The mosque at Olivetenvest, Mechelen. There used to be a shoe shop here.

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[This article is for the selective enforcement file. Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of this entire multicultural issue -Ed]

From this Dutch Belgian website

Photo: Patrick Hattori

 In 2012, the Mechelen authorities found extreme pornography on the computer at the Al Sunna mosque, but the investigation into the facts was quietly dropped in 2014. The perpetrators were not prosecuted and the victims were never identified.

At the end of 2012, the Mechelen police and public prosecutors received a tip from a former board member of the Al Sunna mosque (now Mechlin Mosque). On the computer at the mosque there were claimed to be child pornography images. The tipster substantiated their claims with fuzzy pictures of a computer screen taken with their mobile phone. The tip suggested that the computer was mainly used by the former imam of the mosque and added that the imam had been fired because of the pornographic images.

The Mechelen authorities instructed the police to discreetly make a copy of the hard drive. The federal police computer crime unit was instructed to search the huge amount of files. The computer specialists determined that the computer was used regularly to visit pornographic websites.

“Thoroughly investigated”

According to the Mechelen authorities, the case was investigated “thoroughly”. “But because several people had access to the computer, we have never been able to prove who was responsible for the images on the computer,” said Lieselotte Claessens. “Besides, it was not sure whether the people in the pictures were actually underage.”

The authorities’ story puzzles many other sources. “The photos are clear: these are minors who are being abused. Unfortunately they made no effort to identify the victims “, they say. “Just like they did not look any further for the perpetrators. They thought it was more important to keep the peace and not upset the Muslim community. In Mechelen, they apparently like to wash with Eau de Cologne. It smells good, but it’s not very hygienic. ”

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