The theme this past week: Western governments are lying to us about the nature and frequency of islamic crimes against us: Links 1 on Jan. 12 – 2016

1. France: The worrying profile of Jew’s machete attacker

(The only thing that is worrying here, is the facts lead to a contradiction in the narrative The Local and other official state media promote)

Rather than having a criminal past and a history of being radicalized, the teenager who attacked a Jewish teacher with a machete was a good student, from a normal family, who showed no signs of being psychologically disturbed.

(There goes that usual dodge)

[…] He had been attacked by his teenage assailant from behind but managed to fight him off using everything he could including a copy of the Jewish Holy book the Torah. […]

But it has since emerged that the teen appeared to be entirely in control of his premeditated violent act. He later claimed to have been acting in the name of Daesh, the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.

“He said several times he was acting in the name of Isis, because Muslims in France were dishonouring Islam and French soldiers were protecting Jews,” said Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin.

The youth even admitted to investigators that he planned to arm himself and kill police as soon as he is released.

2. Squaddie had face slashed by gang led by Muslim convict in UK prison ‘terror attack’

(It seems governments, who are also rapidly politicizing their various branches like police, taxation etc., now have a new convenient way to execute people who it doesn’t like. Put them in jail with muslims. No trial, no publicity and a full degree of separation)

A GANG of thugs “led by a Muslim convert” savagely attacked an ex-soldier in an alleged prison “terror attack”.

Eight men, reportedly led by a Muslim serving 10 years for causing a soldier’s death by dangerous driving, assaulted former paratrooper Craig Jones in his cell at Hewell Prison, West Midlands.

Jones, who is on remand in prison, is said to have suffered a fractured eye socket and sliced face in the brutal attack.

A source told The Times they “beat him to within an inch of his life” in the “major incident”.

It is thought the ex-soldier was targeted by the thugs because of his military background.

The Muslim inmate was jailed in October for jumping a red light at nearly 70mph, ploughing into the back of the soldier’s car and killing him instantly. […] It comes a month after Nick Hardwick, outgoing chief inspector of prisons, raised concerns about radicalisation from Muslim gangs in jails.

(I’m not saying this is the case in the above instance. But it almost certainly was in the attack on Tommy Robinson in jail)

3. Teenager is arrested for sexual assault at Swedish music festival where police covered up attacks by migrant gangs as it is revealed two third of the victims were under 15

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested for sexually assaulting two 14-year-old girls a music festival in Stockholm last summer, as Swedish police scrambles to amend the shocking cover-up of attacks.

Yesterday, Swedish police was accused of ‘playing down’ dozens of sexual assaults on teenage girls at the annual We Are Sthlm festival – because a majority of the suspects were underage refugees.

It has now emerged that 63 per cent of the victims were under 15, and all but three of the reported sexual assaults and rapes involved girls under 18.

4. ‘We told you so’, Eastern Europe tells Germany

Influential politicians across Eastern Europe have pointed to the Cologne attacks, in which men of Middle eastern appearance sexually assaulted over a hundred women, as proof that Germany’s open-door refugee policy has been a mistake.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel seeks to reach a consensus on a quota system, whereby refugees would be divided up among European countries, the mood in eastern Europe has now hardened against such proposals, with some governments saying they will refuse to take in young men.

The strongest criticism has come from Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, who said in a television discussion that Migrants have become a ‘protected species’ in Germany, Spiegel Online reports.

(We actually need a new term for what they are. Indeed they are protected by the law as the EDL have been pointing out for years. Muslims in Europe honour the law more in the breach than in the observance, and seem nearly immune to it, now with revelations that governments actually destroy evidence of muslim attacks on women etc, and who knows what else, it is a kind of super-citizenship. Anyone with a suggestion better than ‘protected species’ please leave a comment)

5. Blast in central Istanbul tourist area leaves several killed

ANKARA – There is a high probability that Islamic State militants were responsible for an explosion in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet tourist district which killed at least ten people on Tuesday, two senior Turkish security officials told Reuters.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said a Syrian suicide bomber is thought to have been responsible for the explosion.

“I condemn the terror incident in Istanbul assessed to be an attack by a suicide bomber with Syrian origin. Unfortunately we have 10 dead including foreigners and Turkish nationals… There are also 15 wounded,” Erdogan told a lunch for Turkish ambassadors in Ankara, in a speech broadcast live on television.

(In this clip, Euronews deflects from the fact that this was Islamic Jihad)

6. US Congress ‘stalls’ sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan

(Wadaya know. Some parts of the US government are still acting with reason and in American interests)

The US Congress has “stalled” Obama administration’s planned sale of eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

In October, the Obama administration said it is preparing to sell eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, an overture intended to bolster a tenuous partnership despite persistent concerns about Islamabad’s ties to elements of the Taliban and quickly expanding nuclear arsenal.

However, the move has now been stalled as lawmakers raised questions about the end use of the combat aircraft and the relationship between the two countries itself.


7. Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is ‘out of control’: Thousands take to the streets of Germany shouting ‘take your Muslims with you’ after mob sex attacks

(Merkel must now feel the police are close to changing sides and is making the appropriate noises to stop that)





Many chanted ‘We are the people’, ‘Resistance!’ and ‘Deport them!’.

Others vented their anger and frustration at Chancellor Merkel, who they accused of destroying Germany by letting in 1.1 million asylum seekers in 2015.

‘Refugees not welcome!’ read one sign, showing a silhouette of three men armed with knives pursuing a woman, while another declared ‘Islam = terror’.

A heavy police presence, with water canon at the ready, kept watch over the crowd and separated them from a group of counter-demonstrators.

Waving a sign which said ‘State of injustice’, 44-year-old demonstrator Lukas Richter said: ‘Merkel is breaching the constitution and must go,’ and that ‘the government must close the borders and return all illegal migrants’.

(I like the slogan, ‘Merkel, get out and take your muslims with you’. I wonder if somehow a clever poet or author could adapt that to Canada and the US)

8. Anti-Semitic attack by Syrian and Afghan men in Germany

A Syrian and an Afghan were arrested in northern Germany on Sunday on suspicion of attacking and robbing a French man who was wearing a kappa.

Police said the 49-year-old was in a waiting room at Puttgarden ferry port on Saturday when the two men, saying “Jew” in Arabic, pushed him to the floor. They stole a bag containing cash, a bank card, a train ticket and a mobile phone.

The two men had been denied entry to Denmark the previous day because they lacked the correct papers and were waiting for a train to a refugee centre.

(If we go by precedent then chances are they won’t be charged with a hate crime. You have to walk past a mosque with a salad containing bacon bits for that)

9. German Cop Breaks Ranks: We Are BANNED From Detaining Migrants




“A growing body of evidence suggests German police are hobbled at every possibly opportunity by the Federal government from dealing with the criminal migrant problem, with one officer complaining they have even been banned from preventing suspects escaping custody.”

In a brief interview with German mainstream-tabloid Bild, an anonymised member of the state-wide Federal police identified only as 22 year old ‘Bernd’ reveals the extraordinary nature of police work in modern Europe. Deployed to Passau, a small city in south-east Germany on the Austrian border where thousands of migrants come by train and road every month Bernd revealed “95 percent of refugees are single men”.

The officer told the paper the public do not get an accurate idea of what is really happening in the migrant crime wave, because events are mis-reported by police to prevent outrage. He said: “should an asylum seeker cut another’s throat. In the report we would state it was grievous bodily harm rather than attempted murder. It looks better in the statistics”.

10. PEGIDA and ‘AntiFa’ clash in Munich:

(This is what happens when you put astroturf and grass roots on the same field)

11. Muslim ‘rape game’ imported into Europe

(Even if this assessment is correct, and I remain skeptical, it still makes anyone who talks about multiculturalism like a good thing, or even possible at all, look like a total idiot)

12. Sister of new, ‘Jihadi John’ speaks, brief analysis on the change he underwent when he converted to islam.

Thank you WTD., Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U.,Pym Purnell, and all who sent in links and comments. More to come today indeed.

There is a video clip that has been sent to me by a number of people ranging from close friends to great contributors to this site from Hungarian TV. All in all I would have to guess its been sent to me no less than 6 times, maybe more. It was tweeted out by significant people and even posted by some great Counter-Jihad blogs. Up to now I have ignored it because I know for a fact that none of the people who sent it saw in it what I do. They noticed the significant nature of the guests, and much of what they said was dead on track in terms of the nature of events in Europe and around the world today. From the point of view of most people, it is an exciting clip, much like the Polish one in the post directly below this one.

In it however, two of the three people discussing the issue use what I consider to be coded words for an antisemitic approach to Jewish people. One of them says something like, ‘Those who cannot be named’ etc. Had it been a specific group, like a George Soros foundation, they certainly can be named and often are on TV all over the world. The Czech president I believe even named them as have others although not nearly enough have cast aspersions that way and more certainly should. There were one or two other hidden pot shots at the Jewish people it seemed to me in this clip. After watching it, I did some research on who these people were. All three have or had positions of influence with the Hungarian leadership today, but the one of the three who seemed disdainful of the other two is the one who today has the closest relationship with Hungarian prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, if memory served me, as I researched this days ago when the first links to this clip came in. The clip is below. Others may and have interpreted it differently. But it is my belief that at least one and probably two of them are promoting the classical libel that it is the Jews who are responsible for the mass immigration of muslims into Western Civilization as an attack on the Christians or something like that.

For those who took the time to read the page here at Vlad called, ‘The Agendas and Views of this Site’ written I think in 2008, it is explained that the purpose of this website was to inform average people into action to solve a problem which, if it is not dealt with quickly and by the center to center conservatives, the general public will rely on real ‘far right wing extremists’ (technically referring of course to far left wing extremists like Nazis) to solve the problem as has happened before. The strong man solution. Personally I see this clip as being an example of that process.

Once again, I need to emphasize that in no way am I saying that those who sent the link to this video in see in it what I describe. I know all the people who sent it and even friends of mine have published this clip on other sites, and none of them share the sentiments I attribute to the speakers in this video. It is also possible that I am the one with the improper interpretation of it. But it stands to reason that if they meant, “Americans’, or ‘Merkel’, they could have said it.

Lastly, and on another note, I think the theme of this week’s posts so far should be that it has now been established as fact that various Western governments are covering up massive organized attacks on our populations by muslim ‘migrants’. This is meaningful to say the very very least. We know now that we are being lied to about important things by those we elect and pay to protect us and act on and in our interests. Once you know that, you technically know everything you need to know.

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24 Replies to “The theme this past week: Western governments are lying to us about the nature and frequency of islamic crimes against us: Links 1 on Jan. 12 – 2016”

  1. it must be awkward for these anti-semite types like Bogár László, who came from the Marxist-Leninist “Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party”, they have always blamed the joooz for anything that goes wrong for them. Even though the (islamic infestation) issue that Europe has are rabidly anti-semitic to the core, there is no way they could blame anyone else but the joooz, they are incapable of even discussing koranic scripture and the hate toward infidels preached in mosques, very awkward indeed. The problem is, the Hungarians have not looked past this preconception they have had for over 1000 years, nothing will change there, at least Hungary is fairly judenfrei now, so they won’t be having any pogroms of Jews to vent their anger on as they have done in the past.

      • I like Orban. I don’t think anyone is casting aspersions on him whatsoever. He strikes me as a statesman and an honest actor. But two of the three in that clip strike me as problematic. Hungary does have Jobic so there is that tumour but for the moment it is not a correct filter through which to view Hungary. In fact Hungary, the Czech Republic and a couple more small states seem to be rapidly developing a rather first hand understanding of the plight of Israel.

        You know, I cannot predict how the world will look in ten or twenty years. But I can predict it will look a lot different.

        • The only prediction I can make on that is that some nations are going to break apart and new ones form, this in turn will cause massive problems between the new nations and more conflict.

    • FSD,
      When was the last time a Hungarian Prime Minister rebuilt synagogues? Or financed an Oscar contending Holocaust film with government money made by a gentile director (Son of Saul)? Or committed himself and his diplomatic corps to a worldwide PR offensive to bring Hungarian Jews back into the fold, to apologize and to try to make right? Did you sit with your family in Ottawa last summer as Peter Munk, the founder of Barrick Gold and an angry Hungarian Jew, told the Hungarian Jewish diaspora sitting before him exactly how angry he was, why he was angry, and why he now was returning to his Hungarian roots after so many years? He said it was because he sensed change. Change in the name of Victor Orban with whom he had spoken candidly in Toronto. Have you spoken candidly with Victor Orban?

      I blame no Jewish person for being cynical. However, for the record, Hungarians have earned an equal right. Lose half your country and population to perhaps more than a thousand years of rape, pillage and conquest and remain without cynicism. Russians, Muslims and Germans, among others, rolled over the Magyars. It is amazing there are still Magyars. It is amazing there are still Jews. I bet if you genetically tested the Hungarian and Hungarian Jewish populations you’d be blown away by the mixing. According to the World Jewish Congress 60% of the Hungarian Jewish population currently marries non-Jewish Hungarians. Does this tell you that nothing is changing? If this does not represent change, and so has always been the case, then what is a Hungarian? Is a Hungarian a Jew? Is a Jew a Hungarian? You tell me. And you say that nothing there changes yet it has been changing forever. It is changing right now. I am Hungarian and I support Israel and all Jewish people. Is this a change? Actually, I must qualify this. I support all Jews except for Communists. Jewish Communists I do not support as I support no communists.. Fuck them I say. Fuck George Soros and the black horse he rode in on. This includes all other shades such as cultural Marxists. Fuck them. They have been trying since before the Bolsheviks, and they may yet succeed by using the Muslim animals to help tear us apart. Communists have not changed and they are, it seems in some fraction a la Soros, still Jewish. Surprise and so what. It doesn’t mean that all Jews are George Soros just as not all Hungarians are Nazis.

      Now, as we find ourselves on the cusp of world war, you seem with a certain confidence to cynically relegate Hungary to the cyclical certainty of repeated history. Not so fast.

      Which European leader has organized central Europe into the counterweight to EU tyranny? Orban. Which European leader saw the Muslim threat first and erected fences against world condemnation? Orban. Which European leader continues to maintain the moral high ground against Merkel, Juncker et al? Orban. Surely there is a modicum of redemption in such leadership.

      I urge you to reconsider you cynicism in the name of the common cause at hand.

      Best Regards FSD.

      • Very pleased to hear it, yes Orban does seem to be the real deal, and very onside with the Jews (i think only his and stephen harper’s speeches have made me cry in the last decade), and on the right side of history by vocally standing up to the crap the Federation of the EU, and I think he may have been the first.
        I wish the Hungarian’s no ill will personally, watching the rape of Germany now I have pity, even though my Grandmother was a survivor (yes auschwitz), I would help them now to the best of my ability to stop the savages.
        Though born and brought up OU (traditional orthodox jew), I am not a believer, but reminded of Genesis 12:3 (And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.) I have used a simple rule in battle in this ongoing war, there are those who support Jews and Israel and those who don’t, those who don’t will inevitably side with one of the cults of islam (shia or sunni) who only have curses for us.

        • The way I see it is, Germany has a tradition, culture and people that goes back to the Romans. They had a bad decade in that 2000 years plus and with modern technology, it was possible to do a lot of damage in that time. Nothing compared to the Muslim general, Tamerlane, who murdered tens of millions of Hindus to establish muslim primacy or the communist purges that total something like 100M people to try and make that obscenity work.

          I like modern Germany and Germany all the way up to a couple of short periods in modern history. I think Jews should feel even a greater interest in saving it from civilization collapse than the secularists do. Civilization is more than a collection of villages. Jewish people absolutely require it. Jews need a cooperative world and a growing column of ideas and developments that better all humanity. The Nazis cursed the Jews and they paid heavily for it. Utter and total annihilation.

          The Muslims however, have a solid 1400 year history of wonton destruction and misery. As it is said, ‘Muslims are not the children of the desert, they are the fathers of it’ as wherever they go, paradise is turned into hot, arid, infertile and hostile blowing sand where drinking camel urine actually does sound like a good idea.

          I do know some Jewish people that have mixed feelings about certain peoples facing strife at the hands of muslims. I think it must be understood that Germans today have bloody well nothing to do with the Nazis anymore than Christian Arabs who sincerely converted from Islam can be faulted for the beliefs and actions of their own ancestors.

          Either we want civilization, rule of law and equality of the law to survive or we do not but it cannot exist in a vacuum. So Jewish people, being a total of around 14M people in the entire world, half of which are in Israel have a bigger stake in the survival of Hungary, Germany, Canada, the USA and everywhere that wants to enjoy civilization competition, a consistent set of rules and a healthy trading relationship for the sake of all mankind that wants to participate.

          In order for this to happen, we are going to have to implement a counter-revolution against the Marxists and the muslims and the odd renegade like North Korea. This will take focus and will. But it can be done.

          • Funny enough, I don’t think Jews are the most threatened minority, actually by far, although I love being Canadian, and I want my children to be Canadian, I have a fall-back, and any jew who does not consider Israel as that, for all Jews is suicidal, and anyone who does not support us having Israel as a fall back is the enemy. unlike ALL other minorities, Israel can and will defend itself from these savages, it’s been doing a grand job with limited resource, under immense international pressure since 1948.
            Eeyore, I’m not keen on comparisons like that, yes Hindus suffered badly, Jews lost half their people, maybe a smaller number, but a greater impact on a small family. I think a fairer comparison would be the indigenous Christians of the mid east, their ethnic cleansing in the last 50 years has been as bad as any in history, far more than 80% and ongoing and barely anyone mentions it.

        • Thanks FSD. Eeyore’s comment below is the best argument for why the “unspoken” world power referred to by the guys in the video makes little sense to me.

  2. The clip is pushing Jew Hatred and not trying to cover it up, that is the logical conclusion to be drawn,

    Yes strong man rule is coming to many European nations and a fair chunk of the strong men will use Jew Hatred to ease their way into power. The Jews that remain in Europe need to make plans for their safety, a lot won’t because they consider themselves to be German or French or what ever before they consider themselves Jews. This is why so many refused to leave Germany when Hitler came to power and now history is repeating itself.

  3. You comment that we need a new term for the Muslims, considering how they “honour the law more in the breach than in the observance.”

    I don’t know what to call them, but they are like the Mafia.

    The Mafia does not have to honor the law, because they have bought off and intimidated the Police, Judges, and Prosecutors.

    Muslims haven’t bought them off, but they do intimidate, through both violence and malignant Political Correctness.

    • Over centuries, Muhammedans invaded the southern European continent murdering, maiming, plundering, pillaging, raping, & enslaving pretty, young ‘white gold’ as coveted servants or sex slaves for wealthy sheikdom’s harems. Remaining invaders would alter the social order by force under a strict code. We recognize the code as “shariah” today.

      Sicily, an island in the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and the Italian mainland, was ruled by a long line of foreign invaders, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, French and Spanish. The residents of this island, which measures almost 10,000 square feet, formed groups to protect themselves from the often-hostile occupying forces, as well as from other regional groups of Sicilians.
      Shariah justice does not recognize the rights of non-believers as equal to those of believers.

      Sicilians banded together in groups to protect themselves and carry out their own justice.

      The Sicilians knew they would NEVER find justice with their Muhammedan overlords.

      In Sicily, the term “mafioso,” or Mafia member, initially had no criminal connotations and was used to refer to a person who was suspicious of central authority. “

      These groups, which later became known as clans or families, developed their own system for justice and retribution, carrying out their actions in secret. By the 19th century, small private armies known as “mafie” took advantage of the frequently violent, chaotic conditions in Sicily and extorted protection money from landowners.
      The term “‘mafia’ originated from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression that means “acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful” .

      From this history, the Sicilian Mafia emerged as a collection of criminal clans or families.

      Omerta: Code of La Cosa Nostra

      The Mafioso adhered to this strict code of silence when dealing with the law. Death was the almost certain punishment for violators.
      According to Omerta, seeking justice from the law is a cowardly act, punishable by death. If you want justice, you get it yourself.
      Of course, the code of silence itself was a secret.

      Omerta mirrors a lot of the behaviors we recognize today, with the purging of any terminology from law enforcement and national security vocabulary which may negatively reflect on Islam or Muslims – a strict adaptation of shariah.


      The Mafia, which did originate in Sicily under muslim rule during 9th-11th centuries. Even today, Northern Italians can sometimes jokingly refer to Sicilians as the “Arabs of Europe”.

      * Mafia (or Maffia). from the original Sicilian for “swaggering braggadocio”, most likely came from the Arabic word “Mahias” or is a corruption of the Arabic word mu afah, in which mu means something like ‘inviolability, strength, vigour,’ and afah something like “to secure, to protect.’

      * “Protection” rackets are run along the same lines as jizyah.

      * there’s the code of “honor” and vendetta — too Arab/Islamic for words.

      * The code of Omerta is very much like the prohibition against speaking ill of Islam or speaking out against Islamic atrocities by other Muslims.

      * the only way out of the Mafia is death (or the Witness Protection Program).

  4. I am wrong to say they do not pay off the authorities.

    The Saudis and the UAE do, indeed, pay off the governments, media and academia.

  5. About that video, the one that mentions “those who can not be named,” I think you are absolutely correct.

    That video is vile.

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