Iranians attack Saudi embassy in Tehran

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Reuters: Iranian protesters storm Saudi embassy, foreign ministry calls for calm

Angry Iranian protesters stormed Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran in the early hours of Sunday, smashing furniture and starting fires before being removed by the police.

The protesters had gathered outside the embassy to protest against Saudi Arabia’s execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent cleric from the kingdom’s Shi’ite minority, on terrorism charges that Iran said were unjustified.

They then broke into the building and lit fires inside before being cleared by police, the ISNA news agency reported. Images shared on social media appeared to show protesters smashing furniture inside the embassy.

More here, images and updates in Farsi


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  1. Angry Iranian protesters? Someone must be joking. All such protests, particularly burning flags or/and embassies are instigated by government people. And because Iran is theocratic country therefore such things are encouraged by mullahs.
    If protest was not condoned by government this people would be immediately arrested.

  2. Saudi Execution of Top Shiite Cleric Worsens Sectarian Tensions
    Saudi Arabia executed Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on January 2 along with 46 others, prompting strong reactions from Shiites worldwide.

    Saudi Arabia executed leading Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al Nimr, along with 46 other people, in a mass execution on January 2. Nimr was a vocal critic of Saudi government policies, which marginalized and excluded the Shiite community. He was arrested in 2012, prompting protests in Shiite majority areas across the region.

    The majority of those executed were Sunnis convicted of al-Qaeda attacks against Saudi Arabia, according to Reuters. Four Shiites, including Nimr, were executed for alleged involvement with shooting policemen.

    Protestors in Shiite areas of Saudi Arabia marched through the streets chanting “Down with al-Saud.” Iranian protesters stormed part of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran on Saturday and set fire to it, before Iranian security forces dispersed them.

    Other protests against the Saudi regime were reportedly held in Bahrain, Pakistan, Yemen and London outside the Saudi Embassy.

    Numerous human rights groups condemned the executions.

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