The Hijra into Europe. A muslim explains.

Here is a short excerpt of an Arabic TV documentary about the mass migration into Europe by Muslims. In it, one interviewee makes it very clear exactly why he chose to go to Europe and what his exact ambitions are. One can say with some certainty that at least a percentage of those coming to Canada and the US have similar values.

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  1. Not just another Christian Evangelist with a pyramid-selling scheme – where you feed the world and then threaten that their kids will die if you don’t give them more, while their soul gets guaranteed to watch Jesus in Concert in the Front Row.

    This one directly kills the customers who won’t buy. Feed Allah.

    • there are many of us within the greater Church who know what you mean. It’s called The Apostasy, and yes it’s sucking even clean suburban white kids straight to Hell.

  2. Most Americans and Western Europeans do not understand that in the Middle East and in the Muslim countries there are no atheists, there are nearly no secular people. Even the people who are for secular country are, in fact, believers. Majority of people living in these countries are people which Westerners would call very religious. And quite a lot of them are people whom we would call fanatics. It is a different mentality and majority of people in the West do not understand it. I think some of Canadians or Western Europeans can not understand it, they have kind of block, because of their background, their upbringing.
    They lost their immune system.
    So sad.

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