Push and push back. Germany, Poland and what is up with Canada? Links 3 on Jan. 11 – 2016

1. German vigilante groups, demonized by establishment

2. Leipzig PEGIDA Demo

3. “Almost “exclusively” Swing in public opinion on migrants in Germany

4. Ezra Levant on the Calgary attempted mass casualty attack.

(It seems like in Canada we know it likely was a muslim terrorist attack specifically because the media has worked so hard to not report it as one)

5. Police investigate tip that Philadelphia terrorist is part of group that wants to harm more cops

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police in Philadelphia are investigating a tip that a man charged in the ambush shooting of a patrolman is connected to a radical group that may continue to pose a threat to officers.

The police department said Sunday evening that someone approached an officer on the street and alleged that the man who attacked Officer Jesse Hartnett “had an affiliation to a group with radical beliefs.”

Police say they are working with the FBI to investigate the credibility of the information. They have alerted all department personnel about the tip and will continue to require officers to work with a partner until further notice.

(Yes the problem is that the group’s beliefs are ‘radical’. Not that they are muslims, which they are, and not that islam teaches that the world must be governed by the sharia and that police enforce ‘man-made-law’ which they must oppose, because islam means submission to the will of allah which is determined by the sharia. Its cause they are ‘radical’)

6. Only 10% of migrants have reached Europe so far, claims German development minister as he warns up to ten million people are ‘still on the way’

A German minister claims that only ten per cent of the migrants heading to Europe have arrived as he warned Germany cannot continue to accept people at the rate they have done this year.

CSU Minister Gerd Müller says that the Schengen Agreement – a border-free zone within Europe – has ‘collapsed’ and the only way to deal with the crisis is to support other countries financially.

He warned that Europe can expect 8-10 million more migrants, who can now find out how prosperous the lifestyle enjoyed by its citizens is because of the internet.

7. Belgium charge top jihadi expert over false affidavit for detainee

Brussels (AFP) – Belgian prosecutors said Monday they have arrested a high-profile expert on jihadi fighters and charged him with providing a suspected extremist with a false affidavit that he was on a deradicalisation course.

Montasser AlDe’emeh runs a centre in Brussels’ gritty Molenbeek district — where several of those who carried out November’s Paris attacks lived — that aims to prevent young Belgians from going to fight in Syria and also help reintegrate those who do so on their return.

(Article is a little confusing but contains interesting facts. More here however. Related video sent out to translation)

8. Former German justice minister: ‘Loss of trust in the state of law’

(And a very well deserved one I might add)

What needs to change after the Cologne attacks? Former Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger tells DW that a transparent investigation of events is necessary to re-establish trust in the state of law.

Deutsche Welle: What are your thoughts about the current refugee debate, in view of the events in Cologne and the attacker who was shot in Paris, who was also known to German officials?

Of course, we keep hearing news that makes it clear that terror attacks can happen in Europe at any time – in our immediate neighborhood, as well. I’m very concerned about many aspects of this, and my feelings are very ambivalent – about the total failure of state institutions on the one hand, but also, of course, consternation about the intensity with which these attacks were carried out, which could not have been predicted in advance.

9. Swedish police probe ‘cover up of migrant sex assaults’

Police in the Swedish capital Stockholm have launched an internal investigation into accusations that the force covered up widespread sexual assaults by mostly migrant youths at a music festival.

In a case echoing recent attacks in Cologne, a group of men reportedly groped girls at the We Are Sthlm event.

Police ejected 200 people from the site in August but did not mention assaults in their reports to the press.

10. Italy: Nigerians attack train conductor (2)

ANSA) – Salerno, January 11 – Carabinieri police on Monday arrested three Nigerian asylum seekers after they beat up a train conductor on a regional rail line in Salerno province.
The suspects were named as Richard Osemudiahmen, Mervellous Iboi and Ephraim Akioyamen, all aged around 25. The victim was treated and released with a 10-day prognosis.
The attack took place on the Mercato San Severino-Buccino line operated by publicly-owned Trenitalia after the conductor asked the suspects, who boarded at Eboli, for their tickets. They responded by pushing, kicking and slapping him, continuing the assault on the station platform while another fellow Nigerian filmed the entire thing on his cell phone.


11. USA bombs Islamic State right on the money.

12. In speech to mosque, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking at the minibar, thanks the congregation for letting him pray with them while wearing a nightgown.

(This is a step past the usual electioneering methinks)

13. Friday, Jan. 8th 2016, a volleyball match was played in Berlin between Germany and Poland. The Polish fans took with them a banner, which said “Protect your women, not our democracy”, referring both to Cologne and the German government and media’s recent outbursts about the “grave situation” in Poland.

The banner was unfurled twice, after which it was confiscated. The next day, during a counter-protest to a demonstration against the new Polish government, the banner was also unfurled, after which it was confiscated by German police which forcibly removed it from the protester.

The video below is a 7-second clip showing the police ?removing the banner:

(There will be more on this event tomorrow with translated articles and this video done with subtitles)

14. An English only edit of Tommy Robinson’s speech in Cologne

15. Stonewalling: Officials stalling on Rebel’s refugee-related “Access to Information” requests — and they’re blaming Trudeau

Officials at the immigration department are essentially stonewalling attempts to determine how the push to bring 25,000 – and possibly as many as 50,000 – Syrian refugees to Canada in a year or less is being handled.

Attempts by The Rebel to have basic questions answered about the refugee plan are being met by extremely long requests for delays and officials are blaming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Last week I reported on officials at the immigration department responding to an access to information request asking for “a copy of the questionnaire used for interviews with potential Syrian refugees seeking to come to Canada.” We were shocked when officials told us there was no such document, either a lie or word games given how much data senior department officials claim they collect from would-be refugees.

Now officials are responding to access to information requests by taking extensions of 275 to 300 days.

The access to information laws allow anyone to submit a question or request for information to a government department and receive an answer within 30 days. In fact, for a department not to respond within 30 days is considered a violation of the law.

(And this too shall be known as a Gomer Pyle moment)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Richard, M., Shabnam A., Green Infidel, Gates of Vienna and so many more for your continued vigilance. Its been an eventful day in the background. Clearly things are happening and clearly things need to be understood. Thank you all for reading.

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