No Admittance for Germans? Savings Bank Opened Only for Refugees

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German Website


When it’s about money: Savings Bank! And now Bielefeld has one just for refugees.

As fast as possible they should be “provided” with savings accounts, so that they quickly can take part in commercial life in Germany.

Of course this would be a relief for the administration, but is this really only about participation, integration, relief?

Nationwide there are a multitude of buildings, especially concerning ATM’s, which are not easily accessible for handicapped people. Wheelchair bound people often fail to even enter the small cubicles which are usually not much larger than a telephone box, and they have to rely on the few “real” locations or in inner cities they have to use general ATM’s which will charge them extra. Which of course, exactly for this group of people, presents an increased risk.

Even so, an entire location just for handicapped people or only for women does not exist.

Is it reconcilable with equality that now refugees are being provided with their very own savings bank? Why not just an islamic Shariah bank like in Frankfurt am Main? Yes, it does exist. Here: ?

So what are German and conventional migrants, which do not possess “refugee status” thinking of such preferential treatment?

Will grocery stores get on the bandwagon and implement registers only for refugees?

Will there soon be parking only for refugees, since it’s already in discussion if the drivers license test should be available in arabic, of course only in the name of more expedient integration.

The new clientele will most likely only take part in commercial life in one direction, by which their credits and loans will be provided out of nothing . And that in order to get something, one has to put in something, is probably not being mentioned, nor expected from them.

Because for that, there are all the other savings bank locations with their second class clientele, whom the judicial officer will be quickly hounding in case they should neglect to make their regular payment.


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5 Replies to “No Admittance for Germans? Savings Bank Opened Only for Refugees”

  1. In the state of Australia I grew up in there was an influx of Sudanese immigrants. The banks quickly saw an opportunity. Knowing that these people had no understanding of interest on money owed they rather cynically determined what interest payments the Sudanese could afford on their welfare and personally approached them with offers of loans which of course carried terms highly favourable to the bank.
    They ensured in each case that the paperwork contained the permissions necessary to draw the repayments from the customer’s bank account the second the welfare went in.

    The net result was that damn near every POS eighties sports car was snapped up and for a brief time there was a boom in aftermarket car rim sales. Thereafter came the crime as the Sudanese had little to no money to pay for the basic in life once their loan repayments had been milked out of their welfare payments.

    The Sudanese didn’t seem to mind. Being a gangster in a shitty sports car was, for them, “living the dream”.

    And the banks were obviously pleased with themselves. They had tapped a gusher of taxpayers money that kept flowing for many years.

    Relevance? Look for any refugee-centric bank to be lining up precisely this sort of scam, and invest in as many cheap sports cars as you can find.

  2. This situation is beyond description, it is way too serious to be called a sick joke it is the beginnings of a genocide/theocide that will make the Holocaust look small. I really don’t know how to make an intelligent statement about this situation without getting into real big trouble.

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