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3 Replies to “Prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, lays down the law on islam, borders etc.”

  1. Mr. Fico understands that it is the formation of a cohesive Muslim community within your country that is the problem, and that such a cohesive community must not be allowed to exist. Of course, any individual Muslim can be nice as pie and have no supremacist inclinations whatsoever, but out of a community of, say, one hundred thousand, there will most certainly be a certain number of Jihad supporters, a certain number of Sharia supporters, and a certain number of homicidal terrorists and rapists. What Mr. Fico seems to understand, that Obama and Merkel and Cameron are too stupid to get, is that letting a “Muslim community” form in your country amounts to a certain death sentence for whichever of your citizens who happen to be in the way when one of these Muslims starts to actually follow the commands of his holy book. We’re talking killing your own citizens on purpose just so you can look open minded and left wing…

    What Mr. Fico really understands is that, in a country with a zero percent Muslim population, there would not be any terrorism at all. None! And for speaking that simple truth I’m sure they will all be lining up to call him a racist, fascist, islamophobic hater. But it won’t matter because his own people will be cheering so loudly you won’t be even be able to hear the Quislings and their traitorous bleatings…

    If the Muslims of the world want to be able to live alongside the rest of us they have to apprehend and punish that teensy weensy little bitty teeny weenie ever-so-small infinitesimal fraction of less than 1% of the Muslim population that support terrorism. It’s that simple. If they weren’t all in on it and lying like thieves as they snicker behind their hands and wink, this could be accomplished before noon. I’m not going to hold my breath…

  2. The man is right, if the Moslems as a whole aren’t committed to assimilation they can’t be allowed to establish Islamic colonies in western nations. If they do commit to assimilation they must have a limited number of years to assimilate or the non assimilated must be ejected. This will force the reformation of Islam in the west that the liberals and other delusional people insist has to happen.

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