Does today’s attack on the Saudi embassy predict tomorrow’s Shiia Vs. Sunni conflicts in London etc?

The Daily Mail has this story on the Iranian attack of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran

Furious Iranians petrol bomb Saudi embassy in Tehran as protests and fears of sectarian violence grow around world over kingdom’s mass execution of 47 prisoners including top Shiite cleric

The headline carries with it, deliberately or accidentally, a prediction for various Western cities, probably starting in a few hours, concerning what is likely to happen between Shiia and Sunni muslims as they seek martyrdom and revenge for their various sub cults. The bookies would probably favour the Sunnis on sheer numbers but the Sunnis will make up for it in enthusiasm should it make it to the streets of Western cities. It would probably start in London. Is Choudary back in jail yet? I would be watching his coms for the first sighn of it personally, as if memory serves, he was behind some street violence last summer between Sunnis and Shiias over a much less easy pull trigger issue.




Here is a video claiming to be of the looting of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. Notice the clever use of Arabic turns of phrase as they deftly enter and show their art of rhetoric. One can only wonder what rejoinder the Saudis and Sunni muslims would say when confronted with such wit.

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  1. There is no rule book, to my knowledge, that precludes a nice big war between the Sunnis and the Shia at any time. I’ve read enough Sunni vs Shia internet comments to know that they absolutely despise each other in a truly ridiculous way. Each side accuses the other of being deceptive and ignorant and violent and unreasonable, which is such a hilariously perfect description of themselves. They basically hate each other for being Muslim, but cannot bring themselves to apply the same light of reason to themselves, because Islam, of course, forbids all criticism and therefore all growth, all wisdom, and all self-knowledge…

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