Sweden makes its allegiances clear, Migrants sue Germany for conditions they created themselves and more: Links 4 on Dec. 8 – 2015

1. Swedish PM: Stabbing attacks in Israel not terrorism

(Let’s put any doubts about Sweden’s general attitudes to rest with this one)

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven further strained his country’s relationship with Israel Monday, saying he does not consider stabbing attacks in Israel to constitute terrorism.

A man who belongs in leather shorts

“No, it is not classified as [terrorism],” Lofven said in an interview to the Swedish news agency TT. “There is an international classification regarding what constitutes or does not constitute [terror]. As far as I know, the [knife attacks in Israel] are not defined as terror.”

Later in the day, Lofven contacted TT again to clarify his message, fearing what he called a “misunderstanding.”

“I meant that it was unclear if the knife attacks are organized by a group classified as a terrorist organization,” Lofven told the agency. “Nonetheless, the attacks themselves do constitute terror.”

(Obama would likely agree with this, as those who seek to defend Islam and attack the Jews and the Jewish state attempt to use geopolitical models to describe current events which are clearly and demonstrably nonsense)

2. Israel seizes thousands of rock-thrower dolls headed for PA

Some 4,000 plush toys of rock-throwing men dressed in Palestinian garb were intercepted Tuesday at the Haifa port by Israeli authorities, who said the dolls were headed for the Palestinian Authority and were part of an incitement campaign.

Each toy has its face hidden by a keffiyah, with one arm raised and clutching a tiny toy rock. They hold banners in Palestinian colors proclaiming “Jerusalem is ours” and “Jerusalem we are coming.”

Customs officials found the dolls in a container that arrived from the United Arab Emirates and destined for the Palestinian Authority. According to the accompanying paperwork, the shipment was supposed to be clothing, rugs, and plastic products.

3. Americans most likely to harbor sympathy for Islamists are also more suspicious of guns and gun users.

***UPDATE*** This is from a spoof site. In my defense, it is getting increasingly harder to tell

Hebron, December 7 – Palestinian activists sympathetic to the aims of Islamists in the US advised would-be terrorists planning attacks in that country to shift tactics from mass shootings to what has become a trademark of Palestinian terrorism, stabbing sprees, so as to avoid alienating left-leaning politicians opposed to civilian possession of firearms.

A group called Palestinian Islamists Encouraging Resistance Exercises (PIERCE) produced a video message to ISIS-sympathizing Muslims in the United States who are considering joining the growing ranks of those who perpetrate attacks on American soil, in which PIERCE lays out several reasons to select stabbing as the method of choice for terrorizing the infidel population. The video, which runs eight minutes, features a masked man with a Palestinian accent, and English subtitles. It warns budding Islamist terrorists in the US that guns remain a highly politicized issue for that society, with the people most likely to harbor sympathy for Islamists also suspicious of guns and gun users.

“We at PIERCE praise you brave heroes of Allah for taking the fight to the enemy on his home turf,” the man says. “We wish you only success. Our own situation in Palestine prevents us from joining you physically in your operations, but we can offer our insight into the mentality of the Great Satan, and pray that it helps you in your endeavors. ”

4. The mayor of Philadelphia gave a press conference in which he slathered guilt and political correctness onto the city because someone left a pig’s head at a mosque. I really wish someone had hipped him as to what the name of the mosque, Al Aqsa Mosque, actually meant and how in fact it was a tribute name to a coming-genocide of the Jews in Israel and world wide. That Al-Aqsa is an Iranian invented name for Jerusalem, the name the plan to give the city once they take it from the Jews. I think a few people might find that more offensive than a pigs head.

5. New Clinton Email Shows Pentagon Had Forces Ready To Respond To Benghazi Attack

American military forces were available for a rescue operation not long after the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, came under attack by terrorists Sept. 11, 2012, according to an email to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest aides.

The Sept. 11, 2012, email was sent at 7:19 p.m. EST by then-Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash. The text reads:

“I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [an apparent reference to Clinton]

“After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak. They include a [REDACTED].

6. Mark Steyn responds to Obama’s oval office speech

7. Sources: Farook planned another attack years ago

8. Berlin sued over dangerous conditions for refugees

Lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Berlin’s social affairs minister over dangerous conditions for refugees waiting at the city’s LaGeSo authority. There have been several injuries, exhaustion and cases of hypothermia.

The conditions outside the LaGeSo authority in Berlin have been a national embarrassment for Germany for months. Every day, hundreds of refugees crowd along the metal barriers outside the state’s office for health and social affairs, whose courtyard became a giant muddy waiting room sometime in the summer. People’s attention is fixed on a black electronic notice board that flashes up yellow numbers – and there’s a crush and surge in the crowd every time a new number flashes up.

The scenes at the LaGeSo have produced nothing but bad headlines for the nation’s capital. The early news stories, about people waiting days and weeks to get registered, were replaced in October by reports of physical attacks and neo-Nazi slogans chanted by security guards whom the Berlin government hired to keep order. The security firm in question has now been replaced.

9. Austria is now building a fence on the border. But the best part of this video is the reasoning the invaders use as to why they are entitled to go to wherever they want under whatever conditions they want.

Thank you Yucki, M., Oz-Rita, JohnnyU., Yucki, Wrath of Khan and many more, some of whom left comments and links in the daily links post which are of considerable interest but may not have been included in a post today.

There is another aspect to all this which I will confess I know little to nothing about so I steer clear of it. But many of my close friends and colleagues consider this to be a very central aspect of what is taking place today and given how big economics is to the health of the world, ignoring it means no possibility of a healthy understanding of global events.

Again, coming from a place of considerable ignorance, there appears to be two basic schools of thought. The modern one that involves printing money and that frankly, overall seems to work pretty well for quite a while but also seems to have considerable potential for abuse by a few people which may cause a lot of suffering to a lot of people. And the second camp is Hayekian, a more intuitive approach that involves a more tangible and personally comprehensible way of looking at economics. Here is a link to a series of videos, only one of which I have seen so far, from what appears to be the Hayekian economic camp. I look forward to comments on this and I am confident there are readers of this site capable of discussing it and answering questions intelligently.

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  1. All over the world the politicians and the media on both sides of the fence are falling over themselves to be the first to shower contempt upon Donald Trump, for daring to say that Muslims should be barred from entering the United States until they can figure out how to tell which one is OK, and which one is a terrorist. But, you know what? Media and politicians aside, I’ll bet that ordinary people all over the world are drinking in The Donald’s words and wishing to hear them come out of the mouths of their own constantly-lying, gutless, Quisling leaders.

    I think that people are starting to notice that their own politicians are inexplicably determined to bring as many Muslims as possible into their countries, regardless of how many people they murder, and it has them, frankly, scared. I know it scares me. It’s as if Trump is the only one who can see that the Emperor has no clothes and he’s slowly waking the people up by showing them what it means to have balls. Hold on, folks. President Trump is going to shake things up like we’ve not seen in our lifetimes…

    • Not the only one that sees the threat but the only one willing to speak put about the mess, he isn’t my first pick but he is heads above all but one of the Republicans and all of the Democrats running for President.

  2. #1 Sweden used to make me angry with their Muslim ball licking but on reflection they have punished themselves for being hubris soaked assholes far more than I could wish upon them.

  3. 5 – The troops ready to go were Delta Force, they were on maneuvers in Italy. They are some of the best shooters in the world, it they had been turned lose the terrorists that survived (very few) would still be messing their pants and jumping at loud noises.

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