Women attack Refugee helpers

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From this German website:

[Note: Oz-Rita feels this could be seen as a sort of companion piece to the article on the guard at Dachau]

Article published in the Südddeutsche Zeitung On 13. January 2016

They demanded better accommodation. A Nigerian woman had alledgedly tried to strangle an employee of the “Inner Mission”.

Tuesday afternoon, a group of women attacked an employee of the Inner Mission (IM) of Munich in the Bayern Kaserne.

About 15 female asylum seekers from Nigeria had asked the property manager of IM the to give them an apartment according to a report from Günther Bauer, Chairman of the Inner Mission, on Wednesday morning. “This is a completely new dimension,” said Bauer. It was the first time that one of his staff had been attacked.

According to the IM the women had surrounded the man in front of house 12 of the Bayern Kaserne and had harassed him; one of them had tried to strangle him with his scarf.

The employee of the Inner Mission had not fought back because the women were all carrying babies or small children in their arms. Some of the women had held their babies up high and had threatened to drop them should the staff not give them an appartment.

The situation only calmed down when the police arrived.

Three women are said to have beaten the 49-year-old in the face

Police said that four Nigerian women aged from 21 to 30 were being investigated for grievous bodily harm.

It was not only one of the women trying to strangle the 49-year-old manager with a scarf, three others are said to have beaten him in the face.

It was unclear, how long the women who were involved in the incident, had already lived in the Bayern Kaserne, according to Andrea Betz, director of the Refugee Division of the Inner Mission. However, they had been there at least since the mission had taken over the house 12 two months ago.

On Tuesday evening, there was another incident in a refugee camp in the West End. Several callers alerted the police towards 21h35 reporting a brawl involving up to 50 participants. When the emergency services arrived at the hotel in the Tübinger Straße, the brawl had ended.

Two groups of Eritreans and Pakistanis were apparently in dispute about some milk that had been heated in a microwave.

The situation escalated to a point where a 24-yearold Eritrean suffered a fracture of the eye socket and a 27-year-old, also from Eritrea, lacerations and a sprain. A police spokesman praised the Security Service of the camp whose response had been exemplary.



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  1. This shows the attitude of the refugees that aren’t part of the fighter component of the invasion, they think they are the new owners of Europe and can force the Europeans to do what they want.

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