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6 Replies to “Al Jazeera reporter attempts to fool Tommy Robinson on live TV”

  1. Ha – good for Tommy Robinson. I guess he handles himself as well in a debate as he apparently does in a fistfight. As for that interviewer … one exposure to him has placed him near the top of my personal list of slimy, detestable individuals – and there are several prominent names on that list too!

    • That was beautiful. That “educated” announcer (who misused the word ‘fulsome’) hears Tommy’s Cockney accent and assumes he’s dealing with the local dirty-faced chimney sweep, only to run into the fact that Mr. Robinson’s IQ and education level are too high for him to even keep up with. Tommy really nailed him, didn’t he? Have you read the Quran? Of course the guy is too dumb to actually read the Quran so he had to lie and then say “move along” before Tommy could make him look like the empty-vessel-in-a-in-a nice- suite that he truly is. What a total prick! That’s why he has to be a British TV announcer. They seem to have an endless supply of such snobby, proudly unjust word-twisters, don’t they…

  2. gotta get up’ early to outsmart our lad tommy .. he makes me feel high with courage
    when i watch him .. what a leader we have here !! nobel prize ?? how about
    someone turning his name into the commitee .. before they give it to a freakin’ cannibal .
    luv ya tommy ..

  3. Tommy is a legend. This will go down in history as the speech that finally woke the world up. Incredibly brave and dam smart to! That mug tried to insult Tommy LOL – He obviously don’t know Tommy. He has lived this and breathed it for years. He tore them apart today.

  4. The left hates Tommy Robinson because he’s a working class guy who speaks the truth and doesn’t back down. And he keeps getting better in debates. That irritates them too.

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