The noose tightens around classical liberals a little more everywhere: Links 3 on Jan 2 – 2016

1. Turkey’s illegal oil deals with ISIS fueling terrorists – captured Daesh fighter

2. More on Iranian outrage over the execution of one of its co-religionists in the KSA

3. Putin names United States among threats in new Russian security strategy

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A new appraisal names the United States as one of the threats to Russia’s national security for the first time, a sign of how relations with the west have deteriorated in recent years.

The document, “About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation”, was signed by President Vladimir Putin on New Year’s Eve. It replaces a 2009 version, endorsed by then- President Dmitry Medvedev, the current prime minister, which mentioned neither the United States not NATO.

It says Russia has managed to heighten its role in solving global problems and international conflicts. That heightened role has caused a reaction by the West, it says.

“The strengthening of Russia happens against the background of new threats to the national security, which has complex and interrelated nature,” the document says.

Conducting an independent policy, “both international and domestic” has caused “counteraction from the USA and its allies, which are striving to retain their dominance in global affairs.”

That in turn is likely to lead to “political, economical, military and informational pressure” on Russia, the document says.

4. Here is more footage of the riot, refreshingly, at the Saudi consul in Iran instead of the American one.

What I am getting here and there in fragments from various sources indicates that the Iranians are using harsh rhetoric against the Saudis, claiming this execution will end the house of Saud. The Iranians are also calling the Saudis “takfiri’ which is no small thing. It is the justification used by the Islamic State to exterminate shiia muslims within their reach.

From Farsi speaking expat Iranian Shabnam A.:

Independent reports: “One of Iran’s most senior clerics has predicted the fall of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family following the kingdom’s execution of Shi’ite preacher Nimr al-Nimr. Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami’s comments came as Iran’s foreign minister warned Saudi Arabia would pay a ‘high price’ for following policies that led to the execution of al-Nimr and 46 others for ‘terrorism offences’.

Ayatollah Khatami who branded the House of Saud ‘treacherous’, told the Mehr news agency: “I have no doubt that this pure blood will stain the collar of the House of Saud and wipe them from the pages of history.”

5. Impending Jihad in India is now on… Pathankot Air Force base attacked by Islamic Terror.

Pathankot Terror Attack

Jihadi Attack on Pathankot Air Force base in India kills 4 Islamic Terrorists and 3 Two Indian Force personnel.

Fresh AttackHENB | Pathankot | Dec 2, 2015:: Impending Jihad in India is on. Pathankot Air Force base has been attacked now by Islamic Terror. Four Jihadi militants were shot dead and three Indian soldiers were killed in a terror attack on the Pathankot Air Force base in Punjab on Saturday morning. About an hour after the encounter reportedly ended, gunshots were again heard and security forces suspect a fifth militant might be holed up inside the base. The Muslim Terrorists  were shouting, “Allha Ho Akbar”, “Islamic State Jindabad”, “Pakistan Jindabad” etc.


6. Man who drove car at French troops guarding mosque said to have jihadi propaganda in computer

(Currently, members of the offiical press and high ranking govt. officials are claiming this isn’t terror and there are no links to terrorist groups. Could this be the CVE in action?)

French investigators found jihadist propaganda material on Saturday in the computer of a man who drove his car into troops guarding a mosque in southern France on New Year’s Day but said it did not prove he had links with any terrorist groups.

“The inspection of his computer led to the discovery of jihadi propaganda images,” local prosecutor Alex Perrin told Reuters.

“These are downloadable images that are a few weeks old. Not the worst type of images, but rather bellicose slogans,” he said. “It shows he had an appreciation of that but it does not prove he had links with terrorist organizations.”

The 29-year old Frenchman of Tunisian descent rammed his car into a group of four soldiers in a car park outside a large mosque in a suburb of Valence on Friday afternoon, the prosecutor told reporters earlier on Saturday.

7. Saudi summons Iran envoy over execution remarks

World’s largest beer opener

Saudi Arabia summoned Iran’s ambassador on Saturday over what it described as Tehran’s “hostile” reaction to executions carried out by the kingdom against terrorism convicts, the state news agency SPA reported.

The foreign ministry statement, published on the official SPA news agency, said the kingdom handed the Iranian envoy a “strongly worded memorandum” to express “the kingdom’s astonishment and its utter rejection of these hostile statements, which it deemed a blatant intervention in the kingdom’s affairs.”

The Saudi foreign ministry also said it holds Iran responsible for the protection of its embassy in Tehran and its consulate in the northeast Iranian city of Mashhad.

Earlier in the day, Saudi Arabia executed 47 people convicted of plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks, targeting civilians and security forces in the kingdom.

Of the 47 executed, 45 were Saudis, as well as one Chadian and one Egyptian, according to a list of names and nationalities published by SPA.

(Riot/attack? on KSA embassy in Iran)

Thank you Richard, M., Shabnam A., Wrath of Khan and many more and much more to come today.

NBC has managed to deploy the CVE with such alacrity that they can claim that the muslim in France who deliberately drove his car into French soldiers outside a mosque screaming “allah hu ackbar” was not a terrorist and this was not a terrorist act by inventing highly flexible and context sensitive definitions of terrorism that they can let this fellow off while accusing non-muslim, white people who commit crimes or acts of barbarism as actual terrorists under identical definitions of the word. In this 16 minute French video, a French official attempts the same logical contortions explaining that his islamic war cry was merely a prayer he did before he was to be killed as a logical response to his actions, which was to commit vehicular murder against soldiers. It was of course, jihad. The motive was jihad and all the rewards that jihad brings to the jihadi upon death.

This upscaled contorted and deformed reality is well in keeping with the arrest of Germany’s Heidi Mund which we will be posting more on shortly. Europe is taking a deep dive towards totalitarianism in favour of Marxism and islam. Lets hope the pressure gets to them before it does to us.

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18 Replies to “The noose tightens around classical liberals a little more everywhere: Links 3 on Jan 2 – 2016”

    • Is this not Stephen Coughlin’s identification wherein the perceived backlash to a Muslim attack is used to strategic advantage by Muslims to gain a false high moral ground, resulting in diminished western freedoms by the complicity of sympathetic bureaucrats?

    • Tard = reduction of phrase: “Muslim Retard, contracted to ‘Mustard’ referring to conspicuously religious muslims with the onesy and the carefully un-groomed facial hair etc.

      The CVE is a big thing. Its a policy set up by the Obama admin. which I suspect has worked its way to most governments and news agencies in the Western World. It refers to ‘Countering violent Extremism’ and its purpose is to reverse the onus on investigating terror, where jihad is not a motive for investigation but joining the army to defend the constitution of the US would be. Below, Stephen Coughlin explains it.

      I hope to have a lot more on this soon. Clearer, more detailed as well.

      • Thank you ! And now, as it is written that no good deed shall go unpunished: what is a “onesy “? I suspect it’s that dirty looking mark of Cain on the foreheads of the tards?

        • No it refers to the sort of Wee Willie Winkie nightgown many of them wear on the streets these days. The mark is actually called a zebiba and I had a thought about it recently.

          Buddhists, who practice self denial, meditation and contemplation in a very formal and disciplined way, will sometimes after a great deal of practice and work to develop insight etc. do something they refer to as opening the third eye. It would be invisible of course but to the person who achieves this feat, it offers in theory a sort of extra dimension of sight which gives insight and other valuable information about people and creatures they may see around them. Metaphor or ‘real’ its an achievement that takes work, self discipline and is for the purpose of being a more compassionate and effective human being.

          Muslims on the other hand, try to get a conspicuous mark on the forehead by banging their heads on the ground when they conspicuously do visible acts of devotion so other muslims can be aware that they bang their heads on the ground when they do conspicuous acts of devotion, and therefore gain a kind of status because of the bruised skull. The exact same effect can be achieved with a ball peen hammer and in about 20 minutes. Less if you have a local anesthetic.

          I have come to calling this practice, ‘the opening of a second asshole’.

  1. T E H E R A N – Iranian protesters storm Saudi embassy, foreign ministry calls for calm

    Angry Iranian protesters stormed Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran in the early hours of Sunday, smashing furniture and starting fires before being removed by the police.

    The protesters had gathered outside the embassy to protest against Saudi Arabia’s execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent cleric from the kingdom’s Shi’ite minority, on terrorism charges that Iran said were unjustified.

    They then broke into the building and lit fires inside before being cleared by police, the ISNA news agency reported. Images shared on social media appeared to show protesters smashing furniture inside the embassy.

    Later images showed police in full riot gear guarding the premises as firefighters doused the building. ISNA said Tehran’s police chief was on the scene to restore calm.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari called for calm and said there should be no more demonstrations around Saudi diplomatic premises, the state news agency IRNA reported.

    Pics + videos on this twitter account

  2. Title says, “The noose tightens around classical liberals a little more everywhere”

    What does that mean? what are you referring to? how does that apply to the posts?

    Thank you

    • Classical liberal is one way of referring to a Jeffersonian democrat. In the post, one of the items is about Heidi Mund and her arrest. I would call that a solid data point in favour of the slide of liberal societies, meaning ones who’s government’s job is to protect the rights of the individual, especially where it concerns the right to freedom of speech on political and religious matters, into a totalitarian state where the official narrative is preserved with the use of the components of the state given a monopoly on the use of force, ostensibly for the protection of those rights, even if typically seen as exclusively for the protection of private property and safety of persons.

      Sorry about the run on sentence there.

      So simply put, they are working on crushing freedom of speech, the center stone of classical liberalism, everywhere, starting with where it contradicts UN 16 18 meaning speaking anything bad about islam and it will grow to include anything not with the agenda of the far left whatever it may be from day to day.

      It will not be like the Soviet Union. There, it was open and honest about what you could and could not say. Here it will change daily and without notice. Your perfectly legitimate and even fashionable speech yesterday will be a criminal offense today and you should consider yourself lucky if the new law isnt retroactive. Don’t believe me? check out th text of the proposed Quebec bill 59 which is asking for retroactive activation so they can go after Quebec people who say bad things about islam on their facebook posts.

  3. A friend of mine once told me that Irony was the most common element in the universe.

    When I asked my 88 year old father yesterday if he was surprised to have lived long enough to see the fall of Communism in the east he replied, ” Not as surprised as I will be to see the fall of Communism in the west.”

    In a pertinent aside, mainstream media displays pockets of cognizance if one is looking for it. The new Star Wars film engages a janissarie as a main character, and the new Bond film deploys an anti-superstate narrative. Artists can speak cryptically yet with crystal clarity to those on the same frequency.

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