It was the soldiers he was ramming, muslims light up a Christmas tree in Islamic style and more: Links 3 on Jan 1 – 2016

1. Video of car ramming mosque

2. Muslims DEMAND Cross Be Removed From Swiss Flag Because It Offends Them. WHAT!?

(This is an ongoing story from 2011. The answer is simple. Remove the crescent moon and star from all the tard countries and then lets talk)

Muslims in Switzerland are demanding that the white cross be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”

The Muslim group behind this idiotic demand known as the “Secondos,”  began a nationwide campaign in October to urge Swiss citizens to change the flag to something that is “less offensive” to Muslims.

(Muslims seem to find flags with crossed AK47s not offensive at all. That is a motive the Swiss may support)

3. Man attacks soldiers guarding French mosque with his car

(The FOX story actually gets it closer to the likely truth. That the target was the soldiers, not the mosque)

A local official says a man has rammed his car into four soldiers guarding a mosque in the French city of Valence. Mayor Nicolas Daragon says one soldier fired and wounded the attacker who was hospitalized.

Daragon said that the man wasn’t immediately identified, and his motives were being investigated.

The mayor told iTele TV a passerby was wounded in the leg by a bullet,.

The secretary-general of the prosecutor’s office, Frederic Ouiseau, told the station that authorities must be “extremely prudent about the motive” of the attack.

4. Pegida leader criticised for linking Munich terror plot to refugee intake

(Yep, we really did lose the cold war)

The leader of Germany’s anti-Islamic Pegida movement has caused indignation by linking a planned terrorist attack on two of Munich’s railway stations with the tens of thousands of refugees who were applauded when they arrived there earlier this year. In a tweet sent soon after police shut the station, Lutz Bachmann said Germans who welcomed the refugees as they disembarked from trains at the main station should go back there and risk being blown up.

5. Germany: Fire guts centre for young refugees early on New Year’s day

Germany: Fire guts centre for young refugees early on New Year’s day </strong>
A blaze ripped through a centre for young refugees in the town Ruppertshofen in Baden-Wuerttemberg early on New Year’s day, causing considerable damage to the structure but reportedly causing no casualties. Firefighters continued to pour water on the structure, Friday morning, as workers removed belongings from the building.
The fire began at around 03:35 (GMT) in the house of one of supervisors of the centre. He woke up 10 children and everyone was evacuated before the fire brigade arrived. It is believed that the fire began in the garage and then spread to the other parts of the house. Before firemen succeeded in extinguishing the fire, a major part of the roof was burnt.
Police have already launched an investigation into the blaze, the precise cause of which remains unknown.

6. Two killed in Tel Aviv synagogue attack

Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing

Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing
Yoni Kempinski

Two people have been killed and one other person was injured in a stabbing attack at a synagogue in south Tel Aviv.

The two victims were later identified as Yisayev Aharon, a 32-year-old from Holon, and Reuven Aviram, a 51-year-old from Ramle.

The injured victim, a man in his 50s, is in moderate condition. He was treated at the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics before being evacuated to Ichilov hospital.

The Arab terrorist who carried out the attack was tackled and held by a civilian until police arrived to arrest him, and sustained light injuries in the course of being captured.

7. Daily Mail link to the Tel Aviv attack at the cafe

Police are investigating if a shooting which left two dead in a bar in Israel was the first terror attack inspired by ISIS on the country as officers hunt the gunman.

The gunman entered a grocery store in central Tel Aviv, pulled out a gun and opened fire on customers at a nearby restaurant, leaving two dead and at least seven others seriously wounded.

Local media reports have named the alleged suspect as Nashad Milkham, a 29-year-old Arab Israeli man from Wadi Ara, who was arrested for trying to take a soldier’s gun in 2007.

His father, a volunteer with the Israeli police, identified him after watching the CCTV footage and contacted the police.

Yesterday a tweet was posted warning of an attack on the street in Tel Aviv. The tweet claimed to be representing ISIS although the jihadi group have not claimed official responsibility for the attack.

8. Iran has more missiles than it can hide: General

(One wonders if this excites President Obama in various ways)

“We lack enough space in our stockpiles to house our missiles,” said General Hossein Salami, the Guards’ deputy, as a row with the US over Iran’s ballistic missile programme deepened.

“Hundreds of long tunnels are full of missiles ready to fly to protect your integrity, independence and freedom,” he told worshippers in Tehran, promising to never “stop developing our defence deterrent”.

Iranian state television aired in October unprecedented footage of such an underground missile base.

9. This link says that the driver shouted ‘allah hu ackbar’ as he drove his car into the soldiers, (in the comments) not that it was a ‘white racist’ trying to ram a mosque as the media is trying to sell us. Working on getting it translated now)

10. A group of people decided to light a Belgian Christmas tree up their own way

 There is solid material coming from French news very soon about the ramming of French soldiers in front of a mosque. We are translating clips now.

Thank you M., PI_H., Gates of Vienna, Buck, and many more and more to come.


A few people have pointed out something quite revealing on the story in the Daily Mail about the ramming of the mosque. The DM quotes the imam of the mosque:

The mosque’s spokesman Abdallah Imam Dliouah said the driver, who was ‘unknown to the mosque’, tried to deliberately slam into the four soldiers who were ‘responsible for protecting’ it.

Would the imam would have been asked if he knew the attacker or would respond with that if the attacker was not a muslim?



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