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51 Replies to “Pat Condell on Donald Trump”

  1. Band on, Pat Condell. Precisely! And yes, Donald Trump is the little boy in the Hans Christian Anderson’s story who is too “simple” to be able to see the Emperor’s non-existent “new clothes”. It’s as if all the other players on both sides of the political field have been replaced by body-snatchers and Donald Trump is the only one who’s still a real person. Everybody else is too terrified of saying something politically incorrect or dumb or unintentionally “funny” because they know the media will destroy them if they dare to open their mouths – if they’re conservative, that is.

    Remember when Dan Quayle put an “e” on the end of the word, “potato”? Do you remember the non-stop barrage of hatred and ridicule that descended upon the Vice-President over that unthinkable crime? Well, the Donald is willing to risk that threat because he has a thing called “courage”, and some people happen to think that’s a desirable attribute in a leader…

  2. The self proclaimed political elite refuse to believe that people of all political beliefs are flocking to Trump simply because he is speaking his mind and not trying to say what he thinks people want him to.

  3. Mr. Condell is also a man of courage who says what we all think, but few are saying. If you do not listen to Obama’s rhetoric, but watch what he does, it is clear that he is fully supporting the establishment of a caliphate. You may scoff, but he has destabilized a sizable portion of North Africa, alienated allies of the US, armed factions of ISIS all the while contending that ISIS is not Islamic. In his own book Obama says that if things go south, he will side with the Muslims. His Justice Department is a joke. He pursues minor violations when it suits his political agenda. Obama gave a sizable portion of Ukraine to Putin; remember when Obama whispered across an open microphone that once he got into his second term he could be more flexible? He is bringing more Muslims into the US to help “fundamentally transform the US.” He has given Iran the nuclear option notwithstanding Iran chants death to America and will be providing them with 1.5 trillion dollars that they can use for developing their delivery system.
    Mr. Condell is right, we are all but in outright revolt against the most opaque, destructive, and corrupt administration this country has ever seen. As Obama slides into his last year in office, I fully expect to see him accelerate his agenda. When “climate change” is the most important thing, God help us all.

  4. One further thought. The US intelligence has known since at least last July or earlier that ISIS is transporting oil from conquered oil fields to the corner of Turkey that meets Syria and Iraq where it is purchased by a company owned by Ahmet Burak, the son of Turkey’s President, Recep Erdogan. Burak is the owner of MB shipping. How else would the oil sold by ISIS get to the Turkish port of Ceyhan and be loaded onto ships?
    And guess who is purchasing the oil? Israeli businessmen. If you don’t believe me, Google “Who is buying ISIS oil?”
    When Turkey shot down the Russian jet, it was not because it invaded Turkey air space. It was because Putin had been destroying the ISIS oil carrying tanker trucks, causing damage to the business of Erdogan’s son’s company.
    The US should have cut off ISIS’s air by destroying those oil tanker trucks six months ago instead of letting ISIS fund its activity through oil sales. See the note above to understand why Obama did not take that action six months ago; it all falls into line.

  5. Pat Condell is at least as refreshing to listen to as Donald Trump!

    How about this solution?

    Instead of pontificating about the Muslim problem let’s develop real solutions such as:

    Muslims all believe in the Quran and Sharia which are the antithesis of our Constitution and God given rights enumerated therein.

    Until their so called “religion of peace” is modernized from 7’th century barbarism in a manner
    compatible with 21’st century sensibilities Jihad will continue indefinitely. What should concern s all is that the weapons of war including nuclear weapons will if they are not already (Pakistan) be available to these savages.

    Even if every last Muslim Man, Woman and Child is eliminated, in one short generation a whole new crop of fanatic Jihadists will emerge because this is what’s mandated by the Quran.
    The liberal’s argument that 99% of Muslims are peaceful is just as irrelevant as saying that 99% of Germans during WW2 were not Nazis. As long as the 99% of Muslims tolerate Jihadists they are the enemy of civilization. If the 99% were on the side of right, they would agree to editing the Quran to eliminate all the hateful stuff, instead requiring peace and love of those sharing different traditions and beliefs.

    • The history of Islamic madness that embraced and extolled the serial killings and mass murders of a demented leader who set himself up as “the prophet” defies all reason. My interest in this pathology led me to view a DVD entitled “Islam: What The West Needs To Know”. It is makes one ponder whether or not the muslims actually thought non-muslims would ever take the trouble to read the Koran at some point. “True believers” have an entirely different (albeit twisted) mindset which I am totally unable to comprehend. Be that as it may, the “Muslim Brotherhood” (established in 1922, I understand) found Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” so “enlightening” that it was translated into Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.
      We also need to spread the word about muslims being flown to the U.S. aboard UPS flights on re-fitted 747-100QC jets (QC for “quick-change”), Go to the “Still Report” (Wash.DC) for updates on this matter. These flights end up in a few regional airports in Pennsylvania (such as Harrisburg) in the “wee hours” of the morning, to be put aboard chartered buses (without ANY documentation, IDs, etc) and surreptitiously driven to locations in towns where the local mayors agree to accept them. So far, as many as 668,000 have been brought over from Middle Eastern countries.

  6. Maybe more people in the USA are waking up to the fact that we have a corrupt President who is selling us out to Islam and the Islamic State, who hates America just like his mentors Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Frank Davis (an avowed Communist). Obama has 381 more days to wreak havoc on this country while the Republicans sit by and wring their hands. Trump is speaking to those of us who are aware of the looming downfall of the U.S., who are desperate to save the country and restore its greatness.

  7. Here is my shot at pointing out the oblivious about the way the American government is run by the roving bands of the political class who occupy the offices of the American Republic…

    To day Obee will go on and on about gun violence… as usual, he will be lying… about 1/2 of all gun deaths in America are suicide, the point is, this guy and the rest of the antigun nuts whine on and on about gun suicide deaths which is willful and knowing Fraud by purposeful, totally phony, statement.

    All of the anti-gun nuts support the Oregon, government assisted, style, suicide laws… which establishes beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt that they could not care less about the issue of suicide EXCEPT when they are using their phony suicide posturing to gin up their insane disarm the law abiding citizen agenda.

    Obee doesn’t don’t care one whit about so-called preventable deaths issue : the current principle rant of the phony anti-gun nut agenda. If anti-gun nuts actually cared about ‘preventable deaths’ they would be talking about and doing something about the 2 REAL preventable deaths issue :

    1. Domestic, the slaughter of + 100,000 men – women – children at the hands of medical malpractice [the buttressing factor is the + 300,000 men – women – children who are crippled and maimed by medical malpractice];

    2. World wide, since 1917, the average yearly slaughter rate of ‘Disarmed’ men – women – children runs + 1,200,000 [and here again the secondary factor is the millions displaced and reduced to poverty as a consequence of the original government slaughter of citizens.]

    And, they would be campaigning against state suicide Laws under any conditions.

    The American anti-gun nuts blatantly refuse to disarm the actual criminals who are largely responsible for the majority of unjust gun murders and assaults… choosing instead to try to disarm the Law abiding, armed, American public.

    thought for the day… 1meamark@gmail.com

  8. Thank Donald Trump for speaking up , but be careful , will he be for bringing up the middle class ‘s salaries ?? I think not …..lets not forget what else is needed in this country. We need to curb the excessive greed that has been going on for the past 25 years. It is taking the vast majority down . Think about this, while your building up Mr. Trump. He’ll create millions upon millions of LOW paying jobs.

    • We will need to decide if we are to remain in the global economy or become isolated nationalists. The unions created an artificial middle class that priced our labor out of the global market. That is why manufacturing so quickly moved to lower labor cost countries. That is why both parties refuse to stop illegal immigration. It is trying to drive down wages to make us more globally competitive. The govt also does it by inflating our currency to reduce it’s value. Can’t you all see this? Trump can bring that biz back only by our placing high tariffs on products coming from outside the USA. That means our gravy train of cheap foreign goods will be over. If we are to keep jobs in this country and also want higher paying jobs, that means we must be willing to pay higher prices. We CANNOT have it BOTH ways.

  9. Don’t like the Quaran…read Leviticus in the Old Testament. May find some similarity to Sharia…like “and eye for and eye”, etc. History has shown over the centuries that most major religions have splintered in to radical factions…or allowed radical actions…such as the KKK or the Inquisition…which may be the model ISIS is using to force their POV. Yes The Donald speaks his mind…not necessarily in coherent sentences…actually more like a third grader. I am just waiting to see in writing exactly what his strategy and tactics will be to ” Make America Great Again”, other than just saying that is what he is going to do. How will he do it, Does he think American Global Dominance is what it will take? He is all words. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth from his Daddy’s real estate business, He has put four of his businesses in to bankruptcy and wound up with a net zero from those investments (Google that)…yet he touts his business experience as evidence of his brilliance and leadership. Really? No President has a perfect record. Obama folded by not taking us to a Single Payer Medicare for all system. He never should have threatened a “red line in the sand” threat to Syria he could not follow up on…why…because the reality of that mess is who do you trust…which faction is pro US and our so called version of “freedom” when ISIS and Hezbolla where fighting among the other Syrian Revolutionaries. Do we just arm them all and take our chances,…put US boots on the ground and ignore the lessons of the Iraq BS? What Obama has done is do his best to get is out or reduce our presence in another war. What would Condell have him do…or the Donald. Condell just spouts words with no solutions….listen to this again….listen for his solutions other than telling we need to hear the truth. He is hearing the truth…he just does not like it. And by the way…I do believe we should and are “profiling”…..but the San Bernadino killer was a US citizen…who got his guns from his Mexican neighbor and was radicalized by the woman he married and had a child with. I also suspect that Messianic Jew he worked with…that liked to argue his POV….may have been the trigger that radicalized him. They were seen arguing when he bolted out of the room and came back firing….like all the other nuts have done before……with military style weapons. All Obama want to do is put more money in the budget to improve the mental health programs that could help solve this “gun” problem….and stop unlicensed sellers of guns to people without a background check. It Condell thinks that is not a good solution…he is a radical nut. In closing…can you imagine a Republican ticket of Trump and Palin? WOW are we going to be great again!

    • There is too much deception, misinformation and half truths to parse this thing fully and still have time to eat and sleep. But a couple of them are obvious. Obama wanted to put anyone on te no fly list also on a no-buy list for weapons and the govt, can put people on a no fly list with no due process. Many and I mean many people are on that list for having names kinda like people who maybe sorta oughta be on that list. And thats just without trying. So its not about mental health issues its about the government using a work around to erode the 2nd amendment to get to a point where it has no legal teeth and then just end it altogether. The other one is also too easy.

      Find me ONE country that is governed by the Mosaic laws of Leviticus. Just one. Meanwhile, shall I start a list of nations that rule by the sharia in part or in whole? No? Why not?

    • Will all Muslims be required to attend the new mental health clinics? If not how many of them will become Jihadists?

      • Frankly I predict it will make more jihadis.

        The Western narrative is a fiction. They have invented an islam which is miscible with Western civilization, when it was created specifically not to be. I believe that non-observant muslims, especially younger ones, will move towards strict adherence to the faith when they realize they are being systemically lied to by government and authority. I say this because its a rational reaction by even decent people as one of the possible paths to take on discovery of such a grotesque and humiliating strategy.

        • Seriously now. Muslims may or may not have mental health problems, just like any other group. The only solution is to rewrite their Holy books to remove all the jihad and other stuff in conflict with our constitution and laws. Those that use the old books would be deported and the Mosques would lose their tax free status. Only those Muslims willing to adopt the new Koran should be admitted to this country.

          Of course to be politically correct all religions should revise their holy books. Haven’t we had just about enough religion inspired wars especially given that there are now WMD’s that fanatics are capable of building, stealing and using.

          • Do you think muslims are that stupid?

            Could you just, ‘re-write’ the bible so that Jews don’t care about Israel? Or Christians stop believing in Jesus? How about rewriting the US constitution so that people don’t think they have any actual rights under the law?

            What you said should be 100X more insulting to muslims than me doing as ASCI art pirate Mohamed with a bomb turban. At least I am not denying who they are.


            • Caring about Israel is a bit different than calling for global Jihad and stoning women for adultery. The Judeo Christian religions are based on the 10 commandments that teach good moral values. Islam is based on the 11’th commandment kill, destroy and lie to non-believers.
              “Good Muslims” don’t believe the bad stuff in the Quran and as such couldn’t give a damn if they were removed. Only the crazies would take offense with the offensive stuff being removed.

              If you have a better solution short of surrendering western civilization to these barbarians then let’s hear it.

              • I understand where you are coming from. And its coming from a good person with a bad understanding.
                Islam has an inverse morality. Its REALLY difficult to wrap one’s bean around that. It has taken me years and years of more than full time study on this subject to ‘get it’.

                It won’t be the “crazies” who object, it will be the religious muslims as they see the “crazy” components of Islam to be both central dogma and what is in fact morally good behaviour. When they kill people for allah, they feel they did something truly holy and noble and that they will get an eternal reward for doing so. When they are arrested they always behave the same way. They wont recognize the court and demand that they are tried under sharia. Why? Cause under sharia they should get a free apartment and an unlimited credit card for a local brothel.

                It was never my idea to surrender to these people. It was always my idea to fight.
                Here is an idea: We fight. Educate people with the facts. Call radio programs, write letters to the editor, make the facts known and start or join organizations which NORMALIZE THE TRUTH about Islam and its consequences and normalize speaking the truth in social circumstances. The people who curse at you today will brag about knowing you when this thing ends so dont worry about the crap you take now.

                To emphasize my point: The “Offensive stuff” is only offensive to us. It is central dogma to them. Encourage people you know to read the koran. Its still the best way I know for nice people to get with the program.

                Encourage people in groups like PEGIDA. Remember, if we do not support the moderates, professionals, middle class now, then the real Nazis will be asked to take over. I suspect this has happened before. So lets not make the same mistake twice. Lets support the nice people who have the guts to stand up for all of us. The acid test is what they say about Israel and the Jews. It really is. The ones smart enough and decent enough to look out for the canary is the one who will save the minors. Minors, in this case, in both senses.

              • Vlad Tepes,if you are correct that the so called moderate Muslims actually believe all the hate filled crap in their holy book then I’m afraid that civilization will have the choice of kill them first or be killed. With WMD’s, our closet Muslim usurper in the White House and our open borders it is us that will be doomed unless Donald Trump is both elected and sincere about facing the Muslim problem head on devoid of political correctness.


                Eeyore answers:

                Marc we are 4 deep so I am using executive privilege, as it were, to edit your reply to add my own. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll change settings to add more layers of response I think soon.

                There are always more than 2 options. At this point I see very little hope for a non-violent solution, not because one isn’t possible, it is, but because human nature is such that the majority of people will not change thier minds about a thing until the immediate threat to them is so severe that the only option left is kinetic. If we overall understood the problem now, we could easily return to more rational days where we understood that freedom of religion did not give immunity to the law and that it meant the right to pray to whom you wanted but not to force anyone else to adapt to you. We could literally laugh this problem off except political correctness has added inertia to islamic BS such that we have no societal immune response to it. To borrow an idea from a speech at Pim Fotyne’s memorial service, Islam is like the flu that kills the AIDS patient. Political correctness is the AIDS that weakens the patient such that he can die from a common cold.

                If we started arresting muslims who preached treason instead of extending religious rights to them, and arresting people who point out that islam’s core doctrine is treasonous and genocidal, then this problem would be solved. As we will not do the easy peaceful thing, its time to think about how you and those you care about can protect yourself. Especially if you are Jewish. As they will get hit first like in France.

  10. Seems as if you are more focused on the Second Amendment than Condells rant about The Donald.

    I have a concealed weapon license and own three handguns. I did not mind having to pass a test and background check. I do think that a mentally ill person could do the same….as the Aurora killer did. Why…because the background check does not go far enough. That is what our President is trying to improve. It has nothing to do with lies…he is in fact telling the truth. Guns don’t kill…people do.

    • It doesn’t appear that you adressed any of my actual arguments but just made new claims. I listened to Obama’s nonsense after the California attack. He wants people who are on the no-fly list to be on a no-gun list. This is simply a way for government to arbitrarily remove people’s 2n amendment rights and given Obama’s formal policy of CVE (countering violent extremism) and given Lynch’s plan to extend these policies into law well beyond obama’s term, it would appear this is a step towards removing guns from people who believe that rule of law should be derived from the US constitution.

      Sound fantastical?

      Not one bit more than what is taking place across the Western world now pretty much everywhere.

  11. San Bernadinho was staged!! 3 white shooters twisted to a story of 2 muslims. Even the Mosque’s of the 2 supposed shooters have come out and sait it was a lie!

  12. Or you can just continue to vote for the same old crony, professional, lobbyist owned. politicians and then sit back and expect things to be different. Isn’t that the definition of ——– ? (:

  13. FUCK OFF




    • Wow quite a dishonest bit of license plate you wrote here. ‘More people die of the flu every year than work on turnip trucks’. yeah thats true and all but if you add in:

      1. Muslims preemptively arrested for planning terrorism

      2. Muslims who beheaded people or attacked others with knives

      3. Muslims who waged other forms of jihad

      and most importantly, if you add up the numbers of people killed in plots that were stopped and add in the 3000 killed on 911 your numbers dont look so good anymore

      But all of the above, while true, actually isn’t the point is it?

      The people who do school shootings, at least the non-muslim ones, are not working to establish islam and replace liberal laws in the Western world. You see its the difference between a tragedy, and a political act of war. The muslims who wage jihad are doing it under a single doctrine which is preached in every mosque in the world and stinks off of each page of the koran to the point where one wonders why dogs can stand being in a room with one.

      Your little Micheal More style rhetorical trick is bullshit and you know it. This isn’t about how many chickens die under trains every year. Its about who and why. So who exactly should STFU? I think I have an alternate suggestion.

    • By the way, muslims are likely the most criminal per capita group ever. The Jews who came over after WW2 were ghettoized and not even allowed to work and had nearly a zero % crime rate. When asked why, the leader of one NY community claimed all Jews needed was a library card. Compare that to the mass muslim rape gangs of the UK and elsewhere.

  14. I would like to think that 99.9% of the Muslims are peaceful in spite of being preached to about Jihad and killing, but the simple fact is that even if 0.1% become killers after being incited to do so by Islam and their false Prophet then we have a very serious problem especially if they have advanced training in the sciences. This training can be used against us in much more deadly ways.

    Better to edit the Koran and other writings to eliminate and replace al the hateful stuff with something more like the 10 commandments. The peaceful Muslims should have no problem with this since they profess not to follow those mandates anyway. In this way we can welcome Muslims into he 21’st century instead of having to kill them before they kill us.

      • Please provide specifics as to exactly what has been tried repeatedly in Dagestan. Also who was behind making the changes and has doing so been successful or was it opposed by peaceful Muslims and radicals.

        • Ok I don’t have the time right now to provide all the background and links but Im happy to give general remembrances of the issue.

          Russia repeatedly tries to invent a new islam and force it on the muslim population. It can work for a time but only under severly repressive conditions. As soon as that repression is lifted, well you get real islam back.

          Not to long ago, a British woman who married a religious muslim and converted, went to Dagestan and blew herself up in a large mosque killing the imam there. He was of course, one of the state appointed imams who parroted the Russian version of islam. As far as I know, they are trying the same thing now in Crimea. Its possible that Sisi in Egypt is also trying it. It never works but it seems like the only alternative to many Western or non-muslim leaders. But its short sighted and requires special conditions as I pointed out.

          Today in Dagestan, there are gunfights in the streets and bombings in the shops nearly every day. This is 100% religious or authentic islam Vs. non-muslims, secular or cultural muslims and Russian brand muslims who have been tamed like those Russian silver Fox in the famous experiment about domestication. The ferocity of the fight there is arguably because of the fallout from this tactic.

          Personally I think its better to be honest about what islam is, persuade nice people away from it and fight those who will not leave it in our own lands. This is not going to be painless, cheap or fun. But the consequences of not doing it is visible in every islamic nation in the world. Its the end of anything and everything we view as good. And while we are at it, we should clean house of the cultural and moral relativists, AKA the Alinski communists, because their utopia is about the same in the ways that matter. Truth, under both systems, is heretical.

          • Eeyore,

            Thank you for explaining that my revisionist concept of rewriting Islam had been tried before. It is obvious that under Obama or for than matter any Democrat the situation will only become worse as the numbers of so called refugees mushroom.

            I do support Trump’s temporary moratorium against further immigration of Muslims until and unless we can figure out how to vet them.

            Obama lets in illegal aliens that might have dangerous diseases in the name of multiculturalism but really just part of his “Hope and Change” to shift the electorate towards assuring a permanent Democrat lock on government. Letting in Muslims even though a small percentage are or will become radicalized is no different than importing WMD’s that will be used against our civilian population. Sounds like treason to me but in this lawless administration such acts will not be punished.

            I see Trump shaking Washington to its foundation by appointing an Attorney General that will prosecute all such prior bad acts. It likely will take another 911 attack for the sheeple to wake up and demand action which will as you said not be painless, cheap or fun.

            The next organized Jihadist attack will likely be on our electric grid to coincide with temperature extremes to maximize economic and human losses. Obama has refused to purchase replacement transformers just nine of which could blackout much of the country for up to 18 months. This would bring our society down to the level of the savage Muslims overnight.


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