Beheading, slavery and threats from islam, the discovery of gravity waves from the world of the kufar: Links 2 on Feb. 11 – 2016

1. Video: Muslim NHL player threatens to slit the throat of opposing player

(Not sure what the NHL rules for slitting throats are. Would it be covered under slashing? Or throwing stuff on the ice.)

2. Denmark separates underage spouses in asylum centres

In a press release, Integration Minister Inger Støjberg said that future arriving couples in which at least one of the people involved is under 18 will not be allowed to live together in Denmark. Likewise, underage married asylum seekers already in the country will be separated.
“It is completely unacceptable that there are currently minors within the Danish asylum system living with their spouses or partners and I have asked the Danish Immigration Service to immediately put a stop to it,” Støjberg said.
“We should naturally ensure that young girls are not being forced to live in a relationship with an adult at the asylum centres,” she added.
(Once again, Denmark shows the kind of reason that is rapidly being made criminal in most other Western nations)

(Once again the kinder gentler left shows that it believes in thuggery, intimidation and murder but just by proxy rather than direct action. This is pretty much the same conditions created before the murder of Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn)

4. Iran: Defiant Rouhani says Iran will “never succumb to pressure and threats”

(While this video is entirely in Farsi, it is interesting that Pinocchio is a thing in Iran)

5. North Korea says South’s pulling out of industrial zone ‘declaration of war’

(It would be nice if North Korea could suspend attacking the South until at least Feb. 21st when Samsung releases the Galaxy S7. But as the North tends to declare war every-time someone uses the North side of their ashtray it may not be as serious as all that. Only Kim’s hair stylist knows for sure)

By Ju-min Park

PAJU, South Korea (Reuters) – North Korea said it was kicking out all South Koreans from the jointly run Kaesong industrial zone on Thursday, calling the South’s move to suspend operations, in retaliation for Sunday’s rocket launch by the North, a “declaration of war”.

The North declared the industrial park, run by the rivals as a symbol of cooperation for more than a decade, a military control zone, the agency that handles its ties with Seoul said, according to the official KCNA news agency.

Dozens of South Korean trucks were already returning across the border earlier in the day, laden with goods and equipment, after the South said it was pulling out.

“Unpardonable is the puppet group’s act of totally suspending the operation in (Kaesong), finding fault with the DPRK’s H-bomb test and launch of a satellite,” the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said, referring to South Korea.

Isolated North Korea regularly dismisses the South as a puppet of the United States and just as regularly accuses both of acts of war against it.

6. Surging number of attacks in Germany’s migrant centres sees Christians, women and homosexuals forced to flee from Muslim men

Christians, women and gay men are among the groups of asylum seekers needing their own accommodation in Germany after facing attacks by fellow migrants.

In Stuttgart, 30 Christians have been moved into their own digs after frequent attacks by other migrant-seeking Muslim men.

Elsewhere gay men are being persecuted, and women, some who have been sexually abused by ISIS militants, have been moved to secret locations.

Vulnerable groups of migrants in Germany are being given separate accommodation due to attacks carried out by fellow aslyum seekers, it has emerged. File image used

Vulnerable groups of migrants in Germany are being given separate accommodation due to attacks carried out by fellow aslyum seekers, it has emerged. File image used

The group of Middle Eastern Christians in Stuttgart were moved into new homing after they had their bibles torn up and crucifixes smashed by fellow migrants.

The city council finally acted after a campaign group complained about the abuse and a petition signed by 17,000 people demanded they be better protected.

7. Iranian ‘refugees’ in Calais discuss trying to force their way into the UK

8. Gravitational waves have been found, proving one of the most elusive aspects of Einstein’s geometrical view of the universe

(If light is both a wave and a particle, it is neither. But this is highly significant in any case and may lead to stunning new technologies)

9. Washington: Muslim Prisoner Tries to Behead Correction Officer Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Nothing to do with islam, as beheader yells alla hu ackbar

This area of Washington State appears to be a hotbed of jihad activity. An ISIS Muslim was apprehended not far from here yesterday.

The Clallam Bay Corrections Center was placed on lockdown after a correctional officer was severely attacked on January 28, 2016.

Correctional officer Terry Breedlove suffered extensive facial injuries and memory loss — “He’s not doing well,” said Breedlove’s mother, Joanne Spaulding.

“Corrections officer remains in Forks hospital, improving,” By Peninsula Daily News, February 10, 2016:

FORKS — A Clallam Bay Corrections Center officer who suffered serious head injuries last week continued to improve but remained hospitalized Monday.

Correctional Officer Terry Breedlove remained at Forks Community Hospital and will remain there until he can walk, according to his family.

“He’s going to be here longer, I think,” said Breedlove’s mother, Joanne Spaulding.

Breedlove suffered a brain injury during an attack Jan. 25 by inmate Abdinjib Ibraham, 28, of King County, investigators said.

An MRI was performed on Breedlove on Saturday. It showed injuries to two vertebrae, Spaulding said.

Breedlove can stand but experiences difficulty once standing, she said.

10. CTV assists muslim groups to utterly anesthetize non-muslims about the real meaning of the head cloth.

(As if the Nazi uniform, the KKK white sheets or the Mao Jacket is nothing more than a piece of cloth and it itself is the identity, and not the ideology, history and ambitions it clearly represents. Dear Canadian leftists. Please show you are smarter than that. A hijab by whatever name is the uniform of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent group of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State etc. Wearing it is solidarity with those ambitions, not the nice people you think are being unfairly discriminated against because they wear this thing)

Thank you M., Maria J., Richard, TL., Buck, and all and way more to come. 

Please check back in a couple of hours for some new clips from Germany courtesy of Nash Montana and others.

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6 Replies to “Beheading, slavery and threats from islam, the discovery of gravity waves from the world of the kufar: Links 2 on Feb. 11 – 2016”

  1. The Gravity Wave discovery is interesting, combine this with the EM space drive they are working on and very interesting tech may be around the corner. I know that several physicists are saying that we are on the crux of new technology that will literally remake the civilization.

  2. 2- How many of the new Canadian Syrian “families” are comprised of underage brides? Will Canadian authorities check this?

    10- Ugh.

  3. German grandmother is interviewed and speaks frankly about Merkel and the “refugees”. Of course, some “refugees” disrespectfully interrupt her.

  4. #3 Geert Wilders

    I was thinking about the core theology of Antifa. In order to be an Antifa-head one has to believe that any caucasian who disagrees with any left wing opinion is a white-supremacist Nazi, and since Nazis are too evil to have a voice or even walk down the street breathing air, they must be opposed by any and all means, including lethal violence. That is the Antifa Mindset. This is what enables them to suspend all civility in the face of any argument you can throw at them. They just aren’t listening. They don’t listen to Nazi scum. They want Geert Wilders and anyone who agrees with him dead. Over and out.

    That’s pretty extreme stuff, but when you think about it, isn’t the Antifa mindset really just a more honest and less diplomatic version of most other left wing mindsets, dating back to Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfort School? Wasn’t Skippy Trudeau being an Antifa-head when he brushed off Ezra Levine with, “I don’t talk to SUN News…”. Lucky he didn’t call Ezra “Nazi scum”. But that’s what he meant, isn’t it… And why is Trudeau keeping on with the 50,000 “refugees” plan when it’s so obviously a terrible idea? Because nice people like Justin Trudeau don’t even discuss Nazi scum ideas with Nazi scum, no matter how much of a good idea it might be to do so…

    And to an Antifa-Believer, there is no greater evil than the evil of the white supremacist fascist. ISIS and Boko Haram can slit a million throats and cut off a million heads, but they would never be as bad as one white supremacist Nazi scumbag, so don’t waste your time trying to talk to them about Islamic terrorism or unlimited migration. Hell, they’re hoping the Muslim immigrants kill all the white Nazi scum and clear the air for once and for all.

    As far as I can see, the Antifa Mindset and militant Islam are eerily alike. They both justify their self-serving violence by demonizing and dehumanizing anyone who dares to stand up to them. They can both then think of themselves as “good people” because they have convinced themselves that Kafirs and Nazi scum are not really human so you don’t have to behave honorably toward them. Sort of like cockroaches or bedbugs…

    Oh, and Antifa-Believers seem to always be white…

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