The narrative and muslim double speak.

So you take a course in ‘international calligraphy’ and naturally writing Arabic would be part of it. And one might assume that in the many regions of the Earth inhabited by any number of hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers, some of them might have written something worth copying, or even have your own thoughts translated to Arabic and then learn to write them with cool pens.

So how interesting is this story where the one thing they could find to teach public school students in Virginia to write out is the Islamic declaration of faith, the ‘shahada’.


In a lesson Friday on the Middle East, students were presented with an Islamic statement of faith written in Arabic calligraphy, superintendent Eric Bond told The News Leader.

“The students were presented with the statement to demonstrate the complex artistry of the written language used in the Middle East, and were asked to attempt to copy it in order to give the students an idea of the artistic complexity of the calligraphy,” a statement Bond gave the paper said.

The article goes on to explain how people’s objections show islamophobia of course and muslims are, as usual, the victim of trying to trick, force and kill people into accepting the tenets of their gang.

There is good news though. In future the class plans to use non-religious material as a template. Perhaps just swearing an oath to the Islamic State or something.

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  1. Someone please correct me if this is incorrect. By writing or saying the shahada (what one says in order to convert to Islam) the students are affirming their de facto allegiance to islam. This is not a small matter. By doing that, under sharia law they can be executed for practicing any other religion. Either the teacher /school board members are horribly ignorant of what is going on in the world or they are complicit in the destruction of Western Civilization. At some point this may in fact put these children at horrible risk from their fellow students who are practicing muslims or the students parents/families who will know they have de facto accepted islam but are practicing some other religion. This is serious business not to be taken lightly.

    • That was the first thing that ran throuigh my mind, this was an attempt at stealth conversion. If you recite or write this three times in a row you have converted to Islam under Islamic law and are subject to death if you don’t live according to Islamic law or become a member of any other religion. The LSM aka the legacy media refuses to understand this about Islam.

  2. Yetiv, Isaac, 1929- 1,001 proverbs from Tunisia / Isaac Yetiv ; preface by Hédi Bouraoui. Washington, D.C. : Three Continents Press, c1987.
    Each proverb is presented in transliterated Arabic, with a literal English translation, and alternative translations and/or explanatory material.

    He omits the Arabic script, preferring to concentrate on humor.
    Need I mention that he’s a Jew living in America?

  3. I don’t think the teacher or school officials meant anything by it but it shows the ignorance of the school officials about Islam in general. The selection of the writing is probably popular so the teacher grabbed it easily from somewhere off the internet.

  4. Either way the teacher and principle need to be disciplined for their lack of knowledge about what they are teaching, if you don’t know what something says you don’t have kids write it.

  5. You know what else is written in Arabic script – Urdu. Not an Arabic language. But South Asian. There is some great Urdu poetry they could have used and had the chance to use calligraphy on Arabic script.

    They could also use calligraphy on Roman alphabet.

  6. Found a good video.

    Islam – 270 Million people killed in 1400 Years – What every Kafir should know?
    in the history of human kind, there were many crusades all over the western world but none have scored as much death as Islam did as it created 270 Million human dead bodies in 1400 Years through…

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