During the New Year the house was attacked by youths who shouted “Jewish cancer” and “free Palestine”.

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From this Dutch News site:

For most of us 2016 got off to a good start but for some Amsterdam Jews New Year was a lot less enjoyable. Their home was attacked by youths who kicked the windows and doors and shouted “free Palestine”. The house was badly damaged as shown in this photo posted by one of the occupants on Facebook:

The occupant stated on Facebook that they intend to report the frightening incident. Anti-Semitic incidents such as these are becoming more common in the Netherlands. Figures from the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) records that reports of anti-Semitism are showing a strong upward trend. In 2014 the number of incidents of physical violence doubled compared to 2013 and the number of incidents of verbal abuse on the street increased by 90 percent. Threats were also more common.

The fact that the anti-Semitic attackers during the New Year used both the slogan “Jewish cancer” and “free Palestine” proves that anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli views are closely intertwined. In the words of the CIDI:

“The offenders seem to see the actions of Israel as an excuse for expressing the anti-Semitic feelings that they already have.”

It is to be hoped that the perpetrators responsible are caught and brought to justice quickly. Only through firm action can such incidents be halted.

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4 Replies to “During the New Year the house was attacked by youths who shouted “Jewish cancer” and “free Palestine”.”

  1. There is a strain of antisemitism running through all European societies, during the times when the world is acting civilized this strain is keep secret but one the barbarians start arriving it springs full blown from those who love to hate.

  2. This makes me hope even more fervently that Geert Wilders becomes the next dutch Prime Minister. He is an outspoken supporter of Israel and the most engaged fighter against Jewhatred. This is why i was very disappointed in parts of the Australian Jewish community when a couple of years ago they sided with the left governement who made it extremely difficult for this outstanding man to be given a visa. Their lame excuse was Wilder’s condemnation of the ritual slaughter of animals.

    Wilders and MARINE Lepen are the only hopes for Jewish people to be defended agains violent islam propelled violent attacks.

    Call me wicked but i felt nearly some Schadenfreude at the dillemma the Belgian Politicians faced (or rather DID NOT face) on New Years eve when the truism was proven that: “first they come for the Saturday people, then they come for the Sunday people”

    • I think I have made this comment before but it is worth repeating.
      It boggles the mind that Europe is allowing some of the smartest and most productive/innovative citizens to be driven from the land while simultaneously importing the least productive, inbred, low education and low IQ (read just plain stupid). All the while placing greater legal restrictions on those saying WTF???
      Wouldn’t you love to get into the mind of those advocating for this population replacement? What are they thinking?

      • @ babs:
        “Wouldn’t you love to get into the mind of those advocating for this population replacement?<]"

        NOOOOOOOOO, it would be like falling into a tank of liquid manure.

        “What are they thinking?”

        “thinking” is not what they do.

        I read somewhere – and it was much much much more elegantly expressed than I can reproduce it here – something like:

        The countries who looses (gets rid of) their Jews are doomed.
        Just look around the worlds “judenreine” countries and compare them to what comes out of Israel in Innovations, Nobels – while they were still respectable, etc.

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