Another dozen links cementing a connection between anti-civilizational behaviour and islam and the far left: Links 2 on Jan. 15 – 2016

1, Danish 15-year-old girl who recently converted to Islam is arrested for possessing explosives

Police have arrested a 15-year-old girl in Denmark for possessing explosives and sanctioning terror after she converted to Islam.

The teenager, from the tiny Danish town of Kundby, was said to have been arrested at her home where she lives with her mother.

She is believed to have supported the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and was keen on converting Danes to the religion, it was reported.

The girl was arrested in the tiny Danish town of Kundby (pictured) yesterday. File image used

(Thousands of people convert to Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity every year and yet I never hear about any of them exploding, or being arrested with explosives and planning to commit terror. Which goes to motive, which goes to islam. Not like any of you who read this need to know that, but this example is so good perhaps you can send it to your on-the-fence people)


2. Geert Wilders: Hope Britain Leaves European Union

(See video at site above. Article here)

3. Fears grow over Finland’s far-right vigilante group ‘Soldiers of Odin’ as the country struggles to deal with huge influx of migrants

(In other words, the CVE in force. The security apparatus will be focusing on those who wish to preserve nationhood and culture as a threat as opposed to the clear and obvious facts of islamic supremacy)

Wearing black jackets adorned with a symbol of a Viking, Finnish white supremacists the ‘Soldiers of Odin’ have surfaced as self-proclaimed patriots patrolling the streets for immigrants.

Marching with banners and masks, and claiming to be protecting native Finns from immigrants, fears are now growing about their expanding presence and motivations.

On the northern fringes of Europe, Finland has little history of welcoming large numbers of refugees, unlike neighbouring Sweden.

A member of Soldiers of Odin, a newly formed anti-immigration group, demonstrates in a city in eastern Finland. Fears are growing over the group’s intentions as the country struggles to deal with the migration crisis

But as with other European countries, it is now struggling with a huge increase in asylum seekers and the authorities are wary of any anti-immigrant vigilantism.

A group of young men founded Soldiers of Odin, named after a Viking god, late last year in the northern town of Kemi, a border community which has become an entry point for migrants.


(I have no idea about this group. Maybe they are neo-Nazis. But if we look at what we do know for a fact, then this group could be anything at all except muslim or communist. We know that the media cannot spell ‘Geert Wilders’ without adding the adjectives, ‘Far right wing’ or, ‘xenophobic’. or ‘extremist’ when if you look at his speeches, especially 7 or 8 years ago, he said things that would have had him labelled as a ‘commie pinko fag’ by the right in the US in the 1950s. Geert is a Jeffersonian liberal. But if you understand the CVE, it becomes more clear why all non-conformists to the destruction of the Nation state and those who submit to Islam are lumped together as Nazis. So for the moment we have to say we do not know about these guys. But we understand their concerns. Lastly we can know one other thing. The Nazis loved Islam. Hitler thought it was a better religion for Europe and worked closely with Muslims and even created a Muslim Bosnian SS division that was Pork free and no alcohol. Amin Al Husseini was the head of it. So even New-Nazi’ groups who are anti islam are not nazi. Real nazis work with Muslims to try and exterminate the Jews.)

4. Denmark Jails 2nd Person in Purported Extremism Case

A day after a court hearing that was shrouded in secrecy, a Danish court has jailed another person until Feb. 9 in a case believed to be linked to the first suspect, reportedly a 15-year-old girl with Muslim extremist sympathies.

Friday’s hearing in Holbaek, 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Copenhagen, also was held behind double closed doors, which means that no information can be made public. That is customary in terror-related cases in Denmark.

5. New Years Eve in Frankfurt.

(The irony here is that several European cities where told not to have fireworks because it may trigger migrant PTSD so they banned them on their behalf. Seriously)

6. I really don’t know what the point of this was but the fact that a group of people felt it was worth doing has to mean how much an issue which is being utterly shredded by the 5th estate is on the minds of the general public.

7. FOX on White House Spin on the Sailors captured and humiliated by Iran

8. Al-Azhar facing ‘smear campaign’ from critics: Grand imam

(In other words, some of the kufar have failed to fall for our misdirection and they must stop. Look at what we point at, not what we don’t want you to see)


Egypt’s Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb (Al-Ahram)

There is an ongoing campaign to smear Al-Azhar by quoting selectively from books published by the university that purport to show links with terrorist ideas, Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb told state TV on Friday.

“They want to show that Al-Azhar’s curriculums spread terrorist ides and views although our heritage books have been in place since long ago…so why they are doing this now? For sure, to demolish Al Azahr,” El-Tayyeb added without pointing his finger at any particular groups or persons.

9. Dozens feared dead after Al-Shabaab attacks peacekeepers in Somalia

Kenya’s president said on Friday that Kenyan troops were killed when al-Shabab Islamic fighters attacked an African Union base in Somalia. He gave no casualty figure but an al-Shabab spokesman said at least 63 soldiers died.

President Uhuru Kenyatta described the loss as heartbreaking.

“Regrettably, some of our patriots in uniform paid the ultimate price,” he said in a statement. “I want to take this opportunity to express mine and the country’s deepest sympathy to the families and loved ones of the fallen. I stand with you. Our country stands with you.”

Al-Shabab spokesman Abdiaziz Abu Mudan said on the group’s online radio that at least 63 soldiers were killed in the attack in southwestern Somalia that started early Friday.

10. German leisure centre becomes the first to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers 

A German leisure centre has become the first in the country to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers.

Three Syrian boys were arrested earlier this month over the attack at a leisure centre in Munich as the country grapples with growing concerns about sex crimes perpetrated by asylum seekers.

In response to growing concerns, a leisure centre in Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, has now barred all migrants.

The ban also follows an attack by an 18-year-old refugee on a 54-year-old woman in Bornheim, where he had grabbed her by the private parts and tried to kiss her.

A German leisure centre has become the first in the country to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers in Munich (above)

 11. Rhineland town axes Carnival over sexual assault fears

The suburb of Orsoy in Rheinsberg, 70 km north of Cologne, can’t rule out that refugees might visit the parade and in a drunken state, leading to a repeat of the scenes of sexual assault seen in Cologne, the city announced in a press release.

There are currently 300 refugees being housed in the Orsoy neighbourhood, where the parade was to be held on February 8th, with a further 200 set to arrive at the start of February.


12. Forty per cent of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian migrants registered in Cologne have been arrested for crimes, police figures reveal

Forty per cent of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian migrants registered in Cologne have been arrested for crimes, new crime figures show.

Police figures published by Stern magazine comparing crime rates among refugees in the city – between October 2014 and November 2015 – showed that of 1,111 Syrians only five were arrested for a crime.

That is less than half of one per cent.

But of 521 Moroccans registered in Cologne the crime rate was measured at 40 per cent and for Algerians and Tunisians also 40 per cent.


Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Del, Green Infidel, and many many more. I am frantically trying to keep up with increased tempo and amplitude of evens while trying to assist others who are doing the same and trying to come up with ideas as to how to reintegrate truth and reason into the public consciousness. So I am losing track of people but not losing appreciation for the effort I promise. Please keep this material coming, and for readers, its a good idea to check the daily links post for the newest news. We in the various ‘war-rooms’ are also busy doing translations and subtitling from various European sources. So this is time consuming. Then there is the pesky business of making a living to finance this site and this work, although many of you have helped with that as well and again, I thank you for that.

More to come soon,and as usual there is a sort of ‘afterburner’ below:

Here is the stand alone segment on the Montreal sex slaver recently busted and well exposed on Ezra’s Rebel show.

This is a link to pass around to fellow Canucks.

Also please read this and take it seriously.

This is not here-say by nobodies.

Also here is a very interesting story which CBC has managed to remove most but not all information required to make a reasonable determination of events. We know she converted to Islam, and we know she took it seriously. Check the top couple of comments as well.





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