Geopolitics, Islam, Leftism and diminishing freedoms everywhere. Buckle up. Links 1 on Feb. 19 – 2016

1. 150 people burnt alive in a Turkish military carnage in Sirnak province

Two hundred people were trapped in basements and Turkey’s Special Forces won’t rescue them.


According to a Russian media report, a member of Turkish parliament accused the military for burning alive more than 150 people in Turkey’s southeast.

“In the Cizre district of S?rnak, around 150 people have been burned alive in different buildings by Turkish military forces. Some corpses were found without heads. Some were burned completely, so that autopsy is not possible,” Feleknas Uca  the pro-Kurdish MP said.

The MP also said that more people could face a similar fate as more than 200 people were trapped inside buildings.

2. ICNA Canada’s online syllabus: pregnant adulteress to be stoned after giving birth

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada is an Islamic nationalwide organization striving “to build an Exemplary Canadian Muslim Community” by “total submission to Him [Allah] and through the propagation of true and universal message of Islam.”


Zunera Ishaq, the woman that stood at the centre of the “niqab debate” in the Canadian election campaign, works/ed for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).


The book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous”) which appears on ICNA Canada site adds modern commentary to the verses from the Qur’an and hadith.

The following are excerpts from the book which deal with the stoning of a pregnant adulteress:

[Hadith]: 22. Imran bin Al-Husain Al-Hhuza`i (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: A woman from the tribe Juhainah came to Messenger of Allah (PBUH) while she was pregnant from (Zina) adultery and said to him: “O Messenger of Allah! I have committed an offense liable to Hadd (prescribed punishment), so exact the execution of the sentence.” Messenger of Allah (PBUH) called her guardian and said to him, “Treat her kindly. Bring her to me after the delivery of the child.” That man complied with the orders. At last the Prophet (PBUH) commanded to carry out the sentence. Her clothes were secured around her and she was stoned to death. The Prophet (PBUH) led her funeral prayers. `Umar submitted: “O Messenger of Allah! She committed Zina and you have performed funeral prayer for her?” He replied, “Verily, she made repentance which would suffice for seventy of the people of Al- Madinah if it is divided among them. Can there be any higher degree of repentance than that she sacrificed her life voluntarily to win the Pleasure of Allah, the Exalted?”.

3. No more asylum seekers from Morocco, says Germany’s most populous state citing crime



Germany’s most populous state has said it will not accept any more asylum seekers from Morocco, after migrants from the country were identified among suspects in the Cologne sex attacks.

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Cologne lies, said federal authorities had agreed not to send any more Moroccans to refugee accommodation in the state.

There is no suggestion that Moroccans will be blocked from entering the state if they enter.

4. Razor attack girl to be sentenced

(This is as good an example of multiculturalism as any of the ones that people like. Because it is a cultural custom of the people of Somalia, hence it fits perfectly under the ‘rubric’ of multiculturalism. Therefore multiculturalism is an anathema and an oxymoron. It simply cannot exist, at least not for long, in any one jurisdiction)



A 13-year-old girl who slashed a classmate across the face with a razor blade, leaving her needing 30 stitches, will be sentenced today.

Yesterday a jury found the girl guilty of unlawfully wounding Shanni Naylor when she attacked her in the classroom of a Sheffield school in October last year.

Both girls were 12 at the time.

The jury acquitted the girl of the more serious charge of wounding Shanni with intent to do grievous bodily harm.


A three-day trial heard how the incident happened a day after the defendant had been attacked by Shanni in an incident which a teacher described as “horrendous”.

Sheffield Crown Court was also told that the girl had an extremely low IQ and came from Somalia, where it is common practice for women to settle disputes by scratching each other’s faces.

5. Kos Bishop: Foreign Reporters Pay Refugees to Play Victims of Drowning


Foreign reporters pay refugees 20 euros to act as if they have drowned, said Bishop of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael.

The unusual testimony was made during a radio interview on Alpha 98.9 on Wednesday. Bishop Nathanael said that, “I witnessed with my own eyes foreign television reporters paying people (refugees) 20 euros to play victims of drowning.”

(Now this explains a whole lot doesn’t it?)

6. Did a high school assign homework to write a letter to your family: “Why I am converting to islam”?

The original source on this is Infowars, and while there most certainly have been times where their information was, shall we say, less than accurate, they are often dead on point.  So it probably shouldn’t be ignored. The screen capture below appears to be the source of it but I cannot tell what school it is or if its genuine. Here is the link:





If anyone would care to offer more information on this, it certainly begs a lot of questions if true.

7. French authorities order part of Calais ‘jungle’ to clear out to be razed

An expulsion order has been issued for hundreds of migrants living in a huge swath of the Calais camp known locally as “the jungle,” demanding that they remove their makeshift homes and possessions within four days.

The order, published Friday by the regional prefecture, says residents of the camp’s southern sector must clear out by 8 p.m. Tuesday so it can be razed.

Authorities estimate that 800-1,000 migrants live in that sector, crammed with shops, cafes, mosques and churches. Humanitarian groups say there are many more.

8. Greece threatens to veto Britain-EU deal if states close borders to refugees

(Alternatively, Greece could just refuse them entry and send them back and send the bill to Merkel. Its what I would do if my neighbor invited everyone to a party at my place with free food and booze and apparently hookers)

The discussion surrounding the UK’s future in the European Union has collided dramatically with the migration crisis after Greece threatened to veto a new deal for Britain if other member states closed their borders to refugees.

The two problems became entangled at a summit in Brussels where EU leaders are grappling not only with David Cameron’s negotiations but also with how to deal with the biggest influx of refugees since the second world war.

The movement of people has called into question the EU’s border-free Schengen zone and has thrown EU asylum rules into chaos. On Friday, Austria introduced daily limits on the number of migrants entering the country, triggering fears of further border closures.

9. Asylum worker killer had ‘serious mental disorder’

(This was an easy bet, Across Europe now, when a muslim does sudden jihad on an infidel, its suddenly a mental health issue and no serious punishment is forthcoming. Isn’t it ironic then, that if a person is ‘islamophobic’ its a reason to amplify the punishment? A muslim kills an infidel in keeping with the classical view of unbelievers in Islam and he is mentally unwell and shouldn’t be punished, a rational person who does no violence warns others about the danger of a dangerous ideology and is labelled as mentally ill and the punishment is often quite severe even though there are no victims. George? Franz? Aldous? Anyone got anything to say on that?)

Rättsmedicinalverket, the national forensic medicine agency tasked with examining suspects linked to Swedish crimes, has concluded that the man had mental health problems, according to reports in Swedish newspapers.

The move could mean that if he is found guilty, he will likely be sent for medical treatment rather than given a jail sentence.

The GT newspaper, which broke the news, said the findings followed its own investigations which suggested that staff at the refugee home he lived at in Mölndal in western Sweden had identified and reported the teenager’s psychiatric problems before he attacked staff member Alexandra Mezher last month.

“I know that we sought help and we did that on several occasions,” the paper quotes Staffan Andersson, the home’s director, as saying days after Mezher’s death.

(It should be noted that the proportion of violent behaviour in the mentally ill community is pretty much equal to the ‘healthy’ one. So Im not sure why it should matter either way in terms of consequences)

10. Teenage Afghan migrant, 16, ‘rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women’ 

(He must have just reversed the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ segments of the lectures)

A teenage Afghan immigrant has been charged with raping a female worker at an asylum seekers’ centre in Belgium, authorities said, prompting outrage from anti-immigrant politicians.

The 16-year-old Afghan asylum seeker followed a worker from a catering firm into the basement and raped her at the centre in Menen, near the French border, prosecutors said.

The judge ordered him detained in youth custody until his next hearing.

Many right-wing protesters took to the streets after the Cologne sex attacks, which they blamed on the influx of migrants into Germany

Many right-wing protesters took to the streets after the Cologne sex attacks, which they blamed on the influx of migrants into Germany

A spokeswoman for the Red Cross said it was the first time in 25 years such an alleged incident had occurred at one of the organisation’s asylum seeker centres in the country.

‘Two weeks ago we gave a course about how to treat women in Flanders and the boy was present there,’ the spokeswoman said.

(If it was the first time in 25 years this has happened, it begs the question as to why they were giving the course. I think she meant to say it was the first time in 25 years the story got out to the media)

Thank you Shabnam A., Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Pym Purnell, Behead and Shoulders, Maria J., Nash Montana, and many more and lots more to come tonight.

A few after the news opinion briefs.

The National Post does a sort of backhanded support of Ezra. And while I find their characterization of him repugnant and borderline slanderous, (I know he would support their right to write whatever they wanted about him) their points about government and media are spot on.

Here is a list of data points that could constitute proof of a new policy in the Western, formerly free world, that criticism of the ideology and religion of islam will become criminalized, as in UN 16/16 and the CVE. 

Donald Trump is wrong on this issue. No matter how much we may or may not like any other aspect of his platform, he is wrong to force a major communications equipment company to submit to a government that abandoned the 4th amendment years ago. He needs to be a little less populist on this one. Here is an article that may set some perspective. That and the movie, ‘Brazil’.  Our security expert suggests this article. 

Lastly, US Democrat presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, came out with a new logo according to PJ Media Instapundit for his presidency that is suspiciously Orwellian, nearly exactly from the style of 1984 the movie, and based on Nazi graphic design.


That logo is above. While I suspect this cannot be for real, anyone who has seen the movie 1984 or looked at Nazi art would cringe at this design. So I took the trouble to make a less scary and more accurate logo for Mr. Sanders myself. He can feel free to use it if he so chooses.

bernie logo 2


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12 Replies to “Geopolitics, Islam, Leftism and diminishing freedoms everywhere. Buckle up. Links 1 on Feb. 19 – 2016”

  1. You’re dead right, Vlad. Trump is dead wrong on the phone security issue. What kills me is by all indications there can be no upside to unlocking the phone. By doing so in such a high profile manner (because apparently it’s been done before but no one noticed) it sets a new precedent against all of us. And what do we get for it? Well, the FBI unlocks the phone, they find whatever info they find, but then the CVE kicks in and any useful info is simply flushed, yet we are left with one greater degree of tyranny for our troubles. Another ruse.

    10- Ban Morrocans, ban Afghans…how stupid. It’s all the same play book.

  2. Ezra- One time I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in northern Florida. The water was a beautiful emerald color. It was warm and I lay on my back and just floated, looking at the sky. After a half hour I lifted my head to see where I was in relation to the shore. The undertow had dragged me out perhaps a quarter mile. The ocean was now dark blue beneath me. Almost black.

    The National Post journalist says Ezra “peddles bile”. Sometimes with the help of mainstream media we can lift our heads to see where we are in relation to the mainstream population. This is one of those times.

    Back down in Florida a girl was attacked by a shark at precisely the same spot where I started to swim back to shore. They closed the beach.

  3. The statement by the Priest tells me that the media is playing the same game with the “refugees” that they play with the “Palestinian” kids using Shepard slings to throw rocks at the Israeli soldiers. FYI for those who have never played with one of those slings, they depending on your strength of arm and the range those can be lethal weapons and with practice are surprisingly accurate. I am basing my statement on my experience when a kid when a cousin and I made some and used road gravel (not ball bearings or smooth stones from a creek) on empty Prince Albert tobacco cans.

    This faking the news to support a political agenda is an evil that the low information voters thought went out of practice with the fall of the USSR.

    • Pallywood: If the same players applied their talents to legitimate enterprise, they wouldn’t have to peddle lies.

      Rock-throwers kill. Pictures of the dead babies available on request.

    • Correcting my bad english.

      they are lethal at varying ranges depending on your strength of arm with practice they are surprisingly accurate. I am basing my statement on my experience, when a kid a cousin and I made some and used road gravel (not ball bearings or smooth stones from a creek) on empty Prince Albert tobacco cans.

  4. On the Infowars article, Alex Jones has some of the best info sources in the world and I wish he would play things straight instead of making up sensational stories out of whole cloth and drawing the wrong conclusions about the vast majority of issues he publishes about.

  5. The #4 story is really sad. That poor girl being disfigured by a female coranimal that gets away with it playing the culture and low IQ card. Can I start impaling muslims and blame it on my culture? I don’t know any better, I’m from Transylvania, and it’s not hard to play dumb also and lower my IQ, maybe smoke a j.

    • Your point proves that real racism is on the left. Of course White people from Classical Civilization must live to an impossibly higher standard. But black muslim Somalis can literally get away with murder. At least to a far higher extent than we can. I often fantasize about open carrying a Colt 45 in Canada and when arrested, claiming that I am a convert to Texas culture where we believe in open carry and the right to self defense. But canada only grants that right to brown people who are Sikhs. Perhaps also to white people who convert to Sikhism I don’t know for sure. But I do know for sure that Sikhs get to break laws on knives etc. at schools. The irony there is that Sikhs are almost certainly a form of militant Hinduism that formed as a defensive line against islam which committed the largest genocide in the history of the world in India under general Tamerlane. Millions upon millions of Hindus murdered, enslaved and raped all for the glory of allah and the good general took excellent notes on it just as Hitler did as both were quite confident on the righteousness of their causes.

      You are quite right. As a Transylvanian/Walachian you should be able to do a little defensive impaling. It is your cultural right. But what is more likely is that should I happen not to be one, I will be charged with ‘Cultural appropriation’.

      • The late John Masters who achieved the rank of Lt. Col. in the 4th Gurkha regiment before and during WWII said that the Sikh religion is a blend of Moslem and Hindu that grew out of the Islamic invasion.

        I recommend any of his novels although a couple of his later ones aren’t as good as the early ones, and highly recommend his two volume autobiography “Bugles and a Tiger” Pre WWII and “The Road Past Mandalay” WWII. he retired to a ranch in Colorado and wrote novels for a living. One of the officers under him during WWII became an actor and played in one of the movies based on his novel. Bhownie (sp?) Junction.

  6. I was listening to the radio and a commentator said that the iphone-unlocking is something that willed be played out in the body politic. If Apple is right and someone reset something in the phone while it was in Federale custody, then quite obviously, this is highest-level political-judicial theater being conducted by the White House and DOJ. On The McLaughlin Group ALL the commentators came out in favor of Apple ‘helping’ to unlock the phone. Apple has the means to motivate ALL their customer base to form a unified voice against the FBI/DOJ/White House cabal. Someone needs to start a WH-petition to demand that El Presidente Obama drop his lawsuit. This is really super-high stakes combat. Obama winning means that EVERY government will demand the right to the means to break into ANYONE’s encrypted files. (If Apple is right and the FBI deliberately sabotaged the iphone so they could go cherry-pick a friendly to LE judge to hear the “woe-is-to-me-because-Apple-is-so-cruel-LE,” then to me, that would be deliberate malfeasance on the part of the US government.)

    Too bad Rand Paul dropped out of the Presidential race; this would have been the ideal time for him to raise his voice in defense of true privacy against the US government.

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