Europe: “When the music’s over, turn out the lights” Links 1 on Feb. 3 – 2016

1. Migrants in Murmansk go too far with Russian girls: Some in hospital, some in jail

Migrants from the Middle East, hitting a night club in the Murmansk region, started harassing the Russian young women, and realized too late that they were not in the EU.
Though the police authorities have no wish to talk about it, in effect denying mass injuries to a group of migrants, all the same, local social network users are happy to share their commentaries on the incident.
Later on, the media were reporting that Norway expelled about 50 Middle Eastern and Afghanistan migrants for “bad behavior” back into Russia. Once there, the refugees decided to go out for some fun at the local “Gandvik” discotheque, and oblivious of where they were, decided to mash the Russian girls.
The problem came down to the fact that in Murmansk, there just isn’t the tolerance of enlightened Europe. Judging from the comments of local social network users, they tried to run away and hide, even in the private sector, but they were found and “educated.” If entire squadrons of police hadn’t arrived, the situation would have gotten really bad, especially in view of the frosts of Murmansk.

The Philippine Congress ended its last regular session of its term Wednesday without passing a Muslim autonomy bill that aims to peacefully settle a decades-long Muslim rebellion in the south, sparking concerns the setback may ignite new fighting.

Lawmakers had until Wednesday to deliberate on the bill before they start a three-month break at the end of the week. The long-delayed legislation is at the heart of a peace deal signed by the largest Muslim rebel group and the government of President Benigno Aquino III, whose term ends in June.

The killing of 44 police commandos in fighting that involved some guerrillas from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front early last year scuttled the early passage of the Muslim autonomy bill outlined in the 2014 peace deal. The separatist conflict has left 150,000 people dead and stunted development in the country’s poorest region.


Japan on Wednesday condemned Pyongyang’s plan to launch a space rocket, calling it a thinly disguised test of a long-distance ballistic missile.

The government ordered Aegis ballistic missile defense warships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force and land-based Patriot PAC-3 rocket units to respond should projections show components falling in Japanese territory.

“This will effectively mean the firing of a ballistic missile. It would be a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and a grave, provocative act against the security of our country,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a Lower House session Wednesday.

“Japan, in cooperation with the United States and South Korea, will strongly urge North Korea to refrain from (conducting) the launch,” Abe said.

On Tuesday night, North Korea notified the International Maritime Organization that it plans to send a “satellite” into orbit between Feb. 8 and 25. It said the launch will take place on one of those days between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Japan time.

A gang of migrants who attacked two pensioners on a Munich subway train are Afghans who have been living in Germany for four years even though their asylum applications have been rejected, MailOnline can reveal.

The men – aged 19, 20 and 23 – cannot be deported back to Afghanistan because it is deemed too dangerous. They may only be fined 200 euros for the attack.

Shocking footage of the assault this week showed the three men roughly seizing one elderly man by the arms, pinning him against the rail and shouting abuse at him.

A second elderly man can be seen grappling with one of the gang, before he is held up by the neck and threatened.

A Munich police spokesman told MailOnline it was ‘a big problem’ that so many migrants were able to stay in the country even after their asylum requests were rejected.

5. Germany: Police officer injured as far-right rallies through Karlsruhe

(I don’t know this group, or if they are far left wing, NAZI, what the popular press calls ‘Far Right Wing’ groups or not)

At least one police officer was injured in Karlsruhe on Tuesday, as around 150 right-wing demonstrators rallied through the city centre.
Protesting Germany’s refugee policies, protesters waved German and Imperial German flags, while carrying banners reading “End the asylum madness. Topple the Merkel mob,” and “Karlsruhe defends themselves,” among others.
Organised by various far-right groups, the demonstration was met by around 400 counter-protesters, sparking tensions both between the opposing groups and between protesters and police

6.  Bomb on board Somali passenger jet tears hole in fuselage at 14,000 feet.

(Here is an article that offers the idea that the evidence flatly contradicts the official story of a ‘fuselage failure‘. If it was a bomb, whoever made this aircraft should use it as advertising. Basically the only casualty appears to be the bomber and the flight continued back to the airport)

7. Muslim butcher’s shop hit by machine gun fire in France

The shop front of a Muslim butchers on the French island of Corsica was sprayed by machine gun fire on Tuesday night, as communal tensions on the island remained high.

No one was injured in the shooting, which occurred at night while the shop in the southern town of Popriano was closed, according to reports.

The shop that stands in the town centre was hit “by fire from heavy weaponry”, the local prosecutor Eric Bouillard said. According to I-Tele there were around 30 bullet holes in the in the shop front.

The prosecutor believes an assault rifle was likely used in the attack and added the Muslim butcher who owned the shop had “no history” to explain why he was attacked.

There were also reports that a kebab outlet nearby was also hit by the gunfire.

Police have no indication who was behind the shooting, but it comes after communal tensions on the island between north African immigrants and locals flared in recent months.

(So, muslims in Corsica still about 1000X safer than Jews, Christians, Yazidi, atheists, Hindus and all non-muslims in muslim majority nations or in muslim majority areas of non-muslim nations like the UK or the Philippines. Check)

8. Calais Bans PEGIDA March, Brands Movement An ‘Extremist Splinter Group’

(Desperate to preserve the narrative, Corsica bans those who wish to preserve any semblance of equality before the law and genuine liberalism. We are being forced to get used to that. I suggest we do not)

The prefecture of Calais has taken steps to prevent the local branch of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) marching through the French port town on Saturday, citing possible clashes with far left groups. Movement leaders in the area have vowed to march regardless, citing their right to free expression.

In a statement confirming the ban this afternoon, the local authority claimed that PEGIDA is an “extremist splinter group,” Le Figaro has reported. He justified the ban on the grounds that there is “tangible proof that this event poses a risk of generating confrontation between the ultra-right movement and the ultra-left movement in the centre of Calais.”

(When the UK banned one of Anjem Chouary’s early jihadi groups he just changed the name of the group and continued. It is notable that to this day he appears on the streets of London preaching destruction of Western law and the establishment of sharia and an Islamic State in the UK. Perhaps those of us who oppose that can take a page from this book. Call it PIGeda and march anyway)

8. Obama at mosque today to try and prove something by what looks a little like reductio at absurdum.

9. Six French Protesters Fined €3000 After Hoisting ‘Expel Islamists’ Banner


 Six French youth activists have been fined 500 euros each after they displaying a banner requesting the French government expel Islamists from the country.

The incident, which occurred in August of last year saw the activists belonging to the Identitarians hold a banner over Arras train station that read “expel Islamists” after they had scaled the building. The members held up smoke sticks and their signature Lambda flags until police and firefighters were called in to remove them.

French state-owned SNCF railway company brought about the charges which the Identitarian lawyer Jerome Triomphe tried to have dropped. The judge sided with SNCF and brought about charges which some activists plead guilty to and some did not. The activists who plead not guilty were brought before the court in January with the judges decision having just been made on the 2nd of February.

(Because in a free society one must never advocate any policy that is not 100% complimentary to the government’s own)

10. UK Foreign Sec: Most Migrants Are NOT From Syria, Should Be SENT BACK

(There were various IS congressional hearings today on the issue of Trudeaupian policies representing a potential threat to US security. Some of those clips I hope to have at some point today)

 British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has stated that under half of Europe’s migrant influx comes from war-torn Syria, pointing out that many of them are economic migrants who should be sent home.

With well over a million people expected to reach Europe in 2016 as part of the ongoing migrant crisis, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond used the occasion of a visit to the Al Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan (pictured) to warn that most migrants are not fleeing the brutality of the Syrian civil war.

He said that in fact most of the incomers from the Middle East are economic migrants “from across a wide range of countries” who should be returned back to their homes, reports the Daily Mail.

Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Nicolai Sennels, Richard, Buck, and many more. Its gonna be a busy day. More to come.

One of my mot strident objections to contemporary policy formulation is the abandnment of prevention and the emphasis on restrictive and anti freedom laws to control a population once you let in all the people who want to destroy you. What I tend to call, the ‘Kindergarten solution’ where everyone has to stand nose to the wall till the kid with the gum is outed. Here is yet another example in a cascade of examples of how governments are creating totalitarian states which has minimal to no effect on preventing terror but makes it pretty much impossible for the socially positive and law abiding to have any kind of disagreement with government policy. Limiting cash transactions is most certainly an overreach by a state claiming to be of a free people and we should be confident that terrorists and organized crime will have lots of work arounds for it anyway.

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  1. I was amazed to learn that the Scots have been fighting in the PI for tens of years.Their resistance to Muslim invasion has been well documented. I suppose that this is a very difficult invasion as the country is made up of islands.
    Should you visit the war memorials in Edinburgh you will find several dedications to the Scots. God bless them.

  2. #9 Protesters fined
    That’s not fair. That ruling should be appealed on the grounds that the judge can’t read. The sign says, “Expel Islamists”, not, “Expel Muslims”. The idiot judge should know that “Islamist” is another way of saying “Muslim supremacist”. Why would anybody in their right mind not want to expel Muslim supremacists?
    Those people are expressing their honest and heartfelt opinion and the government is persecuting them for doing so. You’re supposed to be able to say what’s on your mind in a free society. This is worth fighting over. Soon the whole world will be like Turkey, where they can simply make up laws to suit their convenience if they don’t like you. Just look at Mr. Erdogan the wrong way and find yourself facing eight-years for “Making statements detrimental to the Turkish Nation”, or some other piece of evil totalitarian bullshit. Sad to see that France is following the Turkish lead…

  3. The protest in Germany where the cops were injured, the report said that there were counter protesters, they were probably the normal AstroTurf fascist and they were probably the ones that injured the cop.

  4. Given what is happening in Europe it won’t be long before the Moslem invaders will face the same dangers in Europe as the face in Russia. People are starting to fight back and eventually the police will stop protecting the invaders.

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