so by extension legitimizes an “open border policy” a la Soros.

  2. 1. Egypt jails Coptic Christians for insulting Islam

    Any society that gives teenagers five years in prison for making a funny video is a crappy society. Do we in the West want to see that kind of grossly unjust thinking imported into our world? Why can’t we just accept that Islam is a bad thing and make a firm commitment to having as little to do with it as possible? Five years for a video! That culture is rotten to the core and has nothing to offer anyone in this world. It is a write-off. It’s pure evil…

  3. #13 Tony Blair and Countering Violent Extremism: The VICE News Interview

    One hundred percent wrong, Tony!

    The right answer is to put direct pressure on the Ummah itself. First, Donald Trump “temporarily” halts Muslim immigration into the US and a couple of other countries follow suit, then an airline says that it can no longer accommodate Muslims out of concern for the safety of their passengers and crew, then Muslims start being denied entrance into large events for public safety concerns, then banks start refusing to deal with Muslims for fear that they are financing terrorism, then Taylor Swift unfriends them, things would start to change right quick.

    Imagine literally hundreds of millions of Muslims freaking out and accosting their local Imams on Friday night, telling them to talk to their bosses in Mecca and Cairo and tell them to do something – immediately! Then we’d start seeing those Madrassas closing down and those Jew-hating kids shows going off the air. As it is we are being so soft and gullible that the whole bunch of them see nothing but green lights. We have to redden those lights up a bit…

    I hope that Donald Trump wins the Presidency because he is the only leader strong enough and brave enough, and good enough at tough, big-time negotiations, to pull this off. Only Donald will be unpredictable enough and “crazy” enough and smart enough to really make these characters sit up and listen. The world has to intimidate the Muslims into arresting the worst of the extremists and hanging them. They could do that if they were of a mind. Then, when the murdering stops, we can all be friends…

  4. 4 – I think we can safely say that Greece is going to be conquered before the summer is over, possibly before the Spring is over. The main part of their complaint is that the rest of Europe has stopped allowing the invading army to move into their nations and many of the invading fighters are stuck in Greece. I am not sure how many invaders are currently in Greece but if they are over 100,000 that means that there are probably 75,000 to 80,000 trained fighters in disciplined groups in Greece who are waiting for the world to attack. Combine these with the 130,000 missing invaders in Germany that are mentioned in the next threat and a very scary picture shows up.

  5. 12 – This shows the contempt the Democrats have for the US Constitution and the rule of law, they are openly violating the Constitution and US Code. The next President is going to have to first make a clean sweep of the US Justice Department and appoint people who will enforce the rule of law and then turn them loose on the people who are currently violating the law. And even more important back them up when the LSM starts attacking the people working to save our nation.

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