Shooting at Somali Restaurant in Ottawa, related to Islamic State?

On January 31 2016, a fatal shooting took place at a Somali Restaurant in Ottawa’s West end.

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Below, a short video with some of the main points from a CBC article linked here.

Police seem to be moving the story to gang related. However drugs and crime is typically how terrorists raise cash for terrorism and political activity. The targets were all under arraignment on terrorism charges it seems, and were doing the Islamic State salute.

Much like the attempted mass shooting in Alberta recently where all perps were named Mohamed and had Facebook pages supporting terrorist groups, the media has chosen to scrub all mention of Islamic ideology and methodology from the story.


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  1. Just the postures and the expressions on those three young guys is enough to prove beyond any doubt that they are enemy – just like three freshly-scrubbed Hitler Youth boys going, “Heil Hitler!”.They should be offered a choice between an internment camp or a plane ticket to the nearest Muslim country, because when the shooting starts, I guarantee those three lads will be firing at us, not with us. Nobody on the planet Earth considers pointing at the sky like that to be cool except Jihadists and, of course, Barack Hussein Obama…

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