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2 Replies to “Priceless: German crypto-enviornmentalists go to the Maldives to study global warming and find jihad”

  1. I don’t know how many times I have been condescendingly reassured that the idea of physically building up a small island if it threatens to be covered up by rising sea levels (which the Maldives aren’t) is an absolute impossibility. Too big a task to be done. Why, the fact that I even thought that proves that I’m an idiot and shouldn’t be trusted on any subject because I’m clearly always wrong about everything.

    Then along come the Chinese and start building islands out of submerged reefs, and they seem to be able to do it in record time with minimal fuss. Hmmm… I thought it couldn’t be done. I thought it was “impossible”. Those dumb Chinese engineers must be at least as stupid as I am for even thinking of it. You know how bad they are at math…

    So, if the Maldives get covered up with water because the Muslims can’t get a handle on barge technology, the Chinese can take the place over, build it up in a few months, and then use it as a safe place from which to threaten the world. It’ll be great!

    Why, those little scamps wouldn’t be trying to pull a fast one, would they? They wouldn’t be thinking of trying to con the West out of some billions through the wonders of “cap’n trade”, would they? They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

    And, you know what? If the Maldives are so enamored of ISIS and Islamic Jihad then they are the enemy and we should not be concerned with whether they sink beneath the waves or not. Who cares?

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