Czech republic makes clear statement, lots and lots more: Links 1 on Feb. 13 – 2016

1. Greek Island of Kos plans migrant ‘hot-spot’ where facilities for 800 (the number is usually about 1/10th of what might really be real) illegals will be housed and fed.

In the 74 minute video below in Greek, one gets the sense that the locals are not happy. Being disarmed there is little they can do one might suppose)

2. *** President Zeman: Europe must deport economic migrants and religious fanatics ***

President Miloš Zeman has said that the solution to the migrant crisis in Europe is the deportation of all economic migrants and religious fanatics. Speaking at a conference on social democracy in Bratislava, Mr. Zeman said Europe should not underestimate the danger of jihadists infiltrating the continent in the migrant wave and setting up dormant terrorist cells in Europe. The president said Europe’s Social Democrats must take responsibility for the defence of European values.

(Full video available tomorrow)

3. Restaurant owner describes attack on his Restaurant

4. Exposed: Sadiq Khan’s family links to extremist organisation

The links of mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan’s former brother-in-law to one of the UK’s most notorious extremist organisations are revealed today.

Top London lawyer Makbool Javaid was married to the Labour Party candidate’s sister Farhat Khan until 2011.

In the Nineties Mr Javaid took part in events in London with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun while he was Mr Khan’s brother-in-law, having married the Labour politician’s sister in 1989.

He appeared alongside some of the country’s most notorious hate preachers, including the now banned cleric Omar Bakri, in 1997 and 1998.

5. Islam and black people

6. Surging number of attacks in Germany’s migrant centres sees Christians, women and homosexuals forced to flee from Muslim men

Christians, women and gay men are among the groups of asylum seekers needing their own accommodation in Germany after facing attacks by fellow migrants.

In Stuttgart, 30 Christians have been moved into their own digs after frequent attacks by other migrant-seeking Muslim men.

Elsewhere gay men are being persecuted, and women, some who have been sexually abused by ISIS militants, have been moved to secret locations.

Vulnerable groups of migrants in Germany are being given separate accommodation due to attacks carried out by fellow aslyum seekers, it has emerged. File image used

The group of Middle Eastern Christians in Stuttgart were moved into new homing after they had their bibles torn up and crucifixes smashed by fellow migrants.

The city council finally acted after a campaign group complained about the abuse and a petition signed by 17,000 people demanded they be better protected.

(Petition ay? Maybe the people of Calais should try that!)

7. Europe migrants: Macedonia fortifies its border with Greece

The European Union has given Greece three months to fix its border controls, in a move that could allow other Schengen zone states to maintain internal border controls.

The BBC’s Richard Galpin reports from the Greece-Macedonia border, where a second razor wire fence is being constructed to stop illegal migrants in their tracks.

(Video at site)

8. Iran publicly admits that supporting terrorism against Israel is state policy

Iran publicly admits that supporting terrorism against Israel is state policy

Credit: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman was not too bashful to admit that Iran is a proud sponsor of terrorism against Israel, dismissing claims that Iran ceased support of Hamas in 2009.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari’s assertion came in response to a report in late January that a high-ranking Hamas official was heard recently criticizing Iran during a phone call, claiming Hamas had not received support from Iran in the better part of a decade.

Said Ansari, affirming the Islamic republic’s support for the Palestinian terrorist group:

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution (in 1979), the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared that supporting the Palestinian nation and the Palestinian Resistance Movement is among its fixed policies and has continuously taken some measures on this path.

Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Maria J., Wrath of Khan, and many more. Some powerful stuff in the pipe for the weekend.

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8 Replies to “Czech republic makes clear statement, lots and lots more: Links 1 on Feb. 13 – 2016”

  1. Re- Sadiq Khan video.
    Is that a young bearded Jeremy Corbyn sharing the stage with Omar Bakri ????
    Surely not?
    The leader of the Labour Party consorting with known anti – Semites, terrorist supporters and hate preachers ??

  2. #5 Islam and black people.

    Thas is the first time in my life I have encountered anyone who noticed that Mohammad was white. I’ve never met anyone else who knew that. I try to explain that to people as they call me a racist for criticizing Islam, but they just don’t hear it. They just can’t hear it. People somehow have the power to shut their ears when it comes to the subject of Islam. We’ve been so thoroughly conditioned to think of “racism” as the worst thing in the world that we won’t even go near any subject that even as much as smacks of it.

    And it drives me nuts that so many black people think it’s so cool and somehow “right” to give themselves names like Aisha and Malik and Mohammad. You see Louis Farrakhan prancing around in his little white hat like the very voice of aggrieved Black America, but you never hear him mention that Islam is the very fountainhead of slavery and anti-black racism, and that it still encourages the buying and selling of black slaves in North Africa to this very day. Right on, my brother, right on…

    Jews don’t generally call their kids “Adolf”. Why do so many black people call their kids “Aisha” and “Muhammad”? It wasn’t Muslims who made slavery illegal the world over, it was white Christian men and women from places like England and France. The primary cause of the American civil war was slavery, for God’s sake. And the anti-slavery side won. People keep unremembering that…

    • This is the propaganda technique of the big lie, if you tell a big enough lie often enough people start believing it and refuse to listen to the evidence saying it is false. The left in the west has used the big lie to weaken the west so they can take over and change us into their idea of a just Utopian society.

      Another example of the big lie working is the way the left has caused people to believe that Fascism Nazism are right wing ideas! In reality they are both left wing Marxist philosophies. They are considered right wing only because they are slightly further to the right then communism/socialism. The main difference is that they allow the ownership of private property, the government controls what you can do with your property but you can own private property

      • They are called “right wing” because they proved unpopular after the war. Before WW2, all the left was on Hitler’s side till he attacked Russia. When people saw who and what Hitler was about they suddenly labeled him ‘right wing’. Which proves that the ‘focus group’ is a commie invention. One of the extremely few.

    • very good post Chris .. blacks are ‘down’ with all this arab jive. most have no idea what it is. any stupid sounding name is what they need to create a new identity. a new self where violence and women hate (da’ bitches) are
      exactly what they do anyway. now it’s condoned by this powerful “religion”.
      they are the most ignorant & self absorbed people on the freakin’ planet.
      i counted 50 derivitives of the name ‘shawn’ try it ..
      deShawn teshawn noshawn on & on forever. it used to be .. roosevelt, washington, johnson, jefferson ..

  3. re:

    6. Surging number of attacks in Germany’s migrant centres sees Christians, women and homosexuals forced to flee from Muslim men

    Perhaps it worth re-mentioning:
    Germany’s immigration commissioner is Muslim
    to which the following details were offered by Will from the other News:
    Her brothers Yavuz Özo?uz and Gürhan Özo?uz, both staunch and avowed admirers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizballah, run the Islamist internet site Muslim-Markt. Aydan Özo?uz distanced herself from her brothers on their radical Islamist viewpoints in a newspaper interview in October 2011

  4. Jihadists are a problem – they are a symptom of a much bigger problem. Whem the so-called moderate Muslims are around 40% of the population, their MPs will be a majority in parliament. Then sharia will quite naturally and legally, become the law of the land. Goodbye Western civilisation.

    I wonder if politicians have given any thought to what they have let lose in Europe.

  5. 4/ All the good lines are poached from the best Christian sermons.
    => “Christ Islam came to free the world from oppression”
    => “Christ Islam came to free the world from hypocrisy, greed, violence”
    => “Christ Islam came to free the world from exploitation, inequality”

    Saying The Lord’s Prayer backwards is supposed to be an incantation to the Devil.

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