Muslims say what they think and want. We don’t listen. Who’s fault will it be when it affects us more directly? Links 1 on Dec. 14 – 2015

1. More video of the building that had an explosion in Belgium

2. Muslims are first in armed jihad

3. Russia warns Turkey over Aegean warship incident

Russia on Sunday warned Turkey to stop staging what it called provocations against its forces in or near Syria after one of its warships fired warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean to avoid a collision.

The Russian Defence Ministry said one of its warships, the destroyer Smetlivy, had been forced to fire the warning shots on Sunday morning and that it had summoned the Turkish military attache over the incident.

“The Turkish military diplomat was given a tough explanation about the potentially disastrous consequences from Ankara’s reckless actions towards Russia’s military contingent fighting against international terrorism in Syria,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

4. US officials missed terror wife’s blatant jihadist social-media posts

(Yet Obama refers to the vetting process of the tens of thousands of muslims being brought into the US now as amazing)

Tashfeen Malik, who helped her husband kill 14 people in the San Bernardino massacre, was allowed to enter the United States because officials never checked her social-media posts — which made no secret of her hateful goal of participating in violent jihad, it was reported Saturday.

Law-enforcement officials finally discovered the postings — which date back years — only recently as part of their investigation of the slaughter, The New York Times reported.

Immigration officials doing background checks of people who want to settle in the United States have not been routinely reviewing social media, the report added.

5. 7th-grader banned from wearing ‘Star Wars’ T-shirt at school

6. English village on the front line of the refugee crisis

7. People smuggler who caused the death of his son and other family members during a smuggling op in Greece, coming to Canada under great media fanfare

8. Rivlin slammed for Obama Hanukkah ‘disgrace’

The White House ceremony included a speech by “Rabbi” Susan Talve of Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis, Missouri, which included references to race riots in Ferguson and gun control. Talve is a member of T’ruah, a group which is now promoting “soft BDS” programs, according to the American Thinker.

“I stand here with my fierce family of clergy and Black Lives Matter activists who took to the streets of Ferguson,” she reportedly said at the ceremony. “I stand here to light these lights to say no to the darkness of Islamophobia and homophobia and transphobia… Inshallah, inshallah.”

9. Robert Spencer spoke in Toronto

10. ISIS “agressively” recruiting from Minnesota

10 1/2 FBI Arrests Lead Islamic State Recruiter in Minnesota

The FBI have arrested a man they said was the ringleader of an Islamic State recruitment cell in Minnesota.

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, 20, is one of 10 men of Somali origin from Minnesota who have allegedly been plotting to join the Islamic State. Nine were arrested while one made it to Syria. The latter has been there since May 2014 and is believed to be helping recruitment efforts aimed at Americans.

Warsame was allegedly the leader, or emir, of the group.

Thank you M., PP., CB Sashenka, and many people.

I have not yet seen the Spencer video but I am confident it is worth seeing and plan to watch it very soon. Also in tonight’s episode of Homeland there is a scene that is at least the equal of the famous bunker scene in episode 1 of this season. The bathroom scene. I had to stop it half way through as I couldn’t believe there could be that much condensed truth in one scene of a popular TV show. I plan to watch the rest of that soon as well. I look forward to the comments (no plot spoilers please) or anyone who has seen it.

More to come. I have translators on important stories from Finland and Greece that should be published Monday at some point.

Thank you all again for being part of this community.

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7 Replies to “Muslims say what they think and want. We don’t listen. Who’s fault will it be when it affects us more directly? Links 1 on Dec. 14 – 2015”

    • The only way to avoid the civil wars is for the western leaders to start protecting their nations and culture rather then protect the invaders in the name of political correctness. As long as the leftist in control refuse to address the very real fears of the citizens of the western nations. The actions of those leaders show what the left really thinks about the lower and middle classes, they think that we don’t have brains enough to know what is in our best interest adn that we have to let our (self proclaimed) political elite run our lives for us. both Islam and the left believe in the people living ever structured lives with the structure determined by the elite. The idea of freedom and independent thought are foreign to their belief systems and are considered evil because they allow for doing things the elite despise.

  1. I don’t want to rain on our islamophobic parade but the explosion in Verviers was probably caused by a gas leakage instead of a prematurely detonating servant of Allah

    • Is it a function of Islamophobic parade or a function of a rational distrust of what we are told by the establishment media and authorities given how often terror is disguised as something else and Obama still cannot mouth the words, “Islamic Terror” or “The Islamic State”?

      Looking at an explosion in Europe and considering it as potentially an act of jihad is the rational thing to do. It is equally rational to decide it was an accident if the evidence points to it. But then its worth reading up on the Somali islamic community center in Minneapolis and how the DHS handled that. It was obviously an accident involving a bomb making plant which not only was claimed to be a gas leak after the gas company proved they didn’t have gas service there, but the DHS themselves knocked down the building before any investigation of it could take place.

      So yes, Belgium may have been an accident but a jaundiced eye is the prudent course in these times.

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