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20 Replies to “Possibly LIVE LEGIDA holds one-year anniversary march in Leipzig”

    • afpde – Lichterkette gegen Legida und Randale in Leipzig

      Mit einer Lichterkette und zahlreichen Demonstrationen haben die Leipziger ein Zeichen für Toleranz gesetzt

  1. Al Qaeda warns Saudi Arabia it will pay for executing militants (tribune, Jan 11, 2016)

    “Al Qaeda has warned Saudi Arabia it will pay for the executions of dozens of its members, saying they were intended to be a new year’s gift to Riyadh’s Western allies aimed at consolidating the rule of the Saud dynasty.

    Though it was the killing of a Shia cleric in the January 2 mass execution which sparked a crisis between Saudi Arabia and its regional rival Iran, most of the 47 executed were al Qaeda militants convicted of bombings and gun attacks in the kingdom.

    In a statement dated January 10, al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch and its North African wing said Riyadh had gone ahead with the executions despite a warning not to do so.

    “But they (Riyadh) insisted on offering the blood of the good Mujahideen as a sacrifice for the Crusaders on their holiday, in the New Year,” the two groups said in the statement posted on social media.

    “Let them wait for the day when God will heal the chests of the families of the martyrs, their brothers and those who love them from the arrogant infidel,” it added.

    Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch threatened in December to “shed the blood of the soldiers of Al Saud” if its members were executed…”

  2. Turkey arrests 12 Egyptians for trying to join ISIS: Egypt consul (ahram, Jan 11, 2016)

    “Egypt’s consul in Istanbul, Bassam Rady, confirmed on Monday that the Turkish authorities had arrested 12 Egyptians in Turkey for allegedly joining ISIS, Reuters’ Aswat Masriya reported.

    In statements to Aswat Masriya, Rady stated that the 12 Egyptians were arrested in Adana province while attempting to join ISIS and that the Egyptian consulate was following the case.

    He also added that there would be a demand made to Turkey to deport those arrested back to Egypt.

    The Egyptian consulate will also appoint lawyers to follow the investigations, Rady said.

    On Sunday, Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported that Turkish police had arrested a group of 15 Egyptians and Russians, in addition to 7 Turkish men, for joining ISIS in Adna and Elazig provinces.

    Foreign ISIS recruits often cross Turkish borders to join the militant group in Syria and Iraq.

    Ties between Egypt and Turkey have been tense since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, a close ally of Turkey, in 2013.”

  3. Pope says EU must welcome refugees despite fears (ansa, Jan 11, 2016)

    “(ANSA) – Vatican City, January 11 – Pope Francis on Monday said the European Union must welcome refugees despite rising fears about terrorism and security.

    The deaths of children in the Mediterranean were indelibly impressed in minds and hearts, he said.

    Speaking to the Vatican diplomatic corps, Francis said that “the inevitable fear” spurred by the “serious migratory emergency” must be overcome in order to address “such a massive phenomenon which in 2015 has hit Europe above all, but also various regions in Asia and North and Central America”. Francis urged people to “discern the causes and map out solutions” to the emergency.

    Europe must continue to take in migrants despite the “massive landings” and fears of terrorism” that “seem to shake” Europe’s reception system, the pope said. Europe must overcome “fears for security” and “not lose the foundations of its humanistic spirit,” he said. Francis paid “special thanks” to Italy for “saving so many lives in the Mediterranean”.

    Francis renewed an appeal to “stop people trafficking, which turns human beings into a commodity, especially the weakest and most defenceless.” He told the diplomatic corps that “the images of children dead at sea are indelibly impressed in our minds and hearts”. Francis has repeatedly urged action to stop migrant disasters in the Mediterranean….”

    • Just in case you’re not well read Christian eschatology, the very last days will see a major cooperative effort between the abusive civil government and the apostate church for the purpose of persecuting the true church.

      What this “Pope” states, as above, is exactly the kind of thing foretold in the Book of Revelation, chapters 12 until the end.
      The “Pope” cares little about the church; he cares greatly about his power and his fake compassion for “refugees” when he knows full well that there is a conspiracy among EU leaders to invade the West with hostile peoples.
      You think the “Pope” cares that he’s helping to orchestrate the destruction of Christendom? That he cares how many women will be raped? He is truly an antiChrist.
      and a rank heretic who believes Muslims worship the same God as do Christians.
      Just like GWBush: men without souls and destined for perdition.
      Where is the “Pope’s” call to repentance for all mankind? Where is his pronouncement of the Son of God come into the world to redeem sinful man? Where is his warning to Muslims that they are going to hell?
      Nowhere! He’s a fake!!!!!

  4. Nigerians attack train conductor (ansa, Jan 11, 2016)

    “ANSA) – Salerno, January 11 – Carabinieri police on Monday arrested three Nigerian asylum seekers after they beat up a train conductor on a regional rail line in Salerno province.

    The suspects were named as Richard Osemudiahmen, Mervellous Iboi and Ephraim Akioyamen, all aged around 25. The victim was treated and released with a 10-day prognosis.

    The attack took place on the Mercato San Severino-Buccino line operated by publicly-owned Trenitalia after the conductor asked the suspects, who boarded at Eboli, for their tickets. They responded by pushing, kicking and slapping him, continuing the assault on the station platform while another fellow Nigerian filmed the entire thing on his cell phone.

    The assault caused panic among the passengers who witnessed it, many of whom fled the carriage and had to be calmed down by law enforcement. Four suspects aged 25-30 were initially apprehended and questioned with the help of translators and cultural mediators from the migrant reception center where they live.”

  5. Many Germans’ Views on Foreigners Change After Cologne Sex Attacks (nbcnews, Jan 11, 2016)

    “LEIPZIG, Germany — More than one-third of Germans said their view of foreigners had worsened following a New Year’s Eve spate of at least 200 alleged sex assaults carried out mostly by North African men in Cologne, according to a new survey.

    The poll by the Forsa Institute highlighted a sudden negative shift in how Germans perceive people from abroad after their country last year emerged as an optimistic champion of migrants and refugees.

    German leader Angela Merkel’s open-door policy and slogan “We Can Do It” accompanied the arrival of some 1.1 million people into the country last year — including many Syrians fleeing war in the homeland.

    However, Sunday’s poll said 37 percent of Germans had a more negative outlook on foreigners following the alleged Cologne assaults, while 60 percent said their view remained unchanged. The poll also found that 57 percent feared refugee arrivals would trigger a rise in crime…”

  6. Migrant crisis: New camps to open in northern France (BBC, Jan 11, 2016)

    “Plans to move thousands of migrants into more permanent camps in northern France are expected to be given the go-ahead later on Monday.

    Several thousand people are staying in the camps in Calais and Dunkirk, popular spots for those seeking to cross into the United Kingdom.

    The area has suffered heavy rains in recent weeks, leading one Dunkirk official to call conditions “inhumane”.

    But one senior official said new camps were not the solution.

    One of the largest camps is in the coastal northern French town of Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk. The area’s mayor, Damien Careme, told French media that, unchecked, the number of people in the camp could reach 10,000…”

  7. EU migrant crisis: Germany sends migrants back to Austria (BBC, Jan 11, 2016)

    “Germany has been sending an increasing number of migrants back to Austria every day since the beginning of the month, Austrian police say.

    Many had no valid documents, whilst others did not want to apply for asylum in Germany but in other countries, notably in Scandinavia, police said.

    New Year’s Eve attacks on women in Cologne, blamed on migrants, have put pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Most of those sent back to Austria are not Syrians, who usually get asylum.

    Instead, they are migrants mostly from Afghanistan as well as Morocco and Algeria, Austrian police said…”

  8. Swedish police probe ‘cover up of migrant sex assaults’ (BBC, Jan 11, 2016)

    “Police in the Swedish capital Stockholm have launched an internal investigation into accusations that the force covered up widespread sexual assaults by mostly migrant youths at a music festival.

    In a case echoing recent attacks in Cologne, a group of men reportedly groped girls at the We Are Sthlm event.

    Police ejected 200 people from the site in August but did not mention assaults in their reports to the press.

    Sweden was the first country to offer permanent residence to Syrian refugees…”

  9. I’ve been thinking about this throughout the day, to wit, that the EU and its three stooges, Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron, have demonstrated beyond any doubt that they have delegitimized their authority. In whatever the secular consensus consists (that consensus itself riddled with nefarious and corrupting dogmas) pertaining to the rationale for legitimate rule, it has soiled itself beyond repair. Now we have the irrefutable evidence that the four horsemen of the European Apocalypse intend not to protect their citizens in their homes and in their persons, not to wield its sword to punish the wicked and evildoers; but no — it wields its sword and its power to *destroy* its own people and to treat as heralds of a new age the vicious, malicious, males of Islam — whose highest *good* is to violate and subjugate the people of Europe — and most *especially* if those people are white. (You just be sure to tell the next person who calls you racist that they are *haters* of white people.)
    And American colonists were rightly put out that the Brits wanted to quarter its troops in their homes. *Unacceptable.*
    How more unacceptable is it for Germans, French, and English to cease living life because the streets are darkened by Islamic savages.
    Merkel et al will not be with us long; they have some burning of their own to do, in hellfire.
    But the people of Europe and the rest of the West had better wake up to the fact that when you eliminate God Almighty from your thoughts — evil rushes in to replace it; this time in the foolish notion that there are no *real* consequences to living your lives as if there is no God.
    Such rebellion will bite you in the butt and end in the ravishing of your daughters, wives, mothers, and sisters — and then you yourselves.
    Romans Chapter 13 — rulers wield the sword to punish evildoers.
    When rulers wield the sword to punish the law abiding and innocent, those rulers will meet a just reward.
    And I will rejoice on that day for the justice God meets out on those who have been given much — and who have used it to inflict unspeakable misery on those over whom they are charged to protect.

    • You know Darcey,
      you had me right up until you mentioned God.
      I am an insomniac, dyslexic agnostic.
      I lay awake at night wondering if there is a Dog.
      We have bigger fish to fry right now mate.
      Like not hoping for some sky fairy pull our collective arses out of the fire.
      As I understand it your God helps those who help themselves.

      • Reply to Buck:
        You interest me in that you agreed with me: “you had me right up until you mentioned God.”
        All of us are shaped by our experiences, our family, education, and life encounters.
        Hence, you must surely surmise that the opinions of mine with which you so readily agree are shaped by my Christian worldview — and therefore, it might serve you well not to dismiss the source of my opinions and conclusions so readily.
        In short: you agree with me. But you fault the manner in which I came to such conclusions.
        Let me suggest that the bigger fish with which you need to concern your own self is your very own eternal disposition. You brought it up — the bigger fish. But you must know that the eternal question is the biggest “fish” of all.
        For we all go to the grave — in one manner or another. If your view is of life in a closed box, then this world is all you have. The implications of that are more far reaching than I think you’ve grappled with. It means ultimately, that might makes right and that there is no good or evil but only the will to power.
        Where does that leave you?

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