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14 Replies to “Russia more effective, Putin nearly endorses Trump”

  1. I am going to take it that he is playing us trying to hurt Trump and get either Hillary or Saunders in, he knows that both of them will roll over and play dead for anything he wants.

    The General is from a family with the tradition of joining the military, one of his ancestors was a Marine General during WWII. He is right about what he said, but he didn’t go far enough, the idea of no collateral damage was put forward by the USSR and then they refused to sign that protocol as they have refused to sign so many others that they put forward. The idea was to hamper the US and Western Europe in fighting any war, The end result is going to be the destruction of the Geneva Convention which was designed to try and make war more civilized. Once the heavy fighting starts more and more nations will withdraw from the Geneva Convention because following it has been turned into a path to national suicide. When I was serving my hitch civilian causalities were the fault of the group of fighters that were sheltering/hiding among the civilians.

      • Sec. Kerry is a lying treasonous sack of pig feces. He lied about the actions of the US in Nam and has been lying about everything since.

    • Do guys who burn prisoners of war to death in propaganda videos actually deserve the consideration of the Geneva Convention? As far as I’m concerned, the right way to deal with Jihadis is to interrogate with prejudice and waterboarding until they’ve given away all their useful secrets, then up the 13-steps and into the hangman’s noose they go – never mind the “Gitmo” part.

      That’s right, hang the bastards, ten-at-a-time, and in public. Then dump the corpse into a pit full of pig guts so they never get into Paradise and their murderous “missions” count for nothing. We killed millions of Germans and Japanese in WWII, and we broke their sick ideologies while we were at it. Then we taught them the difference between right and wrong and the lesson actually stuck. let’s not forget that. And that was before the UN Marxists invented the word, “proportionality”…

      • When I was on active duty the Geneva Convention said that if your opponent didn’t sign the Geneva Convention you weren’t bound by it, the left has been screaming that we have to follow it no matter what. Partially because the USSR got so many restrictions added that it is impossible to fight adn win a war if you follow the rules of the convention.

        • Actually people seem to refer to the Geneva convention quite often who have no clue what it says. It was never meant to hand advantage to terrorists. It doesnt matter who the signatories are. You are only bound to it so long as all sides in the conflict do. If your enemy is a signatory to the Geneva convention but do not wear a uniform or more modern version allow for an insignia or headband etc, then you are not bound to treat them as soldiers and can do what you will with them. no POWs etc. Guantanamo bay is above and beyond how these guys have to be treated. The US can shoot them at will by Geneva rules.

    • NO he isn’t. He is leader of Russia, that and nothing else. He does not want to be leader of “Free World” and I am pretty sure that his view of democracy is, like most of his supporter’s view, negative. As for the respect…. who know the (former) gebeshnik’s mind.
      In Europe Putin supports all movements and leaders which are against Brussels and EU, for example Farage, Marine Le Pen and others. He supports them because they make EU weaker. Farage, Marine Le Pen and others have programs which are good for their nations, but Putin does not supports them because he is altruist, or because he wants a democracy, he supports them because they make EU weaker and Russia stronger.
      I wonder what part of Trump’s program is good for Russia?
      That said, if I were American most probably I would support Trump for president, irregardless of the view of Russians and Putin.

      • I’ve never understood why the Americans are so standoffish toward the Russians with regards to Syria and the Middle East. Their goals aren’t that different. I’ve also never understood why they are so insistent on overthrowing the regime of Bashar al Assad. I also don’t understand how it could take them so long to figure that out. Trump’s right about the current administration. They are just plain, dumb ass, stupid – including John McCain…

        Vladimir has enough of a read on Donald to know that he does not endure insults well, but is quite amenable to friendliness, so why not go with friendly? The Russians aren’t trying to spread communism over the globe anymore. Those days are over…right? Why not be buddies with the guy who is most likely to be the next President of the United States? What’s the disadvantage?

        And let the Russians deal with the fact that he stretched the term limits past the point that we ever would. We should probably keep our mouths shut on stuff like that…

        • Russians are not trying to spread communism, Russians are trying to do what is best for their country, i.e. trying to weaken Europe and USA, trying to regain their position in the Middle East and trying to make friends with China.
          You said you could not understand Americans who are stanoffish toward the Russians, I can not understand Americans who are so friendly towards the former KGB people and believe everything RUssians are telling them.

    • Where is the free world you are talking about, no nation on earth is free right now and unless there are major changes there will be non in the foreseeable future.

      Putin is the defender of the West but not the leader, right now we have no leader which is one of the real big problems.

      • Richard
        What defender of the West? He is defender of Russian policy in the Middle East. Russia lost their main arms buyers in the Middle East (they sold arms to Assad Syria and to Libya). They had influence in Egypt and in Sadam Hussein Iraq. They lost it too. They are left with some influence in Iran (their people were working in nuclear facilities over there ).
        Presently Putin wants to regain it all. The fact that he is fighting ISIS is one thing, but that does not mean that he is doing it to help the West. He never said that and all Russian media are telling straight that Russia is NOT a part of the West and never have been part of the West.

  2. 3:50 “I don’t believe anyone in Syria going to give us a Jeffersonian Democracy…”

    This Neuro-Linguistic Programming means that we now drop “Jeffersonian Democracy” and forget it came to Japan, South Korea, and Israel. Socialism however, remains on the table.

    Jefferson would be imprisoned in Europe today.

    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by
    the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the
    Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is
    my own church.”


    • Jeffersonian democracy came to Japan and South Korea through force of arms and American occupation, it did not spring out of some internal effort, this is what he is saying. There is no effort in Syria to create a democratic nation, they will not accept it because of their culture. If you want one you will have to impose one and then keep troops in the nation for a real long time to ensure that it takes hold and flourishes.

      If you are going to use history use all of history.

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